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Choosing the Best Business Names for Cleaning Businesses

Cleaning businesses are a popular entry-level entrepreneurial idea because of the potentially low start-up costs involved and the comparatively large size of the marketplace itself. Unlike the dirt you’ll be paid to remove, business names have to stick in the mind of potential customers if your own operation is to be successful.

When choosing business names, remember to keep your marketing options open by finding available identities that describe your services in simple or amusing terms. Most cleaning businesses have their own distinct style and marketing angle and yours will be no different so stick to names that are unique to you and you only.

Considerations for Cleaning Business Names

Despite being a predominantly female occupation a few decades ago, cleaning has emerged as an opportunity for anybody with the desire to run his or her own low-cost operation. Somewhat sadly, the role still attracts an unwarranted amount of sexist innuendo and it is always worth avoiding such inferences when choosing business names.

Another key consideration is trademarks. Some home-based cleaning businesses have grown into major companies or franchised operations with full national coverage. By carrying out a trademark check before deciding on business names, you should be able to avoid infringing on the intellectual property of your competitors.

Finding the Best Business Names

Cleaning businesses provide unlimited opportunities for some clever wordplay and as long as you stay on the same wavelength as your potential customers, you could tap into a hidden gem that instantly appeals to your market. Write down words on pieces of paper that relate to cleaning and rearrange them in different formats to see if they bring up any potential business names.

Keep keywords in mind at all times. Even if you choose to use offline marketing methods, the chances are that you’ll still need to run a website eventually and by including potential keywords within your choice of business name, you will be instantly prepared to harness the power of the Internet to find customers online.

Some other considerations include:

·         Being easy to remember

·         Being easy to pronounce

·         Being concise

·         Being original

·         Being funny

·         Being easy on the ear

·         Being understandable

Examples of Great Names for Cleaning Businesses

Perhaps the best way to find your own ideas for great business names is to look at the identities your competitors are using. Here, we look at several descriptive and catchy business names that relate to the world of cleaning:

Two Men and a Bucket – This American-based cleaning business describes the business set-up perfectly to include the number of staff involved AND one of the key tools used within their services Digital Marketing Company names.

The Sweet Clean Dream Team – This New York company uses great alliteration and rhyming to emerge as one of the more imaginative cleaning business names.

Cinderella Cleaners – Based in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom, this business uses the imagery of Disney’s Cinderella working as a lowly cleaning drudge but the company ultimately delivers a royal standard of service.

This week, we hand over our weekly blog space to Kelvin Jacks. Kelvin is a newcomer to our business name registration services who got in touch thanking us for our help. We used the opportunity to contact Kelvin ourselves to ask how his business was getting on since he signed up with us and even we were impressed with the results.

Being comparatively new to the world of business and enterprise, I had little or no idea of what to expect from starting out alone. Having worked in retail since a young age, I wanted to start an online business selling designer clothing as a third-party affiliate. Unfortunately, my business knowledge was limited to research on the Internet and very little else.

There were three things that kept springing up; a business plan, an ABN and a business name registration. The business plan wasn’t as big a problem as I expected. I got great advice from my bank and had my plan in place within a month. However, I had no idea how to register for an ABN or how to register a business name.

Thankfully, I came across an ABN and business name registration service provider that made everything really easy for me. For a small fee, I was able to fill in a couple of online forms that took around five minutes each to complete and, to my great surprise, both applications were turned around in just a few working days.

By leaving the administration to experienced professionals, I was able to focus on getting my website built, I spent time negotiating terms with my own suppliers and I had time to identify my target markets easily. If I had tried to complete my own business name registration, that time just wouldn’t have been available.

The Start-Up Phase

Despite my own reservations, I soon found that my business name registration provided an immediate advantage. My suppliers took me seriously enough to offer fantastic trade terms and, along with my ABN, my customers were able to validate the authenticity of my business too. The designer clothing market is remarkably fussy, as you can probably imagine.

I was astounded at how quickly my website began to grow and because I insisted on only selling the latest summer lines, my customers were able to access the latest fashions at the best possible prices. I’m not sure whether word spreads amongst friends but the knitwear I had on my site sold like hotcakes. You can imagine how happy that made me.

With my business name registration, I doubt my suppliers would have let me get anywhere near those products and, to make things even better, I’m almost certain that next year will see me earn enough to register for GST – and I get that done for free with my registration service provider without having to pay extra for government fees.

I’d advise anybody starting out to focus on the things they know they can handle and to leave their business name registration to the experts. I’m convinced that my own registration had a significant role to play in my current success and should I ever decide to venture into new markets, I’ll definitely be coming back to use the same services again.

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