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Experience Carefree Days With Carefree Panty Liners


Women all over the world use feminine products such as sanitary pads and carefree panty liners. However, a number of conventional pads and liners contain chemicals, plastics, and substances that are actually harmful.

However, using products such as Noraa’s ultra-soft panty liners can help in making your life much better when it comes to the stressful days right before and after your period.

In this blog, we’re going to list just some of the reasons why you should switch to Noraa and experience carefree days with carefree panty liners!

Why you should use Noraa’s carefree panty liners

Noraa’s carefree panty liners are designed to be comfortable and practical so you can have carefree days. They are created with completely organic materials and are 100% biodegradable which means they’re both healthy for your body and the world! They are also free of any chemicals or toxins that can be harmful to your skin.

Other than the reasons listed above, here are some more reasons why you should use Noraa’s ultra-soft panty liners to live a more carefree life:

  • Carefree liners are more breathable

    When compared, organic materials are much better than synthetic materials. This makes the panty liners much more breathable than conventional panty liners and creates a better experience for the wearer.

    It is important to use panty liners that are breathable as they help in preventing allergic reactions and skin irritation. Noraa panty liners also have a super absorption core which helps in maintaining the liners more breathable.
  • Carefree liners are more comfortable

    A lot of conventional panty liners are manufactured using a small amount of cotton only but Noraa ultra-soft panty liners use 100% organic cotton which not only makes them softer than conventional panty liners but also more comfortable.

    Synthetic cotton doesn’t really have the best effect on our skin and it is better to use hygiene products that contain real cotton such as Noraa’s panty liners. Synthetic cotton, used in conventional panty liners, can also cause skin allergies or rashes.
  • Carefree liners are better for the environment

    Lastly, as mentioned earlier in this blog, carefree panty liners are 100% biodegradable and made using raw organic materials. This means they contribute to a cleaner Earth and lessen the burden of pollution that conventional feminine health products carry.

    By using Noraa carefree panty liners, you’re literally reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a better tomorrow!

The problem with conventional feminine health products

Now that we’ve covered why you should use carefree liners, let’s take a look at what is wrong with the current industry of conventional feminine health products.

Unfortunately, feminine health and hygiene products contain a number of different substances and chemicals that are harmful to our skin such as chemicals like BPA and BPS. These substances can cause serious problems like cancer when you’re exposed to them to prolonged periods of time.

One of the major problems with conventional sanitary pads and napkins is a toxin called dioxin. Dioxin is a substance that is created as a by-product of the bleaching process that is used to make the cotton used in the products seem more white. Toxic compounds like dioxin can cause a number of different problems such as:

  • Suppression of the immune system.
  • Disruption of the endocrine and hormonal systems.
  • Cancer.

Even though there are only trace amounts of dioxin present in conventional sanitary pads and liners, prolonged exposure to the compound can cause a lot of serious health problems. Carefree pantyliners, which uses organic cotton, does not contain dioxin or chemicals of any kind.

However, dioxin is not the only harmful substance present in conventional sanitary pads and liners. In fact, other harmful substances such as pesticides can also be found in some conventional sanitary pads due to how the cotton used in the product is grown.

Conventional panty liners which are scented are particularly bad for you as they contain chemicals as perfumes. These artificial fragrances contain a ton of different chemicals and substances such as polyethylene (PET) and propylene glycol (PEG) that have been linked to problems such as hormone disruption, birth defects, cancer, infertility and dryness.

Noraa’s ultra-soft panty liners are a step towards creating a better world for women all over the world by providing them products that are created by actually keeping their needs in mind!

Key benefits of going organic

To sum up the article, here are the main key benefits of using organic sanitary pads and liners instead of conventional mass-manufactured ones:

  • They are much more comfortable for you and are designed keeping your needs in mind.
  • They are created by brands that are conscious about the environment and the effect we’re having on it. The pads are created from organic material which is biodegradable which means they do not end up adding more pollution to the world.
  • They are free from any chemicals, toxins, or substances that are bad or harmful for you. Conventional products contain a lot of such harmful chemicals such as dioxin, PET, and PEG which are not found in organic sanitary products, not even in trace amounts.

Overall, it is pretty clear to see that going organic is much better for women all over the world. It is important for women to take care of their health seriously and the type of health products we use is just as equally important.

Switch to Noraa

Are you looking to make the switch and go organic with your feminine health products? Try Noraa and our products that are made for women, by women. Say yes to carefree days with Noraa today!

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