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Car of the Future: 8 Amazing Concepts from Leading Brands

In order to be successful, the manufacturer must first of all think about the future. And the thoughts of automotive engineers are largely the same. They make cars more mobile, individual, safe and environmentally friendly – each in its own way.

Indeed, the development of the automotive industry is very necessary for a modern driver, as user requirements are constantly growing. Today, a car is not just a means of transportation but also a lifestyle. Thus, many people use it for their profit, especially when it comes to traveling. For example, it is easier to pick up Keddy car rental by Europcar to explore the the United Kingdom. Moreover, on you will find many cars of various classes. Both from Keddy car rental in the UK and from other major companies in thousands of locations around the world.

This confirms the fact that cars are very popular now and every year drivers are waiting for new products. What can leading car manufacturers offer in the near future? Let’s check it out…

Audi AI ME

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AI ME is the third out of Audi’s four AI concepts. There are a lot of original ideas. First of all, an intelligent system of autonomous driving, a natural interior space with wood, glass, textiles, and plants.

At the same time, the car didn’t go too far from VW Group cars. It is still similar to Volkswagen ID.3 and Seat el-Born, since it is built on the same MEB platform. It must be assumed that the most relevant finds of AI ME in the coming years will result in the new electric Audi compact car.

Volkswagen ID Buggy

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After VW sent the legendary Beetle on a well-deserved rest, there’s a vacancy in the product line . For example, it may be ID Buggy. Its design was created according to Bruce Meyers’ beach buggy from the mid-1960s. It was built on the basis of the Beetle. Thanks to this continuity, Volkswagen ID Buggy looks almost ready for mass production.

Nio ET Preview

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The beautiful Nio ET Preview gives a clear understanding of what the first Nio brand sedan will look like, which until now has been producing only SUVs. Insiders claim that the concept is 80% ready for production, which portends good commercial results.

The power will come from an electric drive with a power of 220 kW with a range of up to 510 km. It was shown by the latest tests on NEDC eco-standards.

Aston Martin Vanquish Vision

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After the quiet retirement of the second generation of Vanquish S in the form of the Ultimate version, the British still decided to revive this good and victorious name. Vanquish is back, but now it’s a completely different beast. This is a mid-engined supercar, and a full-fledged production model, in contrast to the limited Valhalla and Valkyrie series. When the new Vanquish rolls off the assembly line in 2022, it will look like in the photo, but without the Vision status.

As for the technical details, it’s known that the car will be rear-wheel drive. It will be equipped with a hybrid power unit using a proprietary twin-turbo V6.

Fiat Centoventi

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Fiat is famous for its innovative small cars, and a prototype called Centoventi will definitely take its place in the portfolio of the Italian brand. As the name states, the model was released for the 120th anniversary of the company. Centoventi is demonstratively directed forward, by offering an electric power unit. There are also replaceable batteries and multivariate customization through multi-colored body panels and seats.

The production version will replace the current Panda and will see the light, most likely, in 2021.

BMW Vision M Next

This is BMW’s vision of the future. As befits real dialectics, the car relies on the classics, as evidenced by the design of M Next with its wing doors that refer to the 1972 BMW Turbo.

Under the hood of the coupe, there’s the hybrid engine, providing almost 600 hps of power. This technology will form the basis of future models of the Bavarian concern, the plans of which are to transfer the majority of its current fuel-powered assets to the hybrid format.

BMW says the M Next is the anticipation of the electrified future of the BMW M brand, which suggests that the production model of this hybrid coupe may co-exist together with the BMW i8.

Imagine by Kia

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This is one of the most attractive concept cars of the latest Geneva Motor Show. According to Kia engineers, innovation is above all, and this fact is clearly visible in the concept-car. Futuristic design of a two-layer hood and panels of C-shaped pillars directing the air flow to reduce drag fully confirm the company’s technology intentions. Full electrification, screen wall in front of the driver, car format in the form of a cross sedan…all these ideas will be embodied in the following models of the Korean brand.

Hyundai 45

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On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the first mass-production car, Pony Coupe, Hyundai showed the jubilee 45 model in Frankfurt. Development is an example of how ideas from the past play with new colors in the present and look to the future.

Hyundai 45 turned out to be fresh, clean and modern, which is expected to affect the style of the new electric compact SUV from the Korean brand.

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