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Design Custom Packaging Boxes To Boost Sales

If you run a business of consumer goods, then you must be always looking to enhance the market performance of your products, right? Here in this article, we’re going to discuss how you can drive your business growth from the perspective of packaging.

Custom design & unique shapes

Talking about custom packaging, designing always comes first. Yet, before taking this step, you should first have a deep insight into the product in question you’re going to pack and the target consumers to serve. After a thorough preliminary research, then you need to come up with some unique and brilliant ideas about your dream box. To create some unique packaging boxes, sometimes you can draw inspiration from the product you’re selling. For example, if you are in the candy business, you could actually design candy-shaped gift boxes.

A pitfall here to note is that a winning design does not necessarily mean complicated shapes nor some cutesy stunts. Don’t make your packaging boxes too difficult to open. You should never expect your consumers to unbox your products like doing an intelligence test. Keep your brand culture in mind and think about your customers at the same time. Pay attention to details. Some small things that may sound pretty a trifle actually matter a lot. Customers want to see that the handling of those boxes is easy enough to carry. Always focus on the quality of the product that you are selling and then focus on the designing of the packaging boxes that you will carry around the product.

Sufficient protection of the product

Remember the basic purpose of these custom-size plastic boxes. Primarily they are used to protect the product that you are selling to your customers. If the packaging boxes fail to serve that minimum purpose, and the products get broken when they reach the customers, whatever splendid design or marketing may render futile! When the low-quality packaging is not strong to protect, then the product goes to waste, then you can imagine how furious the customer will be. Not only you lost that specific customer, you have negative word of mouth spreading. So, be careful, not to fail miserably in such basic function. Make sure the custom packaging boxes will make the products safe and sound.

Attractive looks in customers’ eyes

When it comes to consumer products, you need some marketing strategy to attract more and more customers and boost your sales performance. Custom packaging absolutely need to be part of that strategy. These custom packaging boxes should be designed in an elegant way so that you can easily attract more customers towards your products. Don’t take it lightly. Packaging is actually a secure medium of publicity for consumer goods. Just imagine, when people shop around the store aisles, they would simply judge the quality of your products on shelf through the packaging boxes. Thus make your retail packaging boxes very elegant in the eyes of consumers, and that will help drive more flow towards your products.

Custom printing on the custom boxes

Custom printing over your retail packaging boxes is very much crucial in boosting your business. It is an important part of the branding efforts.  Be it plastic box or cardboard gift box, there are many established techniques to print on the surface. For plastic gift boxes, the most common printing techniques so far are pad and silkscreen printing, though you may not be able to achieve some delicate images over the plastic surface through such techniques. Furthermore, it’s very easy and cost-efficient to do this (UV printing on plastics can be much more expensive). Together with the use of stickers and some surface treatments, you can almost get whatever effect you want. As for paper printing, things would even be much more simple. Therefore, never worry about how where to print. Source online and talk with your packaging supplier. They will do this job properly for you.

Finally, making your custom packaging boxes is by no means much more expensive, when you need and order them in bulk quantity. Even if you are looking for some cheap custom boxes, it’s no dead end. Communicate with your packaging supplier and finalize your ideal custom packaging solution. And if possible, always order the custom packaging boxes wholesale as quantity can be a positive factor.

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