Driving Lessons in Tottenham – 5 Safety Tips

Driving Lesson

For every teenager love to take affordable driving school  from professionals, as they know by doing this, they will get a driving license easily. Learning driving is a passage for them toward freedom. But still, the teenager becomes the reason for many accidents. It didn’t happen because they don’t know how to drive; it happens because they don’t follow the rules. Once they learn driving, they think they become invincible. It is important for teenagers to follow some safety tips. In this way, they will stay safe, and the others on the road will not get in trouble too.

Don’t forget to wear a seat belt

It is important to wear a seat belt. It is in the car for the safety purpose of the driver. Even if you are driving close to your home, still wear it. In short, make it your habit. Keep one thing in mind that in a road crash, the chances you get killed are high, if you didn’t wear a seat belt. When your car gets crashed, the seat belt distributes the forces at the body parts that are strongest. It doesn’t mean that you will stay safe from the injury, yes you will get few bruises. But without a seatbelt, you will fly into the windscreen or out of the car.

Don’t use a mobile phone

These days every almost every teenager is phone addict. Even if you are an experienced driver or a learner, it is better if you focus on the road rather then phone. The phone is the biggest distraction, and while driving, you never know what happens next. So, if you will not pay attention, then the chances to crash a car are high. While sitting in the car, it is better if you put your phone on silent or turn it off. Because while using the phone, you may think you will look at the phone for a second, but the average time you look at the phone is 4.6 second. The time is a lot to change the whole situation around you on the road.

Follow speed limit

Don’t forget that “speed thrills but kills”. When you learn driving, you might think that driving fast is not an issue for you now. But keep in mind that you will not realize when the car gets out of your control. Also, guide teens that there is no need to worry if you are behind many. There is no need for you to keep up with them. Stay in your lane and follow the speed limit. Don’t try to become cools in front of your friends. At the time you don’t follow the speed limit not only the chance of crashing car increase but you get ticker too. It is something that affects insurance premiums.

Use the mirrors properly

Don’t pay attention just to the front. Make sure you know what is happening around you. Use the side and rear mirrors properly. There are times when you won’t be able to see some area even with the mirrors. You have to check those blind spots.

  • At the time you are leaving the parking or about to park a car, make sure no one is around.
  • At the time of taking turns to examine the whole situation before.
  • While changing lanes, make sure no one is coming from behind.

It is better if the teens practice all the time until it becomes their habit. Also, if you will adjust your mirrors properly, you can decrease blind spots size.

Don’t drive drunk

Never drive drunk. It is one point at which people don’t pay much attention. They think it is something that is not an issue. But don’t forget that even a small amount of alcohol can affect the driver badly. Even if they try to focus, they fail.

Other then drunk make sure you avoid driving when you are sleepy and also follow all instructions which is provided by  Jarretts Driving School because it is very necessary to follow otherwise any accident will occur. It is as dangerous as driving drunk.

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