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Discovering the Ultimate Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategy

Marketers will have to brace themselves for new challenges in the Cryptocurrency industry due to factors like high volatility, new technology, and reduced space constraints due to advertisement restrictions by the big technology companies. 

Some of the Tactics to Adopt to Improve Your Crypto Marketing Efforts 

  • Google Analytics – It is an efficient tool to know the source of the traffic to your site and you can categorize it based on age group, gender, and location. 
  • Urchin tracking modules (UTM’s) – It helps in analyzing the success of your advertising campaigns. The UTM researches the effectiveness of the campaign based on the source, medium, name, term, and the content used. It can be customized to track all the different kinds of links directed to your site. 
  • Twitter – It can be used to capture the interests of the cryptocurrency community. Crypto brands should leverage this tool correctly as it has massive potential in Cryptocurrency marketing
  • YouTube – The world’s leading video-content distribution platform is the best method for educating, informing, and connecting the different stakeholders of the virtual asset industry. Long-form content is best explained through video as it is easy to digest information. It can be easily linked from other channels too. 
  • Instagram – Being one of the fastest growing social media platforms in recent times, Instagram stories can be used to showcase the latest updates from your company. Keep your Insta updated with fresh news content and market updates along with information about your latest projects. 
  • Steemit – The blockchain-based blogging and social media platform are making waves for drawing new readers for your content. 
  • Bitcointalk – It is an exclusive discussion form for the digital asset industry. Many leading cryptocurrency websites and ICO projects had established links to their Bitcointalk thread. It is a highly-trafficked site filled with regular updates. Participate in ongoing discussions to gain trust. Further, you can introduce your coin and its associated benefits. 
  • TikTok – It acts as a powerful voice for sharing your message with crisp and short videos. It is growing fastly despite being the new kid on the block. 
  • Reddit – It is a popular content sharing website where new content in the form of text, images, and links are shared regularly by users. You can share updates about your new coin on specific crypto communities known as subreddits. Do not indulge in over-promotion and do not share a lot of links altogether. 
  • Email marketing – It is an effective tool for sharing newsletters to those signed up for your opt-in list. Certain tools like Hubspot are well-known for their email marketing tactics. Monitor open rates, click-through rates, and avoid spamming. 
  • Influencer marketing – It involves sharing your message by the leading influencers on popular platforms to gain more traction quickly. It is considered to be more trustworthy than paid media. 
  • Banner ads – It is a low-cost promotional method to showcase your brand. Make sure to place relevant ads by placing them appropriately on crypto-focussed sites. 
  • Podcasts – It involves sharing information through an audio format and is quite easy to access. Marketing campaigns can be carried out on your own podcasts or through other’s podcasts. 
  • SEO – It is highly cost-effective to boost your brand’s visibility. The tactic lies in keyword optimization and avoiding keyword stuffing. Utilize tools such as Google Keyword planner and identify the words to focus on in your site’s content. 
  • Direct messaging – It involves targeting selected mobile numbers of cryptocurrency-interested users and sending marketing texts directly to them. There is a better chance of response. Hire an SMS marketing company or a reliable software for this task. 
  • Press releases – Make use of the popular world-trotting news and PR agencies and get the word out about your upcoming digital coin. Publish regular news and updates about your new coins. This tool will help you to build an interested network of users and investors. 
  • Affiliate marketing – It involves hiring other people or businesses known as affiliates. They would send traffic to your website in exchange for a commission. They can bring new sign-ups through their own marketing efforts. They have better networks and know more people than you do. 
  • Reputation management – The main aim is to build a positive reputation for the crypto brands in the eyes of the interested community and remove any negative publicity. Build a clear perception of your brand offerings. 

Hire a well-experienced cryptocurrency marketing agency for implementing your crypto advertising campaigns. They will have a time-tested strategy to take your crypto to the top of the digital world and help you in raising more funds at an affordable cost. This will lead to a higher reach, more leads, and increased trading activities. Make sure to measure the campaigns periodically to know its effectiveness and focus on fine-tuning it regularly. 

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