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Documents Needed to go to Dubai

Would you like to go to Dubai, but don’t know what administrative formalities must be completed before leaving? Well, on this page we take stock of the situation on which documents are needed for Dubai:

Documents necessary for those who go on vacation
Passport, with residual validity of at least six months at the time of travel;

  • Entry visa: for citizens of the European Union, including UK, therefore, it is not necessary to apply for a UAE visa in advance, for short stays (up to 90 days every 180). The same is released automatically upon entry.

It is not possible to extend it, so after 90 days it is mandatory to leave the territory of the United Arab Emirates. It is also not allowed to leave the Emirate territory and go to Oman, to circumvent the maximum rules of stay.

In addition to the documents, it is useful to know that no special vaccinations are required to enter Dubai and it should be noted that it is forbidden to bring material (newspapers, books, etc.) which, according to the parameters of the Islamic religion, could be offensive.

It is also forbidden to introduce pirated material, while cigarettes (up to 2000), cigars (up to 400), tobacco (up to 2 kg), liqueur (up to 2 liters) and wine (up to 2 liters) can be imported.

As for drugs, some (indicated here) must be accompanied by a medical prescription in order to pass through customs. For Visa Related Inquiries

Necessary documents for those transiting in Dubai:

If you only make a stopover at Dubai airport and do not leave it, it is sufficient to have a passport, even with a validity of less than six months. Of course you will also need to check the rules of your final destination.

Rules for citizens of San Marino and the Vatican:

Citizens residing in San Marino or the Vatican City do not have to apply for a visa in advance. Upon entry, a valid visa is automatically issued for a maximum period of 30 days. This period can be extended up to a maximum of 60 days from the day of entry into the territory of the United Arab Emirates.

For citizens not belonging to the European Union (excluding other nationalities, such as the USA, Canada, Japan, etc …) who have to go on vacation (therefore not just for transit) it is necessary to apply for a visa before leaving .

UAE embassies and consulates do not issue tourist visas; these are in fact issued by the so-called sponsors. Who are the sponsors:

  • airline company;
  • hotel where the reservation was made.

The easiest way to apply for a visa is through the airline (if you are traveling with Emirates) with which you booked your trip.

Otherwise there is a useful online visa issuing service. It must be requested at least 15 days before the departure date. You should read these travel scam before starting journey

Transit visa:

Obviously, UK citizens and more generally of the European Union, do not have to apply for any type of visa.

For citizens of other countries who only pass through one of the Emirates airports, and who stay for a maximum of 96 hours, they can apply for a transit visa directly at the airport or in advance through the Emirates and Etihad Airways companies (depending on which which you travel).

How to Obtain a Dubai resident visa in the United Arab Emirates?

To obtain a visa residing in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, one is required to have a “sponsor”, that is, a person who acts as a guarantor during the application phase. The sponsor can be:

the company that hires us or that – as entrepreneurs – we are going to set up (in this case the entrepreneur needing a visa is required to be appointed Managing Director – MD – of the same and at that point can apply for a visa for himself)
a direct family member (wife, husband, father, mother) with economic capacity (the salary certificate is proof) to support the people for whom he is applying for a visa
Depending on whether the reference company is in mainland or in the Free Zone, the procedures may be different; and also depending on the Free Zones the procedures are different. While an offshore company does not allow the issue of resident visas even for the entrepreneur.


Here is an example of the procedure for obtaining a visa in one of Fujairah’s Free Zones (the Creative Zone), an optimal solution in terms of simplicity and time.

Once the license has been issued, it is necessary to apply for the Immigration Card (IC), it is a document in the name of the company that allows it to issue resident visas for its employees (including the owner – executive director). This card can be issued at the same time as issuing a commercial license (if you activate a license that already has the ability to issue resident visas) or it can be activated at a later time (if you have chosen a “no visa package”).

If you have a “no visa company” to have the Immigration Card you must first upgrade the license (it takes about 10 working days) and then request the IC itself (about 2/3 weeks to get it).

Once the Immigration Card has been obtained, the Entry Permit EP is requested, a sort of temporary nominal visa for the person whose procedure is being carried out. Here too 2-3 weeks pass to get it, but there is an urgent procedure that allows you to have it in about 1 week. Once the Entry Permit has been issued, you have 60 days to enter the country (if the person is out) or to carry out a “in country status adjustment”; once the deadline has passed, the request procedure must be repeated.

Once the Entry Permit has been authenticated, the applicant must carry out medical examinations at one of the authorized hospitals (at the same time, the national identity card is also required). The results of the medical examinations, the original passport and the endorsed Entry Permit, must then be delivered to collect – after about 2 weeks, but here too there is an urgent procedure – the passport with the UAE resident visa.

Once you have a resident visa, it is necessary to convert the UK driving license with the Emirate one in order to drive.

Having obtained the resident visa, the passage of residence in the Arab Emirates is not automatic for the UK State. To do this, a specific application must be made at the UK Embassy in Abu Dhabi or at the UK Consulate in Dubai.

It should be noted that natural persons are considered resident in UK who for most of the tax period (183 days):

  • they are registered in the registers of the resident population;
  • have in the territory of the State: their domicile, or residence pursuant to the civil code

The occurrence of only one of them is sufficient to consider a person resident in UK.

The Registry Office is responsible for the Registry of Citizens Residing Abroad (AIRE). Registration with AIRE is required to obtain all documents and certificates that are issued by the consular office. Also in order to request the issuance or renewal of the passport it is necessary to have fulfilled the aforementioned obligation.

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