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Commonly asked questions about bath bombs and custom bath bomb boxes

As an entrepreneur, I get questions about my products and their custom bath bomb boxes. I believe in being honest with the customers and have never hidden any fact from them. Besides, there is no point in hiding as the World Wide Web provides access to information to all. I started the bath bomb business on a small scale some ten years ago. Gradually my business grew and flourished more when my son started helping me out. The first move he made was switching to cardboard-based custom bath bomb boxes. He wanted to reach out to the green consumers and targeted them by offering clean, green packaging. It worked like magic. All of a sudden, our sales multiplied. The local retail stores started stocking our products, which finished sooner than before. There were a few other changes that we made, which helped our business a lot.

Many women reached out to me during the lockdown season. They wanted to know about an easy DIY recipe for bath bombs. They even asked if custom bath bomb packaging boxes packaging will help sell their products in the market?

Today, I am writing to share an easy way of making a bath bomb. But no guarantee using custom bath bomb packaging boxes will lead to their successful sales. One needs a business plan to run a successful business. When I started my bath bomb business, there were no brands for this product in our town. It was a product bought from larger cities. For running a successful business, market study is vital. The demand and need evaluation are essential to figuring out which way things might turn.

The easiest bath bomb recipe for custom printed bath bomb boxes

The great things about this recipe are that you will find most ingredients will be in your kitchen cabinets. These ingredients include;

1.Baking soda

2.Bath bomb molds

3.Citric acid

4.Coloring pigment


6.Epsom salt

7.Essential oil

If you are thinking of starting a bath bomb business, then apart from the recipe, you will also need viable packaging solutions. I strongly recommend using the cardboard-based custom printed bath bomb boxes instead of the traditional plastic ones. One can even order biodegradable bath bomb packaging boxes for their products. These boxes disintegrate on their own and cause no harm to the planet, environment, or the living creatures. As the green-packaging trend is increasing, more customers are now demanding eco-friendly bath bomb packaging boxes from their favorite brands. There are a few steps involved in making bath bombs which include;

1.Measure all the dry ingredients and whisk them together using a dry whisk. It required a large bowl for this step.

2.Next, use dry color pigment to give a tint of your choice to the bath bombs. There is no limit to using pigment. But adding a little at a time is highly suggested.

3.Then, take a large cup and mix wet ingredients. I suggest using high-quality essential oils for this process as it will affect the quality of the bath bombs. The effect of every essential oil is different. So it is a good thing to have a know-how about the same.

4.The mixing of the wet and dry ingredients is a vital step. We must do slowly it, adding few drops at a time. Citric acid must interact with other ingredients slowly to minimize frizzing. It will allow one to shape bath bombs easily.

5.For creating shapes, silicone molds for cupcakes can also be used. Allow drying for a day and store in air-tight containers.

Ordering custom bath bomb boxes

Get the perfect custom bath bomb boxes from California-based printing and packaging ClipnBox company now!

Custom Rigid Boxes to Give Your Products a Luxury Look

The evolution of the packaging industry in today’s world has resulted in creating custom rigid boxes. There are countless companies in America that are creating out-of-the-box packaging boxes custom rigid boxes that give product uplifted appeals and looks. They used these boxes at the launch of various products. Their use is common during the events like Xmas, Valentine’s Day, and other occasions. Cardboard-based custom rigid packing has truly revolutionized the packaging world.

Today brands understand that products and they consider packaging both equally important. A good quality box gives an impression of a high-quality product and offers better value for money. It also makes the products appear attractive to the eyes of the customer. It crafted the rigid boxes from the best cardboard stocks are offer maximum durability and functionality. Some layouts in these boxes are collapsible, which makes them easier to ship.

As the range of the products has diversified in the current times, so have the options in custom rigid boxes, which include exclusive features like magnetic closure boxes. Brands can even order small rigid boxes according to the size of their products. Some layouts in the rigid boxes include extended flaps, in which magnet pieces are embedded. I refer these boxes to as magnetic flap boxes. Many from the retail packaging industry believe that magnetic flap boxes are one of the best innovations in the packaging industry as they offer convenience and security of the items inside. I believe them to offer extra security and are easy to handle.

The boxes that involve adding two magnetic clasps inconspicuously into a seamless overlapping adds extra strength to box and enable its auto-closing feature. Emerging packaging concepts are more demanding and product-oriented. It results from the rise of e-commerce. Today customers can place their orders online and have them delivered anywhere in the world.

But this delivery requires safe packaging. Thus, packaging has gained a special position and is considered equally important for delivery and products display. It’s about the presentation that attracts the customers at very first sight. Therefore, the better the packaging the better the impression it offers to the customers.

Custom magnetic flap boxes are used to pack a variety of cosmetic items. Often cosmetic boxes that contain one or more-star products of a company are packed in these boxes. It gave them astounding exterior details. They used premium fabric and inserts inside these boxes to make the products look appealing, expensive and secure. These features make the custom rigid packaging boxes popular for luxury products.

Cosmetic items packed inside remain safe and look attractive simultaneously. Brands spend money to understand the preferences and buying patterns of their target audiences. This data helps them generate information that is key to developing packaging that their customers prefer. Because of this reason similar products are packaged in different box types according to the markets they cater to. Some companies use two-piece boxes for a product while others use flap boxes for it.

Many considerations are taken into account during the production of custom boxes. everything right from the selection of material to;

Box layout

Design versatility


Ease of portability

Presentation and much more

Custom packaging company

Clients and custom packaging company has to keep in mind the requirements of the product at every single step involved. Even when it comes to printing the companies that want their customers to know of their struggle, can choose to opt for double-sided printing on lids.

This way they can use the inner space to print their brand’s story for their potential customers. Other companies can choose to print personalized messages on the inner sides of these lids to make their customer feel good. Some brands also add customized ribbons and button along with balloons to their custom rigid boxes to make the unboxing experience an unforgettable one.

Kate Johnson writes for Home Decor, Lifestyle, and travel-related topics in addition to the social as well as political issues; she has a passion for the recreation and design industry for more than six years. Hence, the has become a phenomenal hub in this industry. Her goal is to help people with his vast knowledge to assist them with his best suggestions about different products in the decor industry.

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