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Body Marketing-Distribution

This is the fourth article in a five-part series of articles that details the products you need to promote and achieve the auto repair shop’s goals successfully.

If you want to use the car body’s full potential, you need to do more than print a few postcards and create a website. You must deliver the right message to the right target group at the right time.

Here are some tips for your marketing distribution:

Direct mail

Direct mail is the best way to talk directly with the audience. A successful direct mailing campaign is an investment in profit, and all efforts should be made. Remember the 40/40/20 rule of direct marketing, which states that 40% of direct mail marketing’s success depends on the quality of the mailing list, 40% depends on your product, and the remaining 20% ​​depends on it. In all other aspects-design, copywriting, etc.

Please consult a list broker or use the mailing list tool that comes with PsPrint, which can identify and build mailing lists based on critical demographic information (such as income, gender, geographic location, etc.). You may have multiple plans, depending on your target audience. For example, you can have a list of classic cars and a list of collision repair customers.

Repetition is the key to the success of direct mail marketing. Don’t plan a card and expect an incredible response (although it may happen). Instead, make direct mail the main content of your marketing efforts and send various marketing articles within six months. This increases your branding efforts and allows you to build relationships with potential customers. By the time you launch an incredible offer, you will build trust and credibility and get a higher response rate.

This is an example of a direct mail campaign for owners of classic cars:

Week 1: Send the ticket to your mailing list, and attach a free rust prevention quote to protect their route—a quick reference to the danger of rust on the backside, thereby adding value.

Week 6: Send out flyers to promote your customized exhaust service.

Week 12: Send out a booklet called “Your Classic Car Maintenance Guide” on how to maintain the appearance of your classic car and keep it in top condition for years to come.

Week 18: Send a calendar with color photos, helpful tips, and body care reminders. Add VIP coupons to enjoy discounts on specific services or refer friends.

Week 24: Send greeting cards to everyone who responded to your campaign to thank them for their business. Add a gift card or valuable discount coupon to show your appreciation.


You can place advertisements online or in yellow pages, newspapers, and magazines, as well as radio, television, billboards, and other published media. You can also make your campaign a “street side” by distributing flyers and posters to areas where passersby or target audiences gather. Word of mouth is the most powerful advertiser, so make sure your family and friends spread the message for you.

follow up

Test, track, and adjust-these three Ts will help you develop successful marketing campaigns with a predictable response rate. Before launching a large-scale direct mail marketing campaign, always test the title, design, copy, and provide variables on a small part of the mailing list to see how to get the best response. Sometimes changing a word can significantly impact the results, so it’s best to narrow the selection as much as possible before implementing the test run.

Track your response rate and record who responded so that you can further define your target demographic. Customize your following marketing collateral to meet this target audience. Maintain a database of customers and responses, and evaluate identifiable trends so that you can customize quotes. This is just another form of understanding customers from an analytical perspective, enabling you to make wise business decisions based on honest and reliable indicators.

Auto Repair Shop Marketing-Advertising Writing
This article is the 3rd in a five-part series of articles detailing the products you need to promote and how to make the auto repair shop a success.

Your auto repair shop marketing materials should use professional advertising practices to motivate potential customers to take action. Follow the four-step process below to get an incredible copy that inspires responsiveness:

Four steps to writing an award-winning copy

Create a headline that attracts attention-no matter what marketing medium you use, and your headline will attract readers to your copy. Make a bold statement to solve your customer’s problem, alleviate fear or fulfill aspirations. If possible, please include your offer as part of the title.

Emphasize benefits-hobbyists write articles about features; professionals emphasize advantages. If you want to provide one-piece body chassis coating (functional) maintenance, please tell your audience, which means they will never have to worry about chassis rust (benefits).

Make incredible proposals-great proposals can make money. Think about your service from the customer’s point of view. What action to take? Your quotation must be valuable to your customers, and time is limited to get the best response in the shortest possible time.

Inspire you with a call to action-clearly tell your audience what to do next. Provide multiple response channels so that you can provide services to everyone.

Examples of body postcards:

The class of cars speaks to the level of men.
Keep stainless with RUSTGONE.

Whether the girl of your dreams is a 57-year-old Chevrolet or a bright red Beretta named Dolly, you will take care of her. That’s what a fashionable man does. It would help if you did not let anything damage its chassis. Protect your love with RUSTGONE.

Branding your car repair shop is the first step in achieving long-term growth. Somebody shops will make mistakes, ignore this step, and do well until market-conscious competitors emerge and occupy a larger share. Creating a thoughtful and creative brand image that affects your customers can be a daunting task, but the effort is worth it. An evocative brand that evokes the right emotions will almost always win over an unnamed, unbranded competitor. The brand builds trust.

If your body shop does not have a brand, then you are another mechanic. Nothing can make your business stand out from the competition. You have no competitive advantage. However, if you can develop an attractive brand to showcase your identity and what you can do for your customers, you can inspire emotions, increase visibility, and boost sales.

How to identify your brand image

Take some time to explore your options fully so that you can create images that will immediately appeal to customers. Use modern motivational factors to use conceptual thinking to create a brand image that can easily double or triple sales, or even more, over time.
Define your niche market-what. Is your niche market in the body repair industry? Do you perform collision repair work or build custom hot rod bodies? Do you focus on personal projects or commercial companies or just work for the upper class or racing professionals? Your niche market and brand are two different things: your niche is the people you serve; your brand represents the psychological ideals that make you attractive to the market. Ask yourself how you can stand out from the competition and focus on these elements to help you define your niche market.

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