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Cleaning tips for disinfecting your clothes during COVID-19

While most of us are staying indoors and practicing social distancing, there are many people who simply don’t have that luxury and must leave their home for things like go to work or going to the store to pick up essentials goods. So, if you do have to work out during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to consider what to do once you come back. By now, we know that washing our hands for at least 20 seconds is important, as is disinfecting travel items like your phone, keys, and credit cards. One thing we are not quite sure about these days, though, is what we should be doing with the clothes that we wore outside home.

Here are some simple tips on keeping clothes germ and allergen-free, tips are listed as follows:

1.   Wash as soon as possible

Wash your clothes as soon as you reach home from outside. Even though the country is under lockdown, people can go to the store to shop for essentials for their homes. the surfaces can grab the virus and it is important that you change your clothes and wash the ones you were wearing right away after reaching home. If you are not able to wash your clothes immediately, put them straight away in a separate laundry bag or the washing machine which you will need to disinfect after taking the clothes out for washing.

2.   Washing clothes with hot water

Hot water helps in pull out germs from clothes. Washing clothes in hot water at temperatures between 55 to 60 degrees, not only cleans better but also helps clothes get rid of becoming hosts for bacteria.

Washing machines having built-in heaters are helpful and are provided to give customized care for clothes with the help of various multiple hot water modes such as warm, antigen free, and so many harmful viruses. In the case of manual washing, clothes should be dipped in a tub of hot water before putting in detergents. The hot water helps in killing bacteria and also makes the fabric of clothes softer. This helps the clothes in absorbing the detergent easily.

3.   Washing clothes with chemical disinfectants

 If the material of your clothes is not resistant to high temperatures, chemical disinfectants can be used. For this method, soak the clothes with chlorine-containing bleach. Turn the clothes inside out to reduce the possibility of abrasion.

Using laundry detergent and bleach with the help of a dispenser will be helpful for this process. Most of the people stated that chlorine bleach should never be poured directly onto clothes in a sink or washer because it can totally remove the color and dissolve the fibers. The bleach should be added to an automatic dispenser or into the washer, before adding the load of the laundry.

4.   Regular cleaning of washers

It is important to clean the washers occasionally as germs, bacteria, viruses, and dirt gets accumulated at the bottom of the machine leading to a foul odor. The latest washing machines are pre-programmed to automatically clean off the contamination left on the inner walls of the tub at the time of spinning, during every wash cycle. Always run the washing machine with a washing machine cleaner to remove any waste, after every few washes.

5.   Drying clothes in a washing machine dryer

Washer dryers are designed to remove moisture from wet clothes which are of utmost importance, as damp clothes can become a breeding ground for bacteria or germs. So, one must ensure to run a dry cycle of clothes in the washing machine to aid efficient cleaning. Some brand new washing machines have multiple levels of drying options to cater to different fabric types. In case of manual washing, clothes should be twisted off to release extra water, and hung out in an external dry area over a clothesline.

6. Steam cleaning of clothes

Steam cleaning clothes, though not a famous option in middle-class households, can help in the efficient elimination of bacteria from clothes. Steam cleaning provides a light finish to the clothes and acts as a trusted sanitizer. Steam cleaning is mainly done by dry cleaners; however, some washing machines are nowadays available with Steam Care technology.

 Basic precautions

 Aside from these, the basic safeguard that has been underlined for the current pandemic has to be followed. Make sure your dirty clothes do not touch any surface of the house before you wash them. It is also not needed to wash all layers of clothing. Only the ones that could have the possibility come in contact with a surface that could house the virus have to be washed. It is also very important nowadays to wash your hands after washing your clothes.

So, keeping these tips in mind, stay clean, and stay healthy where ever you are at.

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