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Cloud Mix HyperX Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Cloud Mix HyperX Is One Of the Best Streaming Headsets For twitch Gamer

HyperX is a high-performance Company at the division of Kingston Tech. It’s among the world’s biggest independent manufacturers of memory. Furthermore, it’s known for making various products. They include memory modules, USB drives, SSD, mousepads & headsets. Moreover, products from HyperX offer the best performance. Additionally, they are of the best quality aesthetic-design for a decade. Product from HyperX is more preferred & liked by tech enthusiasts and top-rated gamers.

Cloud Mix HyperX is one of the headphones manufactured by the HyperX brand. This product is a versatile wired headset for gaming. Moreover, it can be changed to a lightweight convenient Bluetooth headset. This headset offers a mixture of best quality audio. Furthermore, the design & a Bluetooth feature makes this headset multi-purpose. It’s set to be used at any place and time. More features and characteristics of Cloud Mix HyperX are highlighted below.


Cloud Mix HyperX is an over-ear headset and closed-back design. Moreover, it’s available in a black or white hue. On both the earcup surface, it has a brand logo. This headphone comes with an adjustable headband that’s covered with a soft leatherette. Thus, it’s comfortable for your skin. Moreover, it’s earcups are big enough to cover your entire ear. Furthermore, they are well cushioned and covered with smooth fabric. This offers a comfortable rest on your ear. Its frame is made using a tough aluminum. This makes it strong and can withstand the rigors of everyday activities.

Additionally, it has intuitive controls. This allows you to change volume and control media. Furthermore, you’ll be able to answer/end calls, & activate virtual-assistant wireless. The smooth, dense memory cushioning & pliable leatherette makes it comfy for lengthy sessions. Its earcups are rotatable to offer a convenient angle position.

Comfort Level

Moreover, the earcups are made of hard plastic which hides fingerprints. This headset has a simple design and it weighs about 275g with a mic and 260g without a mic. Thus, one can use it for lengthy hours. Moreover, this headset forms a tight seal, thus, they are less breathable. It’s detachable cable and microphone makes it simple to store and carry.

Sound Quality

Cloud Mix HyperX headset is certified for Hi-Res sound with a wired connection. Moreover, it’s fitted with 40mm drivers which have neodymium magnets. This driver has a frequency response that ranges from 10Hz – 40kHz. Furthermore, because it uses an improved Bluetooth version, it supports aptX codec. This offers less noticeable sound compression. It also supports low-latency, AAC, and SBC codec.

With wired connections, the audio comes clean with a pronounced bass. Moreover, mids & high are crisp and clear. Additionally, it’s earcup has a dual-chamber design. This aims in helping to keep powerful bass from controlling the mix.

It’s in-built virtual 7.1 surround audio makes the gaming worlds feel very immersive. Its in-built mic on the left earcup will cancel out a significant amount of noise. This allows you to have a clear conversation.

Voice Call Quality

This headset comes with two microphones which have an impedance of 40 Ohms. They include a detachable boom microphone and an in-built mic. Moreover, the boom mic can be placed near the mouth ton pick-up voice. This way, you will be sure of audible conversation. Moreover, the in-built mic is an Omni-directional & operates at a frequency of 50Hz – 8,000 Hz.

Voice has retained its natural-resonance in a chat with the help of a mic windscreen. The flexible and removable mic is Discord & TeamSpeak certified. This makes it compatible with Mumble and Skype. When using Bluetooth mode, one can remove the boom microphone and make use of an in-built mic.

Battery life

Cloud Mix HyperX comes with an in-built rechargeable battery. This battery offers a playtime of 20 hours. But, this playtime depends on the volume level. Additionally, this headset is recharged using MicroUSB – USB 2.0 charging cord that’s included. This headset takes about 2.8 hours to recharge.


Cloud Mix HyperX headset can be used with a cable or wireless. For wireless connections, it’s fitted with Bluetooth 4.2. Moreover, this Bluetooth offers a wireless range of 81.7 feet. This Bluetooth has a latency of 228ms. Remember, you have to disconnect the boom mic, cable & power it on to use Bluetooth. This Bluetooth version supports profiles like A2DP, HFP, AVRCP, DIP, and HSP.

Moreover, for a wired connection, the Cloud mix has a 3.5mm port for connecting with an audio cable. This detachable cable has a dual 3.5mm jack thus, you can connect from any side. Additionally, this cable measures 1.3m thus convenient. Furthermore, it also comes with a PC extension cord of 2m and it has a mic plug.

Due to it’s wireless and wired connectivity, Cloud mix is compatible with more devices. Basically, HyperX is the best streaming headsets for the twitch gamer. It’s compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, smartphones, and more others. The best part, You can use a wired headset and wirelessly.

What’s in the box?

  • Cloud Mix HyperX headphones
  • A Micro-USB charging cord
  • A 3.5mm audio cable
  • Detachable boom microphone
  • PC splitter cord
  • Carrying pouch
  • User guide


Cloud Mix HyperX headphones are a suitable headset for all time use. They can be used either wireless or wired. This headset comes with a carry pouch thus, it will be easy to carry and store. Moreover, it has a detachable boom mic which allows you to have calls with a wired connection. Furthermore, it also has dual chamber-drivers for extra distinction & less distortion. This headset is strongly built and well-cushioned to offer you the best comfort.

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