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Custom lotion boxes are designed in a way to protect your lotions

Cosmetics do not revolve around foundation, lipstick, primer, or eye shadows. Because lotion and moisturizer play a vital role in daily life, without them, our body can get dry and, at some point, get itchy and bleeds. The lotion is only getting manufactured to cure dry skin, but it also protects our product from harmful radiation. Every company has a different formula for the manufacturing of lotions. And they get manufactured for a person with any skin type. When cosmetic and skin-care products play an essential role in our lives, then their packaging is also manufactured up to date. Packaging companies are coming up with new and brilliant ideas to make their branding noticeable. In this article, we are going to discuss how custom lotion boxes are designed in a way to protect your lotions. And what are the customization ideas for your packaging boxes?

Lotion Packaging Designs:

You must have seen the skin-care products with charming packaging boxes. They get customized using various designs and textures. The branding professional also uses a glossy effect to give a glass-like effect. It attracts customers and makes the product look expensive. You can also use the matte effect. It makes your product packaging look subtle and charming. It gives a soft yet attractive appearance. Many luxurious brands choose this technique to attract customers and uplift their brand image by increasing their sales.

They are sturdy:

Cosmetics and skin-care products protect us from sunlight and harmful radiation. But when it comes to their security, then the manufacturers use sturdy packaging boxes. The packaging’s role is not only to pack the product inside it, but it is to secure it from any external or internal harm. When the product box is too large, then there are chances that items might break down. Whenever we purchase anything online, we receive a parcel that is too large compared to the size of the product. In this way, not only are the products in danger, but there is also a wastage in the packaging material. In this way, our packaging container does not get 100% eco-friendly because we would be using excessive bubble wraps and cardboard. Lotion packaging boxes should get manufactured organic so that the item itself does not get affected negatively and can convey a positive message to the customers.

Lotion packet display for our shops:

Skin-care products like moisturizers and lotions are also available in packets. In this way, companies can promote their business by giving their customers a sample of their proposed items. You must have been to the mall where the companies have the stalls, and they give free specimens to the public. In this way, the customers can use the sample for free and purchase it if they find it suitable. It is one of the best advertising campaigns that a company can do.

 Lotion packaging design ideas:

Every packaging needs to be charming and sophisticated to attract customers. Packaging companies offer many customization services, and some of these are:

Customization with pigments and conflicting factors:

The correct colors can make your branding utterly beautiful. The same goes for space and typography. Try to use different shapes and adjust them to get a new look for your lotion packaging. When you are designing your packaging box, then make sure that you do not use small fonts. Always use the typography work prominent. In this way, the customer can get to know about your product.

The importance of Logo on the packaging box:

People do not use products that look like it does not belong to genuine companies. When a customer sees an individual and licensed trademark on a packaging box, they get comfortable purchasing the product because it belongs to an authentic brand.


Author Alois Senefelder introduced this method when he wrote his script on limestone by attempting to copy it. That’s how this method got its name because, in Latin, litho means stone. These days, heavy types of machinery get used to carrying on this printing method.

Screen Printing, Offset printing, and Digital printing:

In this technique, a mesh transfers the plastisol ink or water-based ink to the surface that needs screen printing. We are using the most reliable and different kinds of inks, which are the most favorable and long-lasting. This technique is effortless and budget-conscious. Any packaging company can provide you with this service. Ira Washington Rubel introduced this offset technique in which an inked image gets transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket and from that to the printing facade. We can imagine from the name that it requires an electronic file. When we start our business, we do not have enough budget to get high-quality machinery types. That is the reason why we look for the easiest method. And that is digital printing.

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