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Create Attractive Gift Packing Options By Using Stylish Custom Boxes

Can you imagine a world with no custom boxes and no gift packaging? Boring and dull boxes are thankfully a thing of the past.

Running a retail business today requires above-normal brand appeal and that comes with providing customers with gift packaging along with their purchases. Keeping up with marketing trends to compete with other businesses in the same markets is mandatory and important. Many people buy things online in the comfort of their homes. This means your top competitors are only a few clicks away.

It is a no-brainer that the better value proposition your brand provides the more customers would be compelled to buy it.

And custom gift boxes are an easy way to add that unique element to your brand. They’ll help reinforce the seller-buyer connection that many e-commerce businesses struggle with.

Don’t believe us? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll go over a number of ways that gift boxes can and will benefit your business. Starting with:

  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Managing stock packaging
  • Branding your shipping boxes
  • Quirky packaging designs
  • Shipping gift boxes the ideal way

Improving customers’ experience.

Customized gift packaging tells the brand story in a grand way by letting buyers get a preview of the business inside and out. They are easy to use, are durable, and offer a distinct aspect of your brand to target customers.

In the end, they convince more customers of your brand’s worth and pushes sales revenues upwards. The gift packaging elements would wow your customers and build a lasting relation with them. New customers would join your buyer base and your brand would find it easy to retain the existing ones.

The million-dollar question is: how do you make it happen? The following features can realize the possibilities of gift packaging conveniently.

  1. Adding in branding components that differentiate your brand from the rivals.
  2. Providing extra box accessories such as window cutouts, panels, ribbons, and handles that add value to the items.
  3. Firm locks and seals that are fun to unbox.
  4. Adding on custom sleeves and labels to reinforce branding.

What’s not to love about your brand when it includes unconventional box designs to improve purchase procedures?

Manage the stock count

Gift packaging is easy to attain. It means that your business won’t have to necessarily acquire and maintain a large warehouse space. Getting the boxes in time for assembling and shipping is a modern way of cutting down supply chain costs and storage expenses.

custom boxes

You can effectively achieve a coherent approach to JIT stock deliveries using custom box orders. Let your box manufacturers know when and in what quantities you want the gift packaging to be delivered. Modern printing methods enable the boxes to be crafted, designed, and reach final destinations in a matter of few days.

Getting stock in time for production and assembling is great to lower labor and manufacturing costs. Also, it makes it viable to get gift packaging for special occasions designed and shaped differently. Your brand can be producing products of varied sorts and getting customized gift packaging for all of them inflates brand recognition instantly.

Branding to make an impact

After you are done with designing the gift boxes, the next step is to print your branding features. These include your business logo, title, colors, and content that customers can read and understand.

The first step is to make the branding consistent with all the other brand promotions. All your marketing tactics would work better when customers can form them together. This starts by finalizing the brand logo and fonts that the brand name and details are printed in.

Next, it depends on the products you sell to determine the product details. Every product has its own requirements that contain manufacturing info, ingredients and nutrients details, using and storing instructions, and so on.

The third step is to finalize what you are going to print on the boxes. Marketing content is read by a large group of customers when stated right on the custom boxes. It makes them curious about the brand and makes for an informative read. Moreover, little personalized messages placed on the opening tabs make a world of difference to improve customers’ unboxing feel.

About 40% of customer’s state that gift-like packaging encourages them to make a repeat purchase. When your customers love what you do and the experience you deliver, they’re going to come back for more.

Shipping effectively

You surely would be surprised to know that gift packaging is easier and safer to ship. Why so? The customized features create boxes of apt sizes and forms. These work best to keep the contents safe regardless of how sensitive they are.

Gift packaging can also be obtained in creative shapes. One-piece mailers, folding cartons, and auto-lock bottoms are the most popular ones. They offer a firm hold and better storage conditions for the products.

Custom printing options make it possible to adorn the boxes with the right handling guidelines. This gives the supply chain stakeholders better knowledge of what they are shipping. Customers too can use the contents for longer when they read these guidelines off the boxes. It enhances the feeling they get on receiving their ordered products in gift packaging.

Apart from the ways mentioned above, increasing your customer retention rate by as little as 5% can increase profit from 25% to 95%. And, finding new customers costs five times more than keeping existing ones.

You already know custom gift packaging is an easy way to encourage brand loyalty. Now you know why it’s a smart move from a financial viewpoint. Incorporating customized gift boxes into your marketing strategy means you can achieve a host of positive business strategies and goals.

It is fascinating how boxes made out of regular stock paper can have such a diverse impact on customers looking for the right supplements, pain killers, or any other medical item.

The boxes shaped like they are personally offered to customers are unique in nature and in providing a memorable shopping experience. That is the real power of customizing the unit for the precise nature of the products. the pharmaceutical industry has a wide range of medical supplies. Each one of them needs distinct boxes to survive the temperamental transport and handling procedures.

Boxes made for a particular product are the key to maintain the medicines in the right temperature and environment. Good boxes that are effective in this, allow the brand to become more popular and gain a repute for classy yet professional behavior.

Certain people think that custom styling doesn’t matter for medicines. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong! If that is the case, then why does Panadol sell more than any other pain killer? Even CBD items offer different degrees of muscle relaxants and brands in that market experience varied sales numbers owing to their popularity. Gift packaging is a workable marketing effort that brands put in using custom boxes. These come in all customized features and shapes to impress.


It is time to get going with designing your ideal gift packaging using the above tips as a reference point. Whether you are a small enterprise or a relatively medium or new one using custom boxes is bound to fulfill all your set long and short-term objectives.

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