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Distributed Workforce: The future of work with the New Normal

Who would’ve imagined that the gathering for high-priority meetings and the physical presence at the office during work hours would get replaced this fast with remote working options? The unexpected wave of the Corona Virus has led the entire world to alter many of its traditional ways of functioning. The world came to a stand-still for a few months and gradually it started returning to normalcy but with new norms.

Work-From-Home became the new normal. Meetings started getting conducted over video conferencing tools online and the inevitable physical presence at the workspace was no longer required. Initially, everybody enjoyed the setup. Working from the comfort of lovely homes seemed more like a dream come true. But as time passed, everybody including the management and the employees started facing challenges. Which paved way for a middle ground – Distributed Workforce.

The concept of a Distributed Workforce enables your team to operate from various locations or their respective hometowns while avoiding gathering the entire organization at one location. This fulfils the purpose of working from an office space since WFH has its own set of limitations and also gives a sense of professionalism and work routine. Co-working Space with centres across the country have been an integral part of this transition and facilitates the smooth functioning of a distributed workforce.

Advantages of Operating through Distributed Workforce

Easy Business Expansion

With your workforce spread across the country, spreading the business to various parts becomes easier. Geographical barriers no longer hold your business back. Distributed Workforce facilitates easy business expansion and lets you overcome the hurdles caused due to the restrictions faced due to restricting your workforce to a particular location.

Right Team within the Right Budget

Since your business is not confined to a particular location, you are free to hire resources from anywhere across the country. You can hire the right set of teams with the required skill set, all within your stipulated budget.

Lower Commuting Expense

The benefit of renting a desk for your team members which is close to their homes save a lot of time and money spent in commuting. The travel from home to office and in case of different cities, office to back home for the weekends consumes a lot of time and planning. Co-working spaces provide simple desk renting options that can be utilized to easily facilitate distributed operations.

Higher Productivity, Lower Attrition

Co-working Spaces provide an environment of collaboration and creative thinking. Though your team members are in less number at a particular location, they are also a part of a vibrant co-working community that comprises of individuals from various industries. An enthusiastic environment leads to better productive hours at work and also reduces your attrition ratio significantly.

Tech-Driven Work Culture

If you are choosing a co-working space for your workforce to be distributed across various locations, it is rather important to consider the tech infrastructure services offered by the space providers. You will need a tech-enabled workspace that allows your team to connect seamlessly as and when required.

Disadvantages of Operating through Distributed Workforce

Lower Employee Engagement

Distributed Workforce means lesser team gatherings and the minimum number of team members present at one location which also leads to lower engagement activities for employees. The possibility of employee engagement goes down drastically low, thus making it difficult for them to keep up the enthusiasm at work.

Lesser Peer to Peer Interaction

Interacting with your colleagues have a huge impact on your work life and performance. With the workforce distributed into various locations, peer to peer interactions lessen which leads to a more secluded way to working. This may not result in a productive work environment. Co-working Spaces on the other hand provide a community of professional working alongside each other. So, the occasional interaction with coworkers may fill the gap of interaction with your teammates on a regular basis.

Operational Headache

Distributed Workforce means multiple workspaces at various locations. Managing these workspaces can lead to an increased amount of operational headache. Rather than managing multiple offices, opt for managed office space providers in which case, the operational headaches are all taken care of by the service provider in addition to providing a safe and secure workspace.

Incurring Management Cost 

Managing the entire team becomes difficult in the distributed workforce setup. It is easier to manage team members when they are all physically present at one location i.e. your office. But when you choose the distributed workforce option, it becomes comparatively difficult to look after each and every member. In this case, online platforms and IT infrastructure play a vital role in bringing the entire together team on one platform. Choose a workspace that provides all these facilities too if you are looking to rent a space.

Job Roles and Accountability

One of the issues of the entire team not working from one location is the lack of accountability and unclear job roles. With distance comes a certain level of miscommunication. If taken care of from the start, teams can constantly be in touch with each other and work in a systematic manner that can clearly define accountability within the team members.

From lower attrition rates to reducing your management costs, Co-working spaces in India provide solutions to all the probable disadvantages to operating from a distributed workforce. While selecting a Co-working Space, you must always consider the services they offer and their presence across. Choose a space that can provide you with the mentioned benefits and prove helpful in overcoming the disadvantages.

Co-working Spaces check all the boxes of must-haves for the distributed workforce setup. Co-working spaces not only take the operational functions off your hand, but they also provide a community for the individual employees to get a sense of belonging. DevX, a Co-working Space spread across the country, go above beyond the basic facilities a Co-working Space provides. The community team at DevX is constantly committed to creating a collaborative work environment that truly enhances their community members’ work experience.

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