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Best ways to use products from custom lipstick boxes

It is not the shade from the custom lipstick boxes that give a woman desirable lips, rather the correct application of the products inside these boxes. There is a way to apply lipsticks like a pro. This article talks about a lot of the best tips and tricks recommended by renowned makeup artists. Before you reach for the custom lipstick boxes for your favorite lip color, hold on for a second and exfoliate your lips first. It is vital to exfoliate the lips weekly. The gently massaging on the lips in a circular motion will help circulate blood. The exfoliating ingredients will help remove dead cells, flaky skin, dirt, and discoloration from lips. When all this gets removed, moisturize the lips so that the skin can absorb hydration. A lip balm is a great option to hydrate the lips. If you don’t have a lip balm, use a lip primer instead. 

The lip primer is also for correcting the lip color. If you have dark lips, use a lighter shade to mute them. Once the neutral shade of lips is achieved, you can add any lipstick color from the custom printed lipstick boxes. Most makeup artists suggest keeping the lipsticks in their original printed lipstick boxes. These boxes include vital information about the product packaged inside, which may include;

  1. Retail price of the lipstick
  2. List of ingredients
  3. Notifications (hypoallergic, organic, cruelty-free, etc.)
  4. Warnings
  5. Manufacturing batch
  6. License number etc.

It is essential to note the best before or expiry dates on these custom printed lipstick boxes. Do not use the lipstick even a day after these printed dates, as they become toxic and can cause serious side effects. I remember my friend who developed a reaction within minutes of the application of an expired lipstick. Although her lipstick did not smell rancid or look flaky, it had reacted with chemicals. It resulted in poisoning her. Had she reached a few minutes later Emergency Room she would have expired.  

How to apply lipsticks in custom lipstick packaging boxes

No matter how expensive custom lipstick packaging boxes one buys, if the product is not applied aptly, it won’t look good. Always apply lipstick in the center of the lips. Sweep the product outward using a lipstick brush. The aim here is to control the application by filling out the fullest part first. It prevents creating a mess. Always mark the cupid’s bow with an X using a lip liner for symmetrical looks. They printed one tip I wish on the lipstick packaging boxes is about setting the lip color. The ideal way to set color is by blotting lips using a tissue or a napkin. All excess products will come off using this technique. Do not forget to blot the corners of the lips. Once this is done, use a translucent powder to set the lipstick.

Companies try to sell their lipsticks by making their custom boxes attractive. Gone are the days when brands used color coding and boring ways to design their boxes for lipsticks. Today they use premium offset techniques for out of the box visual content of these boxes. Exclusive add-ons like embossing and Spot UV augment the appeal of these boxes.

Find the perfect custom lipstick boxes for your brand

If you are a brand of lipstick searching for impressive custom lipstick boxes, then check out the versatile boxes created by California-based ClipnBox packing and printing company. Enjoy further reductions by confirming your order with the company. You won’t disappoint in the high-quality custom boxes they offer at affordable rates to business entities of all sizes.

Kick things off with ClipnBox custom lipstick boxes to pack and display your candles. Order luxury retail packaging now at affordable rates to entice your customers.

Interesting facts about finds in custom lotion boxes

Every time the weather changes, I find myself sifting through the aisle of custom lotion boxes at the retail stores. MY skin is sensitive, so I need to buy a new moisturizer almost every three months. It changes humidity. My skin tends to get oily in summer and dry in the winter. During the mid-season, it is prone to getting patchy and scaly. I have to keep it hydrated by increasing my water intake and by selecting the right moisturizer. Various types of moisturizers are available in custom lotion boxes and bottles.  These lotion boxes packaging boxes help in segregating and differentiating one brand of moisturizer from the other. It helps define the retail identity of the companies that manufacture or market these products. Green skincare companies are now opting for cardboard-based custom boxes for their products.

Just like different skincare lotions, the moisturizer bottles come in lotion boxes packaging boxes, which bear;

  1. The retail price of the product
  2. The approximate net weight of the product
  3. Notifications like cruelty free/not animal tested, etc.
  4. Ingredients’ list
  5. Expiry dates
  6. Manufacturing dates

This information is essential for the users of moisturizers. Most individuals do not prefer products tested on animals. Today, the customers are pushing the companies towards caring about the animals and stop experimenting on them. Cruelty-free notifications on the custom lotion boxes go a long way. It helps the companies win the hearts of their customers who show their appreciation by favoring their product over the competition. The ingredients’ list will help the customers in identifying any component they might be allergic to. This way, they can change the variant before making the final purchase.

Benefits of printed lotion boxes

It is vital to understand that moisturizers are the ideal skincare tools for protecting the skin. Although the printed lotion boxes may list countless benefits of this product, its main aim is to protect the skin from damage caused by the sun, dust, and other factors. It adds a protective layer of coating on our skin’s outer layer to keep the intruders out. From the time of its creation till the time it dies, a skin cell contains about ninety to eighty percent of water-based content. The moisturizer helps in keeping the skin supple by attracting water content from the air and surrounding itself. The water-soluble compounds of the moisturizer hold on to this water and absorb it into the skin. Most moisturizers include;

  1. Glycerin
  2. Hyaluronic acid
  3. Panthenol
  4. Sodium PCA, etc.

I mentioned these ingredients on the custom lotion boxes and help attract moisture. Every moisturizer is unique. Companies try to develop, unique formulae according to the requirements of their customers. There was a time when moisturizer for acne-prone skin was not available. But now, they are available easily. The latest research helps the companies develop products with distinct water-based ingredients and skin-softening agents, which may include;

  1. Jojoba oil
  2. Squalene
  3. Wheat germ, etc.

The users of moisturizers must remember that moisturizing is a routine for the night as well. It is the time when the body cells work on your body. We applied moisturizer after cleansing the face. It allows the product to work faster when your body is in resting mode.

Ordering custom lotion boxes

Manufacturers of lotion boxes in the USA have designed various types of layouts. They are according to the product requirements and the company preferences. The custom lotion boxes are available in different sizes and dimensions that fulfill the packaging and marketing objectives of the companies. To get the perfect retail boxes seasoned print and packaging companies are selected. If you are a brand looking for the same, get in touch with ClipnBox now.

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