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How to configure Yahoo SMTP Server?

SMTP is generally used to send emails mostly preferred outgoing mails, it’s an agent that makes sure that your emails are sent in the right mail.


  • The server settings being 
  • The port number being 465
  • And its is encrypted with an SSL
  • The SMTP username and password have to be your yahoo mail id and password.

The Yahoo SMTP server works best with desktop rather same settings are applied on mobile-based programs too. It’s quite easy to add the yahoo server settings with the app we are using by that time, so as to make changes in the outgoing server.

What are the ways to restore deleted contacts of yahoo mail?

  • Open your yahoo mail 
  • Login to your account and switch to the contact 
  • Hit the view option and click on the deleted contacts tab.
  • Click on the contact you wish to restore; you have a choice to choose multiple options at a time.
  • Click on the restore button and you have successfully restore deleted contacts in Yahoo mail.

In reference to the question asked by the user once that why couldn’t he login into the yahoo email, I will be mentioning the reason that states that it happens because of the fact that the user must be filling invalid credentials i.e., wrong email and password, and the best possible way to avoid is by resetting your credentials with the help of yahoo sign in helper option.

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