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Business use AI technology to enforce social distancing – Transformation in the world of work

Social distancing – The new normal!

The world around is adapting to the changed situations, by understanding the need for precaution to fight the invisible enemy, while also keeping up with their working sector. 

Well, technology is what helps them maintain this balance, where they could earn their bread while keeping themselves safe. For all the tech workforce that can work from home, the communication gadgets and project management software is the only option to keep their business running within the safety of their homes, but what about the on-field workers, these people have to get outside to work and save their jobs.

Thanks to advanced technologies like AI. Based on a CNN news report, many businesses are leveraging AI technology to plot a safe return of their employees to the workplace.

Here the AI technology will be used to trace the employees to ensure they are at a proper distance from each other and are wearing their masks to safeguard them from the spreading virus. The special AI technology is enforced in the company security cameras that detect the employees are at a safer distance and if not then alert them about it.

The biggest drawback of implementing such precautions in the company is the privacy violation of the employees, as per the reports this AI-based solution might not collect the identifiable information of the employee but are just implemented for the safety purpose. The privacy experts are still not convinced to call it the best solution for business. 

Well, great thought, I must say! But the power of AI is not just limited to this, there are many such innovations that can result in a transformed business world post-COVID-19. Let’s have a look into some of them. 

Some business areas where AI technology is bringing a change today

  • AI introduces automation to the business world 

Artificial Intelligence technology works upon natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, where the robots or machine analyses the data to find the pattern and adapt an intelligent process to work as a human. 

Business process automation is one such concept where machines replace people to do their mundane or repetitive tasks. Here the robots intelligently do the work for a human to reduce their work-load and divert their efforts to more important roles in the organization. This acts as a reason to increase employee satisfaction and gives them the opportunity to work with smart machines that can yield more work in less time. 

The only drawback that could come with these automating business processes is, it takes away human jobs but on the contrary, this automation might also bring up some more opportunities for the human force to divert its efforts and get better outcomes. 

  • Personalization to business plans 

Data analysis and pattern recognition are the core attributes of Artificial Intelligence. Businesses, in order to grow, need to analyze the existing data to collect some insightful information that can help in business growth. 

This Predictive data analysis and data-driven plans help the business owners to add personalization to their products and offerings by understanding the user behavior, their interest, and buying patterns. For example, the big giants like Amazon and Google give their customers a personalized experience by showing them recommendations analyzing their previous records.

These online portals or mobile apps analyze the data in real-time to quickly learn and predict what users might want or are searching for. These customized experiences can help businesses to increase their sales and revenue numbers at 3X speed.

  • Secured enterprise networks 

Data breach, phishing, and other cyber threats are increasing at a pace with the spreading wave of digitization in the business world. As more of the business depends on the online stored data which also includes some sensitive business information, tampering of these online data can cause a great loss to the businesses. 

AI along with some advanced prediction algorithms helps these businesses to save themselves from the attempted intrusions. These smart technologies are powerful enough to spot the signs of any malfunction or a rare pattern in the transaction that can likely be a cyber attack. With these indicators, alarms are raised to take action before the sensitive data is compromised. Here the AI prediction models and smart learning ability acts as a hero to the secured business networks.

Apart from this, there are many business aspects that AI covers to help the business grow using futurist AI tech gadgets. Talking about the future, AI experts are up with the implementation of something new into its machine learning process, read on to know what!

What’s up next in AI technology?

Technology has never stopped surprising us, well this is why every new day comes up with exciting news like this, AI is learning when it should and shouldn’t defer to a human, interesting right?

AI technology is playing a big role in the healthcare industry, it’s a proven fact that the combination of human and AI technology can give out some outstanding solutions to the world. The niche has developed where medical diagnosis by machines are often checked by human doctors, but there is no such direct algorithm that can help optimize AI-to-human handover. 

Meaning, an algorithm that predicts whether AI or humans can make better decisions for a specific patient. The research is being made to develop AI systems to work on two machine learning models, one that makes decisions for themselves after diagnosing the pattern and the other that could predict who could be a better decision-maker, AI or human. This could result in a hybrid human-AI approach to adapt an expert behavior to combine two decision-makers to give out an accurate level of treatment.

Final thoughts

AI and its innovation are gradually transforming the way the business operates. Whether it’s about tackling the current crisis or helping businesses enhance their operations through analytics, automation, or smart technologies, AI is capable of bringing a cultural shift to the organization while also bringing an intelligent revolution in the changing times. 

But rather than fearing the development of the coming change, enterprises should embrace the new way of working as this would add up to their business opportunities with AI and would help them work better.

Many organizations recently started opting for IT consulting for adopting AI solutions successfully. This depicts that organizations are finding AI very useful.

Author Bio : 

Parth Patel is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of SyS Creations – a leading managed IT services firm focused on technology-driven healthcare solutions and healthcare compliance consulting with a customer-centric, journey-first approach. Operating the IT Infrastructure of Healthcare SMEs and startups keeps him on his toes and his passion for helping others keeps him motivated.

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