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Comparative Study Between Facebook and Facebook Lite

However, both Facebook and Facebook Lite are the parts of the same tree, certain distinctive features that named them so. Facebook is an application created by Zuckerberg and its organization in the 2004’s. The sole point of building up the application was to upgrade the network among the individuals. Mark Zuckerberg’s company is quite a concern about the users so, keep them updated with the latest technology.

Facebook App

Facebook has significantly more features in its application including voice, and video calling; the quick and simple transmission of messages by means of Messenger; auto-play of videos, and graphics for its user’s interface. It is heavier application but worth using as it has everything a user can ask for.

To use these faultless features of Facebook, you simply need to download this application onto your phone from the Play Store. But, now the questions are: 

  1. Is your mobile device compatible with the size of application that is near 58-60 MB
  2. Device that you are using have sufficient RAM to use all the features of Facebook?
  3. Is your internet connectivity restricts you to enjoy the features offered by Facebook?

Try not to stress! FB has something for you in these more terrible conditions as well that Facebook Lite. 

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite was created in 2015 for Android users in particular. At first, it was restricted to a couple of nations now, it has extended its development to the degree that it has become a sensation in smartphones with low RAM and weak connection issues.

Facebook Vs Facebook Lite

Application Weight

The Facebook app weighs around 58-60 MB in a smartphone but Lite is only around 2 MB. One can see the difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite applications’ even by the weights that let you decide which application you should go for, for your smartphones. If you have a smartphone with low RAM, use a tiny version of Facebook. Lite has the same features like commenting, visiting the timelines, watching videos, and similar to that you can get at a 58 MB application. 

Internet Connectivity Matters

If you are facing connectivity issues, it’s better to pick Facebook Lite because of its low data consumption. Unlike Facebook, it does not auto-play the videos and download high-fidelity images. It is compatible with your device even if you reside in an area where the internet connectivity is not that strong. Hence, it is good to go with FB Lite if the internet is an issue with you 


FB Lite has a built-in messenger in it. Unlike Facebook, you don’t need to install a different app for messaging. Else, the Messenger app from Facebook would alone occupy around 37 MB of your storage. So, why give thought to Facebook (57 MB) and you need to download the Facebook Messenger that is around 37 MB. 


The interface of FB Lite is a bit old fashioned as compared to the original Facebook app. It has an attractive interface with broad and wide icons which is sometimes not well entertained. If you have a mobile phone with good RAM and good internet speed, it is recommended to stay with the Facebook app. 

Loading Speed

While surfing and loading things in FB Lite, the application takes a few seconds to load the interface for you. Again reminding you of the traditional Facebook app. Whereas this is not the concern with Facebook’s app, 

Which one to Choose?

There are a number of points that matter a lot. After reading the above points you will get clear about which one to pick. If you have a smartphone that is compatible with the less web use and low data applications. You should turn your head to the Lite version of FB. But, if you have a decent smartphone with gentle features such as RAM, hard-disk, then you should stick to Facebook. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully, above-given compression will give you a clear overview of both applications. Both are from the same company but for different groups of users. If you have a good or decent internet connection and updated smartphone with the latest features, you should go for the main application, on the other hand, a smaller version of FB is also loaded with nice features. For more information visit the solution nation.

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