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Comprehensive Office Cleaning Checklist

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is a sign of a healthy business. If you work from home, this could be an additional job for you. We are programmed to associate and project such thoughts on businesses in the same manner as when we see a clean and tidy person. You can always start with yourself and then apply the same standards to any company. If you visit or see a rundown, dirty and neglected place or store, would you enter it or associate yourself with it? Coming inside and noticing trash, mold, stale air with disorganization, and mess everywhere leaves a sour first impression which can be repaired or cleaned up afterwards. Chances are, there won’t be a second chance once someone notices dirt, mire and grime, simply because office hygiene isn’t a priority. To avoid such unpleasant situations there are a couple of easy and practical things to implement

1. Organize, plan and implement

Just rushing in willy nilly and starting to clean left and right, accomplishes nothing. If many people storm the place with brushes and brooms and start to get in each other way, stepping on each other and just generally doing whatever they feel like, all of this then results in an even greater mess. Just like running a successful business that you want to clean up, organizing and making a cleaning plan is the first step. Always start from the top floors and work your way to the bottom.

If you have a single floor business, start from the back and clean to the front. Make sure that you are not scheduling the cleaning procedure, for when someone is in the office, or if it can’t be avoided, then try not to unplug anything. Cleaning machines use a lot of juice and should always have their separate slot.

2. Use quality tools of the trade

Worn out cloth, cheap and unknown cleaning products and run-down cleaning appliances make you use twice the time and energy. Microfiber cloths make the dusting process easy as they are made to attract and hold dust and dirt. Quality vacuum cleaners are there too, make sure you don’t have to go up and down the same area multiple times. Some models can even steam clean your rugs and carpets in the process. Also, using cleaning supplies made from organic and natural ingredients is healthier for the general environment and your working environment as well. As they don’t exude toxic fumes in such large amounts as other, cheaper variants, you don’t have to go thru the hassle of worrying about any ill side effects.

3. Consider professional assistance

There is no denying that the cleaning process takes time and manpower, which all translates into money. Organizing people and getting all the supplies while simultaneously not disrupting your workflow and doing everything the right way can all stack up pretty fast. Not every business has that much time and money to dedicate to quality cleaning but, that’s where outsourcing comes into play. Hiring reliable and affordable professional cleaning services from Sidney is a piece of cake in today’s business world.

Leaving such a task to trained professionals leaves you with time and energy to dedicate to more important things about your business. And, when you write all the expenses down and factor in all the related costs, such as time and hassle, you will end up with a more profitable solution when hiring other professional companies in this field.

4. Employees can contribute

While it’s important not to disturb anything that’s on their desk and throw out any pieces of paper or similar from it, employees themselves can contribute to the office being clean. Scheduling cleaning procedures can overlap with their work schedule so, to keep disruption to a minimum and for it to take as little time as possible, your employees can do a few little things here and there. For example, by just keeping their desk and the immediate area around it clean and tidy, that’s a good start on which you can build further.

Yes, some people thrive when in, what they call, organized mess but, there is a difference between that and being sloppy. Just a bit of dusting and throwing unnecessary junk away is helpful. Committing to a more paperless office, where printing is kept to a minimum, saves the environment, lowers the overall operating costs and reduces trash. Seeing as employees work areas cover most of your business operating area, their help and contribution, on the matter, make this process go much smoother.

5. Don’t forget the AC

Every nook and cranny count in the quest for that spotless office space. Areas around your ACs can harbor plenty of hidden dirt patches, cobwebs but the dirtiest part of them is on the inside. Their air filters protect and clear the same air that they syphon. Over time they get dirty from that process as well. If left neglected and to the passing of time, accumulated dirt, grime, bacteria and, filth only contributes to the overall moldy feeling in the office.

Not to mention that they then spread disease and dirty air whenever they are on. While there are a lot of videos and clips on how you can safely and easily remove the air filters from them, there is also no shame in letting the professionals do this. Just make sure to point out that the air filters haven’t been cleaned in a while, or better yet, have a note belove them where you will track that.

6. High to reach places are high priority

Any such places accompanied with some tuckered away corners can be safe havens for dirt, dust and bacteria. As they often get neglected until it is obvious dirt can easily accumulate on them. The same applies to those hidden or hard to reach places as they often get overlooked in the process. The idea and point here are to give the same time, effort and attention to every piece of your workplace, not just to those that obvious and easy to clean.

Yes, removing each book from the bookshelf, every piece from the table and so on is tedious and time-consuming. In the quest for clean and dirt-free office space, this is the necessary commitment to detail that must be done. If not done periodically, then it will only accumulate and require more of your time and effort, on a later date.

7. Garbage cans and welcome mats.

Just a few tidbits for the end as these get easily overlooked. Garbage cans accumulate a lot and are usually emptied when they are overfilled, as that’s when we notice all the trash in them. Daily, or by daily emptying prevents this and creates a habit of not letting bad things accumulate. And your welcome mats and rugs at the entrance are the first line of defense against outside dirt and dust. They easily accumulate them and get dirty and, when they are such, they help the spreading of dirt around the office. Consider offering them more regular care and priority than the rest of the office since they see the most traffic and exposure.

The quest for a clean office is not as daunting as it may seem at first. Just by getting started and with a clean mindset, you can see the change happening around you. So, with a bit of time and effort, you will notice a clean result and a sparkling new look at your business offices. We wish you all the best in this clean new endeavor.

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