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Do Push Notifications Still Work for Websites?

Push notifications on a website have been present for years now. It is one of the main ways by which a website gets exposure among the audience. It still works on different websites and has multiple benefits. A web design company is well aware of how push notifications work and they include the feature according to the requirement of the client. 

 Push notifications are major of two types –

  • App push notifications
  • Web push notifications or Browser push.

App push notifications are received by the users in case of new information, app updates, etc. These are available by default in mobile apps. Additionally, these push notifications appear on the smartphone if the user has installed the app and allowed the notifications. In contrast, web push notifications are leveraged by website owners to connect to the visitors on the website instantly. 

So, think about the last time you visited any website, and an opt-in widget popped up and asked your permission to allow or block the notifications.

Yes, it was a push notification from the website. 

As a user, you can allow or block the notifications, and if you allow it, you become a subscriber of that website. A website requires to get registered to a push service to work on push technology. So, if you have a website and desire to earn revenue for business exposure, push notifications can help you. 

There are several ways a website can use push notifications to boost conversion rates, website traffic or engagement.

  •  E-learning platforms- 

These platforms can use push notifications to keep students abreast of courses, free content, promotions, etc., in the courses they have opted for. Thus, it can easily keep them updated without any distortion in information sharing. 

  • Communities –

Push notifications are useful for communities as they promote discussions or hot threads. In addition, it can drive the users to a website or app, and notifications can be sent to users when they get requests or messages. 

  • E-commerce stores –

For ecommerce websites, push notifications can prove to be a boon. Stores can promote new products, special offers, discounts to propel sales. Additionally, personalized messages can be sent to the users notifying them about their orders. 

  • News publishers –

News portals and publishers can share current news, special offers, breaking news, etc., with the users with web push notifications or mobile notifications.

So, if you have a website and you desire to earn revenue for business exposure from it, push notifications can help you. Let’s look at the benefits and consult with an Adelaide web design company about it. However, let’s see how do push notifications work-

  1. Push Notifications Enhance User Engagement

Push notification is an engaging channel and it can work similarly to email marketing when it comes to user engagement. These notifications are sent directly to the end-users (consumers). With the help of push notification, a business website can always be ahead in case of competition.

As per a lot of experts, user engagement boosts up to 20% if the push notifications are present on the website. 

  1. Maintain Proper Traffic on the Website

A website that has to push notifications on it can ensure the presence of excellent traffic. This happens as push notifications are personalized. So, if you have an aim to reach the top of the business with the help of the website, a push notification feature can always be a big support for you. 

A good web design company can always help you to have automated push notifications on your website. This can help your potential customers to know your services and deals on time.

  1. Allow more monetization

If a website has a push notification, it is always easier to get advertisements. This happens because the advertisers know how the traffic always remains elevated on such websites. 

So, you should always implement push notifications on your website. Online advertisers pay well and they can always boost the network as your business runs well. An Adelaide web design company can help you to have the push notification option on your website.

  1. When Doing Push Notifications on a Website Works Best?

The push notification works the best on the website when its conditions are just right. While you have a website of your own, check for the following things if you want the push notifications to work right. An Adelaide web design company can look after the following conditions too.

  • Error-free website content in all points of time
  • No broken links on the website
  • Best SEO executions occurring on a regular basis
  • A running business with good feedback
  1. Enhances Reach-

Brands can easily increase their reach through push notifications. It is believed that 90% of consumers are interested in getting a push notification from the brands they are interested in. So, businesses can easily leverage it as an effective marketing tool. However, remember that it does not flood the subscriber with many notifications as it might irritate them.  

Try starting with sending one push per week and increasing it per the audience’s interests and acceptance. 

  1. Higher CTR –

For a website, CTR or click-through rate plays a crucial role. According to MoEngage, the click-through rate for push notifications is up to 45%, and the open rate is 50% more than SMSs and Emails. 

Generally, user’s emails and SMS are left unread for a long time. As push notifications pop up on the screen, he can click on it and read immediately. The length and type of content also affect whether the user will read the notification or not. 

  1. Aids in Customer Retention –

According to the studies, sending notifications to newly acquired customers within the first week will increase the app retention rates by 71%. So, you might have understood now that push notifications can retain the customers by sending them messages at regular intervals to offer value to them.

These notifications can be for product recommendations, delivery status, sales alerts, etc. It will create a stable customer base for your business. 

  1. Acts as a Complementary Channel –

Marketing is vast. And so are the channels used to market the business. Adding push notifications to your marketing arsenal can complement your efforts. Loading the people with information through push notifications can be the cherry on the cake. 

Craft a notification compelling, attractive and easily understandable. Do spend time leveraging this powerful way to expand your brand and enhance brand recognition. 

  1. Enables you Track the Progress –

Push notifications enable you to track the user’s behavior, their likes, dislikes and help in making decisions by driving useful insights from them. It offers the analysis of data that unveils open rate, delivery rates, CTRs, engagement and effectiveness of different campaigns in real-time. It is further helpful in making a decision based on what types of notifications were engaging and how you can optimize it.


Push notifications can never be out of date as it provides the website owner with so many advantages. You should always hire the right web design company that can execute the processes that make your website outstanding. The right way to choose an Adelaide web design company is to compare the quotes and the locality where they can serve the best.

You can get to enjoy the benefits of push notifications as a few months pass by. 

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