Best WordPress plugins for 2021


Getting start to explore new feature of WordPress you might learn about these plugin for your WordPress website.


WordPress is becoming more and more popular each day. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create your website without spending your money and time on expensive web developers. WordPress plugins are vital aspects of every good WordPress webpage, and they need to be chosen wisely to create a desirable website. Today we are presenting you with the 5 Best WordPress plugins for 2021. Without further ado, let us start with our list.

5. Google Maps Widget PRO

First on our list is Google Maps Widget PRO. It is a WordPress plugin that you use to import Google Maps into your WordPress website. It is innovative and exciting to use. Its features are not seen commonly. That being said, if you decide to use it, you will have an intriguing part of the website that will attract visitors and customers. Google Maps Widget PRO is used by over 100,000 WordPress website developers, which also witnesses its quality and profitability. It is fairly easy to use, and you can practically have a map on your site after two minutes of installation. There is no limit on how many maps you can put into your website, so you do not have to worry about that; you can put as many as you want. It does not only put the Google Map into the site, but it also puts all the options map has to offer, that being, street view, directions, and much more. You can set your map wherever you want, that can be posts, pages, sidebars, etc.

Practically no limits. Google Maps Widget PRO has three payment plans. The first is a Personal plan. It gives you access to Google Maps Widget PRO on one site and costs $29 per year. The second is the Personal Lifetime plan. The difference between these two is that the Personal Lifetime plan is bought once, and that is it. No subscription, no yearly payment, nothing. Just once, and you have Google Maps Widget PRO for a lifetime. The personal lifetime plan costs $39. Last is the Unlimited Agency plan. It gives you access to Google Maps Widget PRO on an unlimited number of sites. It costs $79.


The next plugin on our list is WP 301 ReDIRECTS. It is an exciting and useful plugin used to solve all sorts of problems with old content, old links, band links, and typos in URLs. Those are the most common problems that lead to a considerable loss of users, traffic, and conversions. Previous users witnessed a massive boost in traffic after using this plugin. With this plugin, you can easily handle any redirection, and it does not matter if you changed your URL structure or need nice outgoing affiliate links. WP 301 ReDIRECTS will monitor every post or page URL, and the moment the URL changes, it will automatically create a redirect rule. You also get access to built-in charts that give you all the information you need to know what is going on. There is no need for bloat of tools like Google Analytics. It also has fast and friendly support. You will get quick and useful answers directly from the people who built the plugin. Just the previous plugin, WP 301 ReDIRECTS also has three payment plans. The first is a Personal plan. It costs $39 per year, and with it, you get access to the plugin on one site. The team plan costs $79 per year, and instead of 1 site, you get 5. You also get licenses and a site manager. Last is the Agency plan, and for $149 per year, you get the plugin for 100 sites, licenses and sites manager, and white label mode. 

3. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

The next plugin we are about to show you is Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode. It is a WordPress plugin that is used to create a Coming Soon page. Coming Soon page is the page that users will see before the actual webpage is finished. It would help if you had this because you can provide your users and visitors with a little sneak peek of how the webpage will look and hide all the digital mess that is going on at the time. This plugin provides you with over 2 million free images, over 170 unique themes, a nice SEO Setup, and many more. Like the previous two plugins, Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode also has three payment plans. First is Pro Yearly. It is a payment plan that gives you access to the plugin on one website, and it costs $39 per year. The second plan is Pro Lifetime. Instead of paying a yearly price, you just pay once with this plan, and you have lifetime access to the plugin. This plan costs $79. Last and the most expensive payment plan for this plugin is Agency Lifetime. It gives you access to this plugin on 100 sites, license manager, and white label license mode. It costs $199. This price is paid only once, like the previous plan. 

2. WP Reset

WP Reset is a WordPress plugin with a large number of development tools, used primarily by non-developers and people without any experience in coding. With WP Reset, you can speed up site development, testing, and recovery. It can be used to return your website the way it was in the past with only one click. You can create a collection of your favorite plugins and themes and install them at once if you are resetting your site or creating the new one. It has a fantastic recovery tool that fixes mistakes and errors you are not able to. With the Nuclear Reset option, you can erase everything from your website, all files, all possibilities, and all database entries. Those are only some of the features WP Reset provides its users with. A testament to its usefulness is the fact that right now, it has over 200,000 users. It has three payment plans. The first is a Personal plan. It costs $39 per year, and with it, you have access to WP Reset on only one website. Next is Team Plan. It costs $79 per year and has five site licenses and a License Manager. Last is Agency Plan. This plan gives you 100 site licenses and all the previous two plans’ options, including the Whitelabel option.

1. WP Sticky

The number one plugin on our list is WP Sticky. It is a unique and interesting plugin used to make any element of your WordPress website sticky. This plugin is primarily used for creating a sticky header. Explaining what is a sticky header is straightforward. Sticky header is a smart navigation tool that fixes the menu to the top as the user scrolls down a webpage. A sticky header is an essential part of the webpage because it is used to arrange and structure a website for better user navigation. Aside from the sticky header, one of the most popular elements created with WP Sticky is the sticky menu. Sticky header and sticky menu are the most important and most popular elements created by this plugin, but you can do this with any component of your WordPress webpage with ease, and without spending much time. There is no limit to how many elements you can make sticky, and this plugin works with all themes, plugins, and page builders. It also has impressive customer support, and you can get help from people who built the plugin any time you want. Over 100,000 people use WP sticky, and for a good reason. It is amazing. It has three payment plans. The first is a Single plan. It costs $39, and with it, you can use WP Sticky on one website. Next is the Team plan. Instead of only one, like in Single plan, in Team plan, you can use WP Sticky on three websites, and it also includes white label mode. It costs $49. The last one is the Agency plan. With this plan, you can use WP Sticky on 100 sites, and it costs $99. All of these plans are lifetime. Once you buy them, you do not have to pay anything ever.


Plugins are essential, and you need to choose the best one to have the best WordPress website. Today we showed you our top 5. We hope that you will enjoy using all of these and that they will be helpful to you. Best luck!