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Do you know which country has the most expensive education? Here’s a deeper look at it!

Education is a critical weapon for growth. Education is to gain knowledge and the ability of critical thinking for self-empowerment.
Education and learning are the most expensive passion for the undertaking.

Education promotes knowledge, the ability for critical thinking, self-empowerment and skills that make an individual, and the milieu that they occupy, a better place to be in, hence priceless!

Education connected with the geo-history

Education, fortunately, has a lot to do with the history of the company – its growth and empowerment. Based on this, the education quality of the United Kingdom remains better than any other country in the world. 

However, when education got commercialized, things changed.

The most expensive education destination changed subsequently based on the education system, cost on the infrastructure and maintenance, inviting international scholars, which became the guiding light.

Education system decides expenses 

The education system of a nation is also the guiding force behind the expenses involved, deciding, therefore, the most expensive destination for education. 

An education system is an all comprehensive definition. It refers to public schooling and not private. It is the process, more commonly, from kindergarten through to high school programs. Schools in this education system are the smallest recognized at the district level. And at the country’s class, they are the largest, which accordingly escalates the cost of education.

Expensive education destinations shift

The destination for the most expensive education destination changes subsequently, each year.  According to the 2018-2019 census, quoting resources, the most expensive college in the United States was the Harvey Mudd College. Its total annual cost runs to a staggering 75,003, U.S. dollars for out-of-state students. Any expensive education destination changes around the world change subsequently, guided by the milieu also. 

Sourcing Google, some of the best higher education system survey, has listed the top eight countries in 2019, based on their ranking, and they are:

  • The United States. 
  • The United Kingdom. 
  • Canada. 
  • Germany.
  • France. 
  • Switzerland. 
  • Australia.
  • Sweden.

While defining the most important destination for quality education, based on the education system, Trinity School, in New York – 1709 is ranked as the best in the United States, where the student-faculty ratio remains 6:1. Canada tops the list as the most educated in the world, with 56.27 per cent of adults having a kind of higher education, like a PhD degree.

Countries with the best education system

A survey, referring to Google, showed some of the South-east Asian countries topping the list among the most expensive and favoured destinations based on technological destination. 

  • South Korea topped the education system in 2015. 
  • Japan’s success in recent years has been in its technology. Incorporated in the education system, it provides tremendous resources to students. 

Singapore, Hong Kong and Finland are next. And Australia ranks seventh that provides maximum seats for international students.

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Expensive destinations guided by years in the study:

In Australia and many other countries, the classes last for more than a quarter of their lifetime. A students’ school life, on an average, remains up to 25-28 years, varying according to the education system adopted. 

Specialised courses also add to an education expense that a scholar is likely to undertake. It determines the expenses required for the education at their expensive education destination likely undertaken.

Based on this, the top most expensive countries to study are:

RankCountryAverage tuition feeAverage living costAverage total
3New Zealand£17,324£12,304£29,627
5Hong Kong£13,598£5,854£19,452
6United Kingdom£8,994£9,311£18,305

(Tuition fees and living costs listed are annual)



The year 2020 has a different report from different quarters. 

The pandemic, COVID-19, changed the milieu in which education as a whole is imparted. The expenses in many colleges skyrocketed, and universities dug deep into their budget, which added to the additional costs of students seeking education in these premier institutes also. 

Many colleges had to dive deep into their administrative expenses to mitigate the issues concerning the curb of infection through increased protective methods. Thousands of millions of dollars have been used by universities on testing for personal protective equipment and other COVID-19 prevention measures to proceed within campus, in-person instructions.

The colleges at the most expensive education destination have managed to curb widespread infections, adding to their additional educational cost on maintenance. And some have experienced uncontrolled campus outbreaks in the countries that were affected by the COVID-19.  

A major part of the universities pivoted to remote instruction for the bulk of the semester. And this added additional cost with a difference, for a completely redefined education system handling classes remotely, where again the most expensive destination would be redefined, depending on the basic of the infrastructure provided in that milieu. 

However, what needs to be recalled is the purpose of education is to embrace ‘change’ on a positive note; the result of all true learning. Haven’t we read several times that education is that passport to the future ahead, as tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today! 

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