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Coronavirus Lockdown: Ankle Exercises to Strengthen and Stretch Your Feet At Home

Yes, we all have been bombarded with the news of COVID-19 each day, but everyone is trying to spend the normal life with this new virus.  

Gladly, the daily confirmed cases of COVID-19 are bending the curve in different countries of the world, including the U.S., but still, the number of active cases should be near to zero to end this deadly outbreak (Our World in Data). Similarly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also confirmed a decline in the active cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. However, everyone needs to maintain social distancing to keep the virus at bay.

Still, just like most of the countries, the fitness centers and public parks are closed temporarily in the U.S. Staying at home for a longer period has become a great challenge for an individual to remain physically active.

Though it is risky to join gyms and fitness centers amid COVID-19 outbreak but Pain Management physicians and medical experts resolutely advise everyone to takeout time for exercise. Because a healthy lifestyle can efficiently manage multiple pain management concerns (U.S. Pain Foundation).

Based on all such concerns, we have decided to suggest some medically proven exercises to eliminate ankle and foot pain.

For this, we have put together some effective exercises to strengthen your feet at home. Surely, these exercises can reduce your foot pain, and you can feel stronger.

Ankle Exercises to Strengthen and Stretch Your Feet

Foot and ankle exercises are a great way to improve the potency, steadiness, and mobility of the whole foot. These exercises are simple but ward-off the major causes of foot pain. 

Any rigidity, weakness, and inflexibility in the feet may lead to severe issues in different parts of the body, including hips, ankles, backs, and knees.

Strengthening the ankle and foot is essential for Foot Pain Management. No matter if you have an ankle sprain or other foot-related problem, strengthening ankle exercises are always effective for beneficial results.

  • Static Ankle Strengthening

It is one of the most amazing exercises to give strength to your feet without even moving them. In this exercise, the foot remains in the static position without stirring it for some time. You can try this exercise after injury or if you have any severe foot issues. Contentedly, Static Ankle Strengthening is a great exercise to avoid further damage.

  • Ball Rolling

Surely, you must have heard about the ball rolling as this remarkable exercise is a good way of emancipating tension in the plantar fascia, which has a connection with the heels to the toes.

If you feel pain in your feet after standing and walking, then try this exercise. Ball rolling efficiently massages the feet and helps in reducing the tension of plantar fascia. For the sore feet, you can try the massage of frozen water as it significantly diminishes inflammation and cures the foot’s pain.

  • Arch Lifts

The purpose of Arch lifts is to supply enough strength to the muscles of feet that provide support to the arch of feet. Simply sit on the chair, but your foot must rest flat on the floor.

Draw your big toe’s base in the direction of the heels and lift the arch off the floor.  Keep one thing in mind that you have to put the heel, big toe, and ball of the foot on the floor the whole time.  Hold a similar posture for around 3 seconds and settle down.

  • Marble Pick-Ups

This easy exercise is of great benefit as it strengthens foot and toes. Put some marbles in the bowl and pick them up with the help of your toes. Repeat the exercise twice the day and repeat it for at least 1 minute.

Physical fitness experts also recommend some other exercises including;

  • Resistance Exercises
  • Toe Curl
  • Heel Stretches
  • Calf Stretches
  • Standing on Tiptoes

Final Words

Though the exercises discussed earlier are beneficial during COVID-19 lockdown, but, you can continue them after the pandemic too.

Our team of physical fitness experts mentioned the medically proven foot, and ankle exercises and these exercises can give your feet a great relief. So, make a habit of practicing them daily at your home. In this critical time of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone must stay at home; that’s why; it is strongly recommended to try to manage your pain at home.

However, In the case of a medical emergency, call 911, and for the urgent help call pain management specialists.

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