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Dedicated Server Japan: For Fastest Business Growth


For every Japanese business fast growth is a crucial need. But with a slow and cheap web hosting plan, you will be unable to achieve it. For the website to gain higher SEO rankings and handle dozens of customers a super fast and fully upgraded Web Hosting is required, which is missing in a Shared Server. The Shared Server provides limited resources ideal for small businesses and blog websites. 

But if you desire to achieve sizeable growth of your Japan-based online business, that won’t be possible with a Shared or VPS Server, you require a Dedicated Server Hosting Japan for that. It will bring in blazing fast speed, premium resources, high-end security, and much more, helping you in achieving your targeted business goals.

In this article, you will learn in detail about the Needs and Advantages of a Dedicated Server in Japan. Along with it, we will also help you find the Best Dedicated Server in Japan.

4 Advantages of Using Japan Dedicated Server

There are various benefits you will get with the Dedicated Server Japan. From Speed to Security a Dedicated Server will completely uplift your website’s performance.

Superfast Speed and Performance

Superfast Speed and Performance are very essential for the growth of a business. With a Shared Server, you get limited resources and that too shared with various other users leading to slow loading speed at the time of traffic spikes. While the Dedicated Server Japan easily manages high traffic and provides unbeatable speed and smooth performance to your website.

Your Own Unique IP Address

The Dedicated Server provides you your own unique IP Address. The entire server is only yours, unlike a shared server it’s not being shared with anyone else. So, no other spammy or malicious website in the server network can impact your rankings on the Search Engine. Moreover, your data is also safe from hackers and trojans.

Server Customization available

A Dedicated Server bestows high scalability and flexibility to your system. You can easily change or adjust your hardware configurations whenever the need arises. The Server specifications such as the RAM, Storage Space, Bandwidth, and others can be increased when your business grows. Such a facility is not available with any other server hosting type.

Unbeatable Security

The security of the Japan Dedicated Server is just unbeatable. With other Hosting types, you share the server with various other users resulting in a high probability of security breach and data theft. While in a Dedicated Server you are the only owner of your server, the entire data and resources are just yours. So, the risk of your sensitive data getting stolen is almost negligible. 

Additionally, the Dedicated Server in Japan is also secured with DDoS Protection.

3 Signs indicating you need a Dedicated Server

Is the Dedicated Server right for me? This question must be arising in your mind after looking at the prices of Dedicated Server. No doubt, a Dedicated Server is costlier than other hosting types, but the features it has are also beyond comparison. Let’s find out for whom the Dedicated Server Japan is an ideal choice.

Lots of Web Traffic

If your website encounters a large number of visitors per month or if you expect a substantial rise in the amount of traffic in the near future, then you should switch over to Dedicated Server Hosting in Japan. A Shared Server is unable to handle high traffic resulting in poor loading time or server crash at peak times. Also, with the Shared Server if some other website in the server network experiences a traffic surge your performance gets affected.

Server Data needs High Security

The websites storing confidential information require a highly secured server. For instance, an eCommerce website stores the payment details of the users. And if stored on a shared server where multiple users have the access to the same server the data is highly vulnerable to theft. Hence, only a Dedicated Server could protect your important data from getting into the wrong hands. With its advanced level of security and exclusive server resources, there is almost zero possibility of a security breach.

Operating Multiple Websites

If you are operating numerous websites on various shared networks. It will be ideal for you to migrate on a single Dedicated Server in Japan. It will ease your server management and will also reduce the cost.

How to find the Best Dedicated Hosting Provider in Japan

If you have come so far, I am sure you must have decided to choose the Japan Dedicated Server. But now the question that arises is where to buy the Dedicated Server Japan from?

So, below we have included all the points you must look into a Dedicated Hosting Provider before buying the services.

Figure Out your Requirements

The first and foremost thing you need to do is identify your own needs. You need to analyze the amount of Bandwidth, RAM, and Disk Space you will need with your Dedicated Server.

You should also roughly evaluate the amount of traffic you are expecting to receive on your website over a period of time. For instance, if you are planning to upload multimedia files, videos, or images on your website you will also need the bandwidth accordingly. Similarly, you will need high-speed SSDs and large RAM for faster loading speed. 

Moreover, if you do not possess the technical specifications required to manage a server you should look for a Managed Dedicated Server Plan otherwise the unmanaged server plan will work well for you.

In the same way, identify your security and storage requirements and then look for a Hosting Provider.

High Uptime and Bandwidth

Now that you know your needs, now look for the Japan Dedicated Server plan with 99.99% Uptime and premium bandwidth. Frequent downtimes damage the user experience and reduce the customer’s trust. So high uptime is a very important requirement.

Fully Upgraded Resources

The resources provided by the server provider should be of the latest generation. Also, you must get the option of customization of resources. So that when your business grows you may easily upgrade the current server resources. Also, along with the Managed and Unmanaged option hosting provider should also allow you to choose the Operating System of your choice.

High-End Security

Security is a very important need of a website choosing the Dedicated Server Japan. So the hosting service is required to deploy advanced grade security. The Dedicated Server should have in-built DDoS Attack Prevention.

24/7 Customer Support

The customer support service of the hosting provider company should be A class. They should be readily available to solve all your problems and queries. Also, the technical support team should be well trained to provide a real-time solution to all the problems of the customers. You should choose the Japan Dedicated Hosting with 24/7 Customer Support.

Serverwala: The Best Dedicated Server in Japan

After looking at all the above features the hosting provider which provides the Best Dedicated Server in Japan at affordable prices is Serverwala. It is a renowned global hosting provider company that has won various awards.

Their Dedicated Server Japan has the following features:

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • DDoS Protection
  • Robust Network Bandwidth
  • Fully Upgraded Resources
  • 100% Data Privacy
  • Custom Configurations
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 24/7 Customer Support

For more information visit the official website

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