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Casual style guide for women: Nine outfit ideas to look gorgeous

Casual outfits have been the jam for the last few months. With the pandemic taking control of our lives and things getting slow around the house, every fashionista has experienced a period where style had taken a step back, and comfort had been the torchbearer of all outfit decisions. 

With nowhere to go and nothing to post on Instagram, people had truly been wearing pajamas sans bra all day, every day. 

Since quarantine is over and life is getting adjusted to the new normal, fashion and style too would need a little time to adapt. So let’s begin the process of putting together a few casual outfits that will help you look your best without needing to be the next Dame Anna Wintour. 

Remember, the art of minimalism is the key to putting together an outfit that is not only casual but also cute. Are you ready to convert your wardrobe into the virtual office of Miranda Priestly? 

  • Spice up your denims
Image 1 of DENIM DRESS TRF from Zara


Nothing sings the song of summer like an outfit made of denim. Whether it is a pair of jeans, trousers, a jacket, or a denim dress, each item has a different effect on the wearer’s mood. If you are the gal who likes to wear denim dresses for any brunch, then denim is the boat for you. I mean, you can dress it up and down according to your wish!

  • Make a statement with a graphic tee
Mon Cheri Graphic Tee 1


Graphic tees are the perfect component for a casual outfit. It is versatile enough to be styled with a skirt, jeans, plain trousers, and even shorts. On a day when you have a meeting in the morning and have to go out for drinks without a break in the middle, then here is your ultimate solution. 

Pair a graphic tee with a skirt and blazer for the day and then switch up the look with removing the blazer and changing your earrings and lipstick to spice up the look. 

  • Pick a leather jacket
Woman Wears Black Leather Zip-up Jacket


Needless to say that a leather jacket has all what it takes to make any outfit look effortless. Whether it is a plain white shirt and jeans on a lunch date or a dark tee shirt with a leather skirt and jacket, you can achieve any casual look with the same leather jacket for women. 

It is like the cloak of affinity that makes every outfit better at a glance. Remember, investing in a genuine leather jacket is the best style decision you will make for the decade because not only are leather jackets timeless in the sense of fashion but also tend to have appreciable longevity.

  • Air out the knit tops
Image 1 of KNIT BODYSUIT from Zara


When it comes to casual outfit for the day, a knit top is like the little pop-up ad that gives you the satisfaction of finding something you truly needed. 

If you have been feeling on the fence about pairing a knit top for a location that is not the beach, then you must let this thought go away! For what could be more casual and elegant than knit?

  • Find the leisure in athleisure

No denials! Quite a lot of us have been lounging around the house in pajamas while we kept the cameras off during Zoom meetings. We, too, are guilty as charged. But the dilemma is the comfort that we have grown used to. 


Now there is no going back to the old pencil skirts and culottes until it is absolutely necessary. That’s why; the gods of fashion and fabric have bestowed on us athleisure. Just pair an athleisure trouser with a white button-down and a jacket, and you are all good to go.  

  • Have some fun in a sundress
Sunshine Type Fuchsia Dress


A sundress is precisely what a casual outfit ought to be! It is flowy, summery, and cute enough to be worn on a date. The fact is that a sundress is such a marvelous creation that you can wear it to almost any location where the dress code is not formal. From parties to dates to luncheons, a sundress is your best companion.

  • Get something floral


While we are still talking about the flirty and flowy dresses for summer, how can we ignore the existence of floral prints. The prints of flowers of all sizes and hues of every color add a subtle romanticism to them. 

The best feature of floral prints is that they are potent enough to be used as a distraction device. In case you are a little panicky about a few pounds you have gained during the lockdown, you can easily pullout a relaxed fit, floral top with a bold trouser, and ta-da! The flab is gone!

  • Choose a satin slip dress
alice + olivia Harmony Drapey Slip Dress


Satin slip dresses tend to have a love-hate relationship with a majority of fast fashion brands. But apparently, they tend to be the ideal fit for a casual outfit for an evening out. Whether it is a first date, a college reunion, or movie night, a silk slip dress is just the right thing for you. 

From large golden hoops and red lipstick to a choker and a denim jacket with high heels, your satin or silk slip dress would give you the exact sultry silhouette that looks effortless and sophisticated. 

  • Bralettes always work
How To Wear A Bralette: 6 Easy Ways To Style A Bralette


Did you know that a cute bralette adds charm to any casual outfit like Gigi Hadid wins hearts on Victoria’s Secret ramps?  Styling a bralette is as simple as putting a cable knit jumper and heading out the door. It is simple, sweet, and casual with a capital k. 

Final Thoughts

We believe casual outfits are forte that do not need a lot of knowledge about fashion per se, but they can also not be styled without a good eye for aesthetic sensibilities. We hope this style guide will help you rejuvenate some of your old pieces and help you look your best on at least a few occasions.

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