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Can You Earn Cryptocurrencies by Selling Your Goods?

Nowadays, when modern technology reaches some new heights, almost everything you can imagine can become a reality. Online shopping is an established way of buying and selling that is available to anyone. Why do we sell something online? To earn some money, of course. But, can you sell your goods online and earn cryptocurrency instead of getting the usual currencies? The answer is yes, it’s possible.

If you want to learn some tricks and how to do that, continue reading.

How to Start?

Selling goods for a cryptocurrency is easier than you think. First of all, you’ll need to find a proper marketplace and make your account. Then, take your time and decide which type of virtual currency you want to accept. As you may already know, Bitcoin is the first invented digital currency, and it has the highest value. There are also some very popular currencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. Depending on which currency you choose, you’ll install the corresponding wallet, and that’s it!

Which Marketplace to Use?

If you are not ready to invest money in these unstable currencies, these platforms can be great for you. Something that may happen is that your product’s value will fall, but the opposite thing will happen to your cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, for example. Let us introduce to you the most commonly used blockchain eCommerce platforms:

  •   OpenBazaar

This represents a decentralized platform that can directly connect buyer and seller without the middleman. The buyer and seller need to select a mutually trusted third party for releasing their funds. The fund transfer is going to happen only when two out of three parties agree on the transaction. If you are using this platform, you can forget about fees. The main benefit is the possibility to choose between paying in cryptos or fiat currencies. On the OpenBazaar, you can decide on Bitcoin Core, Litecoin, Zcash, and many other virtual currencies. 

  • Forra

Somebody will say that Forra is like the cryptocurrency version of Amazon, but this is much better than that. There are no fees, and on this platform, you can sell everything for the crypto. Some of them are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and of course Bitcoin Cash. You can buy and sell anything and get paid directly to your crypto wallet.

  • Listia

Listia is a free marketplace and mobile app. Its primary function is to help people trade some things they don’t want anymore for those things they want now. For example, you bought a new phone, but you regret it now, so you want to put that on Listia and sell it. When someone buys it, you can get paid with Ink currency(XNK). Then, using that currency, you can purchase anything you want on that platform. 

Mission Statement: Introduce practical examples of the fundamental concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Educating the public and institutions about mining, blockchain consensus, wallet management, cryptocurrency commerce, community inclusion and outreach. Safex helps online merchants break free from being stuck at the mercy of centralized platforms that charge large fees and even leverage their data to compete against their customers.

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Why Should You Sell Your Products for Cryptocurrencies?

In this way, the influence of cryptocurrencies would be expanded, and their application would become broader. Also, they are a few times cheaper than traditional currencies. When you accept payments via credit cards, be prepared for enormous fees, but crypto transactions are many times cheaper. On this marketplace, you can find a totally new audience. It’s good to know that there are people worldwide that are only using these types of currencies. One extra benefit is that buyers can not cancel the payments if they are already in procession. After all, this could be a great way to collect cryptocurrencies without investing any money. Maybe you should try it. Why not?

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