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CNC Lathe Machines: What Are They and Things to Consider Before Buying One

Lathe machines are one of the oldest machine tools developed by humans! The first screw-cutting lathe was designed in the year 1797 by a gentleman from England named Henry Maudslay. The first screw-cutting lathe is the predecessor of the modern-day enhanced and precise lathe machines.

In Spite of the fact that lathes have been around for such a long time, there are still many among us who are not very sure about what a lathe machine is or its functions. That can be very problematic when someone needs to buy a lathe machine for manufacturing purposes. However, that is no reason to worry as we will learn all about lathes in this article.

Looking forward to buying a lathe machine? Let me help you get a better understanding of lathe machines.

What is a Lathe Machine?

A lathe machine is an effective and efficient machine tool used to carve out extra materials from a workpiece and give it a desired shape and structure. The machine holds the workpiece on a chuck and the tool on the toolpost. The workpiece is then rotated on different axis, enabling the cutting tool to carry out various operations, including facing, thread cutting, turning, drilling, chamfering, knurling, and more. Apart from the cutting tool, other kinds of tools can also be used to turn the workpiece into some functional object with symmetry about that axis.

Things to Know Before Buying a Lathe Machine

Buying a lathe machine? Duh! Why else would you be here, right? So, the first thing to understand here is that lathe machines are these massive pieces of machinery used to cut metal and other material into different shapes and sizes. Lathes play a crucial role in the modern-day manufacturing process mainly because of these machines’ power, precision, and versatility.

However, these machines do not come cheap, which is why we have compiled a list of things that one should consider before getting on board with the decision of making a hefty investment in lathes.

Make no mistake about the size of lathe you require: Lathe machines are usually measured in terms of size and swing. For instance, a pair of numbers such as 15 x 22 is used to determine the size of the lathe machine. In this case, the first number is the swing that is the distance between the bed of the lathe and the center of the spindle. This measurement helps us understand if a workpiece of a specific size can be mounted between the centers of the lathe or not. Suppose a workpiece with a radius of 14 inches cannot be mounted on a lathe with a swing of 10 inches. Coming to the second number that is 22 in the example mentioned above, this number represents the distance between the centers of the tailstock and headstock and is known as the bed size of the machine.

Adhere to all safety and maintenance procedures: Prevalent users of the Okuma lathe machine recommend keeping the work area of the machine clean. Remember not to use something like the air hose to clean the machine as it might blow dust into the lathe’s parts that are difficult to reach. Check the bearings at frequent intervals to see if they are damaged or worn out. Therefore, the best thing to do here is to adhere to the maintenance checklist every once in a while to protect the machine from any expensive repairs and downtimes. Furthermore, always ensure that the lathe machine operator is adequately trained and skilled enough to do the job.

Ensure your facilities are suited for a lathe machine: Lathe machines are available in different sizes. Most often, even the machines with small bed sizes can weigh over a hundred kilograms. There are many floor-mounted Okuma CNC lathes that are much heavier than the small ones and can weigh upto thousands of kilograms. Therefore, it is best to consider is there is enough room to fit these mammoth-sized machines in the manufacturing unit.

The other thing to consider here is if the company has access to enough power to use these machines as lathes require electricity to operate. Therefore, before moving forward with the decision of buying one of these new or used machine equipment such as the lathe, it is recommended to take a safe bet and double-check all the energy requirements beforehand.

Wrap your head around different parts of a lathe machine: In general, a lathe machine comprises three main components known as the bed, headstock, and tailstock. The bed is vital for the lathe as the main structure of the machine is held and supported by the bed. The workpiece is then held by the jaw chunks that remain stationary on the tailstock and headstock. The workpiece is then placed between the centers enabling it to spin above the bed of the lathe.

Be a new lathe machine or even the used Okuma lathes for sale are all equipped with a tailstock and headstock. The job of the headstock is to hold the workpiece in a steady position during the machining process. In comparison, the tailstock is used to support and provide the clamping action for workpieces that are long in shape.

Analyze the capability of the lathe: After determining the requirement of the lathe, it is better to evaluate if the lathe has the potential to meet the company’s requirements. Even though most lathes in the present day are highly capable of carrying out various scales, it is still best to check out the machine’s potential before making the final decision.

Used CNC Machine: The Smarter way to Conclude Operations?

According to whatever industrial sector you work in, you may have to perform several daily activities using particular machinery and parts of machinery. Office staff need computers and other gadgets, whereas manufacturers and related sectors demand special machinery such as CNC equipment.

CNC machines are renowned for their utility and adaptability, capable of working without manual operation with anything- plastic to metal, with specific sizes and forms.

Many companies not only profit from Machine tools but actively rely heavily on them for daily operations. However, acquiring this brand-new equipment is not usually the best decision for the business spending plan. You may conserve a lot of resources by investing in used CNC machines instead.

Reasons to Opt for Used CNC Machines!

Here are some of the reasons why Used CNC machines can be a wiser choice for conducting industrial operations.

Cheaper is More Affordable

The most obvious perk of purchasing a used machine is the reduced price. Resellers sell used secondhand Machining tools at a much reduced rate than their original price. You may be astonished to learn how much you might save by buying a used CNC machine rather than a new one.

A Used Machine is a Dependable Machine

Several individuals are reluctant to acquire something “used” because they are concerned it will fail to deliver the same quality as a new one. But the truth is quite contrary to the belief when it comes to CNC machines.

These equipment are generally extremely dependable and preserved by their previous proprietors in good shape since that equipment was essential to their firms’ revenues and prospects.

In reality, you are likely to find a used CNC machine from any auction in better condition than some of the newer versions. Machining tools like Doosan CNC lathe by Prestige Equipment are so durable that they are often even said to last a lifetime.

Depreciation of Older Model in The Market

Industries are changing rapidly. It is evolving with the adaptation of innovation. A machine that is being used in the industry currently might get discontinued or replaced with a newer version at any point in the future. So, the people are left with no choice than investing in a newer model or finding used equipment.

It is The More Eco-Friendly Choice

Environmental concerns are discussed daily nowadays and firms from all sectors are urged to decrease their carbon emissions and junk production.

This initiative might not be enough to be called a “green” program or reduce overall energy use. But it may be one method to assist your firm to be slightly greener by reusing or recycling utilizing CNC machines.

There are many benefits to investing in second hand CNC machines. Several companies and resellers put CNC machines for sale time-to-time. If you are lucky enough, you might even be able to get your hand on a used Doosan lathe or Mazak lathe in mint condition. When dealing with second hand equipment, working with a reliable reselling company is always the better choice.

Bottom Line

Lathe machines have been a part of our progress as humankind for a long time now. However, even though lathe machines require much investment, one must also acknowledge the incredible power and precision that the machine has to offer.

Therefore, our suggestion here would be to consider all of the points mentioned above and make an informed decision. However, manufacturers who are new in the field might find it challenging to accumulate the hefty amount required to buy a lathe machine. Fortunately, they can always reach out to agents of used machinery by Prestige Equipment to get a good quality lathe machine without burning a hole in the pockets.

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