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Complex building design and New buildings guide

Housing affordability and comfort are determined by many factors, including the condition of the apartment. The landscaping of the yard, the proximity of infrastructure and car parking, the availability of facilities of social importance, and leisure play an equally important role in the choice of housing. These requirements were not met by “point” buildings until recently. They were instead met by the old neighborhoods of the city. The possibility of obtaining a long-term loan for the purchase of housing has increased the requirements of buyers, it has become necessary for new comfortable housing. Today builders and city authorities are increasingly talking about the “well-forgotten old” – complex development. And the most courageous move from words to deeds.

One of the first to use complex construction was the company. In a fairly short time, the field at the intersection of 

Canninghill Piers turned into a whole of prestigious housing – the Gorodok residential complex, consisting of four monolithic brick residential buildings with closed courtyards, distinguished by their bright blue roofs.


The use of reliable and economical monolithic-frame technologies, warm and durable ventilated facades in the construction of houses, as well as a spacious underground parking lot and free planning of apartments, have made not only a “visiting card” of the company and you can check canninghill piers official website to know more. They are also a model of modern complex development of an entire Singapore.

What are the disadvantages of apartments in housing for the renovation?

New houses built in Singapore under the renovation program can hit commercial developers with a ruble. But can they really compete with the housing concept?

The start of the housing stock renovation program is still one of the most discussed events – both among Muscovites and among players in the construction market. No joke: only at the launch sites canning hill piers development in Singapore, the authorities announced the construction of 3.5 million square meters. meters. In addition, commercial construction companies plan to put about 1.5 million sq. M. For sale in 2018. meters of housing.

Many people have a reasonable question: will the market “choke” from an overabundance of supply? In my opinion, this will not happen in the near term of four to five years, moreover, the renovation quarters will not form any serious competition with housing from commercial developers. And that’s why.

What is an Equivalent Apartment

First of all, if you now look at the projects of apartments that will be built under the renovation program – or even ready-made apartments, one of them has just recently been shown to the public, 

you will notice that they completely lack any unique format. There is no nepotism, there are no key decisions for a comfortable family living and, of course, there is no concept. At the start of the renovation program,

Developers see how the consumer is changing, and understand that glass facades and a bunch of floors are no longer surprising, you need not just pour concrete and plant a lawn to win the buyer’s love, you need to create a personalized product.

In the complex, panel housing is being transformed

Canning hill piers is a new stage not only in the quality and comfort of housing but also in the architecture of the city. Until recently, the development was carried out more chaotically due to the lack of funds for a detailed project planning of the territory. But now the situation has changed, and the development of the site has become possible only with the availability of urban planning documentation. Moreover, the planning project is carried out not for a separate plot of land, but for the entire, this is the only way to fulfill all the norms of urban planning. For large construction companies, this did not become an obstacle, but, on the contrary, created more convenient working conditions. You should check the canninghill piers’s site plan. The canning hill piers company is developing several such sites at once. The largest of them, with an area of ​​12 hectares, is not far from the BSMP. Another large-scale and interesting project is the residential area


“Inclusive” in this context is a space that includes all the opportunities for active life and recreation, without leaving the boundaries of a residential project. Objects are implemented in the “Comfort +” class and are endowed with all the advantages of residential development from Unistroy: closed courtyards without cars with video surveillance and security, various public spaces for adults and children, business lounges, wheelchairs, a large selection of layouts, high-quality pre-cleaning finishing, convenient parking and high service, starting with the choice of an apartment, ending with accommodation, where our clients are accompanied by the Service Company “Territory of Comfort”.

Provide Information

Don’t be afraid to supply your architect with the maximum amount of additional information as you’ll. A method of doing this is often by drawing sketches. You shouldn’t worry about the standard, as long as it portrays your idea.

Another useful way of expressing your expectations is that the use of a tool called SketchUp. This free software allows you to make your building and consider it in 3D. it’ll even allow you to steer around and move within it, this is often a fun way of getting your children involved within the design process. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that you simply may design something in SketchUp, which is really impossible to create. So don’t be surprised if your architect will need to change your project so as to form it buildable.

Organise the Tools

The next tool which will improve the way you communicate your ideas to your architect is Pinterest. Pinterest may be a content-sharing website that permits you to “pin” images, videos, and other objects to your pinboard. It works like a web scrapbook. you’ll use it to look for inspiration, you’ll create separate boards, for instance for interiors within the kitchen and toilet. Then you’ll “pin” the photographs that express particular designs that you simply would really like to implement in your project and share them with everyone who is involved.

Once your Self Build brief is completed, you’re now ready for the subsequent stage of your dream home design – selecting the proper team.


  • Start with the question: why? Why are you building your dream home?
  • Prepare your brief properly! it’ll assist you to keep your project on target.
  • A good brief will inform your design team on exactly what you expect from them.
  • Room information, layout – according to your family lifestyle.
  • What architectural style? Traditional or Contemporary?
  • Is energy efficiency a priority for you?
  • Set up a sensible allow your Self Build – it’ll determine the entire design.
  • Consider a sensible timescale for your Self Build.

Provide your architect with the maximum amount of additional information you’ll need.

After completing the optimal brief for your Self Build, it’s time to seek the proper people to assist design your dream home. Before you begin your Self Build project, it’s crucial to make sure that you simply have sufficient funds. chatting with financial professionals will assist you to organize the sale of your existing home, or/and remove a mortgage, and set the allow your Self Build. Therefore, avoiding any unnecessary stress. Read our article presenting top tips for financing a Self Build project here.


Appointing this specialist should be treated as an investment, during which savings are often made throughout the development process and once you’re in your new home, will repay you a great many times over.

Once your finances are so as you’re able to search for a plot for your Self Build. you’ll appoint a land surveyor to assess the plots you wish, so as to settle on the one that suits you best. It can assist you to verify the boundaries of your plot also because of the connection to basic services like drainage, electricity, and water.

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