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Create a Custom Product Packaging Box You Can be Proud Of

Packaging of the product is as important as the quality of the product if you want it to succeed in the market. Product packaging wrapping ranges from cardboard, paper board, acrylic to fabric.  However, most Businesses prefer cardboard wrapping for their products.  Our custom product packaging boxes are ideal to enhance the brand’s reputation. Cardboard cartons are sturdy hence are applicable to store both heavy and delicate products.  these are made up of two layers of Kraft paper pressed together with the layer of test liner paper in between them, these layers are then folded multiple times to increase their resistance to pressure.

Packaging Mines is a packaging company based in the US, they provide customized packaging for various products. They provide top-quality custom packaging boxes at affordable rates. Customizing your packaging surely distinct your product from your competitors.  There are various ways through which you can customize your product packaging and increase sales in a way that you can be proud of. After reading these tactics you will realize the true essence of custom product packages.

Packaging mines serve in all types and sizes of boxes.  They provide packaging boxes all over the world through worldwide delivery.  They offer professional manufacturers and designers that join their hands together to create exceptional products. Packaging mines also provide Beautiful & Custom Printed Packaging Boxes for their products. Starting from as low as 50 custom boxes minimum, they work with the customers to create products according to the brand’s personality and beyond their expectations. They also have a chat on the website through which customers can communicate with designers are sharing their ideas.

Good quality material

If you want to buy your packaging in the market you can contact Get Instant Printing for good quality material for your product. It creates a positive image of the brand in the market as well as in front of the customers therefore it will increase sales and you will not regret spending more on the better quality material than on low-quality material. Good material of packaging will imply the good material of product hence it will get greater customer attention. Moreover, using recyclable material to construct containers will put the brand in good faith of the public and the market.

Unique shapes of cartons

There are a variety of types of these boxes that can be used and styled according to the brand. Some of the unique types of boxes include

  • Flip-top style cartons are rectangular cartons and can be opened by flipping the top.
  • Sleeve slider containers where one part slides out of another like a drawer.
  • Full overlap cartons where there are two sides of the extended cardboard to cover the top by overlapping.
  • Reverse tuck style carton where the top of these cartons are flipped from top to behind and bottom is tucked from behind to front
  • Gable top style cartons where the triangle sides join together to make a gable shaped top.

These unique and attractive shapes are beneficial to attract customers and create a stamp in the market. Uniqueness is the key to success and appearance is the first thing customers see before buying a product. This will enhance sales as more people will be attracted to the uniqueness of the package. It will reach a greater audience and hence enhance the brand’s reputation. These shapes can also be customized in desired sizes that are accurate to the product. This saves manufacturing and transportation cost per unit carton hence will decrease investments.

Unique designs

These cartons can further be customized to have appealing designs on top, these designs can be simple or complex. They can also be customized with plain colours on top or a mixture of colours using patterns. This gives the cartons a unique and distinctive look which will help catch customer’s eyes and hence will enhance sales. Businesses often skip out on this part and end up having no colour or non-complementary colours on their packs. Colour psychology is strongly followed while designing these packs as it helps brands attract and generate action from the audience towards their product just using a combination of colours and patterns. Professional patterns and colour on the packs will enhance their appearance and they will look exceptional placed alongside their competitors. This will make the brand look elite in the market and therefore will increase its reach and recognition by printing the brand’s name, brand’s logo, and information on top.

Add on features

There can be multiple add on these cartons to enhance their appearance.

  • Plastic window, these windows are plastic made windows on top of the cartons. They can be customized in square, oval, rectangular, and circular shapes. Its mere purpose is to increase the transparency of the product in the market and in front of customers. This will enhance the relationship of the brand with its customers.
  • Top handles, these containers can be customized to have top handles which will make carrying them easier for customers. This will give the container a unique look and will increase its credibility amongst its competitors.
  • Multipurpose cartons, cartons can be designed in a way that they can be used to store household items such as clothes, books, and pantry, etc.


It is astonishing how product packs can benefit in so many ways by just altering their appearance and increasing sales. This is beneficial as a manufacturer as well as a retailer.

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