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Coloured Aluminium Windows: What You Need to Know?

Aluminium doors and windows are in trend nowadays. Many homeowners are now switching to this kind of windows and doors for many reasons. These windows come in many designs. They can be easily customised into many shapes, sizes and nearly unlimited colour options. Slim aluminium windows give your home a modern look and are perfect if you are looking for window redesign.

There are many more benefits of coloured windows like black aluminium windows. They are durable and robust. Aluminium is a metal that can be easily shaped into many sizes and can be easily recycled. All of them make this kind of windows or doors a green option for your house. They are also readily available and are cost-effective. These factors make aluminium an attractive and viable choice for doors. One of the best features, according to many homeowners, is the number of colour options available for aluminium windows and doors.

What Is Powder-Coating?

Powder coating is different from conventional liquid paint. It is applied as a dry powder with an evaporating solvent, and this is what is used to make coloured aluminium windows or doors. In many cases, the powder is a polymer, which is thermostatic or thermoset. There are many advantages of powder coating over conventional ones:

  • A broad colour palette, along with textures and shades is available. 
  • A thicker layer of coat is made compared to liquid paint.
  • The curing time is significantly lower for powder coating.
  • The paint layer, colour and texture are more uniform compared to liquid paint.

Many coloured aluminium windows are powder-coated. It increases their life and also reduces the chance of colour fading soon. Here are the advantages of coloured aluminium windows that can help you better your living:

  1. Eco-Friendly: Using aluminium windows is eco-friendly. As it is a malleable metal, it takes less energy to mould it into shapes. It is also easier to recycle as it takes only one-fifth of the energy it takes to make it. So, it is a green option every homeowner should consider. Polymers are used to coat the aluminium frames, which can be designed into many colours, textures and also shades. The polymers used to cover the aluminium frames are also environment-friendly compared to liquid-based paints. They are cured using ultraviolet rays, which give better results and reduce the use of harmful solvents like Acetone and Toluene. 
  1. Aesthetic Appeal: There is no hiding the fact that aluminium windows look good. They are better looking than traditional wooden windows. They also seamlessly fit into any interior décor, be it conventional or minimalist. The slim aluminium windows have a pleasing effect on anyone. As they never look out of place, they will add beauty and elegance to any room they are installed in. To add to the appeal, aluminium windows come in many colours. While aluminium is the most prevalent. But still, depending on the décor colour, there is a wide range of colours from which you can choose. You can even have different shades and textures added to your windows.
  1. Maintenance: Powder coating is done with polyester powder. Before applying the final powder coat, it has to go through a set of pre-treatment processes. These processes ensure that the powder coat stays on the aluminium frame for a long time. In addition to this, they also increase the strength of the aluminium. One of the advantages of powder coating is that it stays on for a long time without fading. It reduces the need to repaint your windows every couple of years to make them look new. They are surprisingly low maintenance too.
  1. Strength and Durability: Before applying powder-coating, the aluminium frame undergoes pre-treatment. These pre-treatment processes make the aluminium frame sturdy and durable. They do so by increasing the overall density of the metal and covering all the microscopic cracks and crevices. It minimises the possibility of jeopardising the overall integrity of the structure in the future. The coat itself is of polymer, which is either thermosetting or thermostatic. It will enhance the cohesiveness of the frame and increase its longevity and durability. 
  1. Lifespan: Aluminium windows without coating are rarely used. Many homeowners don’t prefer to have silver colour windows. In addition to aesthetic appeal, the extra layer of coat will also increase the lifespan of the windows. It is because the aluminium in itself is malleable unless it is in an alloy. So, there are chances that it could deform if it is not a part of metal or polymer alloy. It is another reason why painting aluminium windows is advised.

There are no specific drawbacks for not switching to aluminium windows other than preferences. They have many benefits compared to timber ones.

Aluminium windows are available with many dealers across the country. Before choosing a dealer, researching about them online to know their product quality and service is recommended.

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