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Best Ways to Recover Deleted Items from Outlook PST File

Main focus of the blog is to recover deleted items from PST file. However, you can also use the solution to retrieve data from corrupt PST files and restore emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Retrieve Outlook Emails, Contacts, Calendars, etc From Corrupt/Healthy PST Files

Have you accidentally deleted some important emails from Outlook? Has the abrupt shutdown of Outlook left you with inaccessible data? Here, I will be showcasing a solution that can not only recover deleted items from PST file but also retrieves lost data from inaccessible/damaged Outlook data files. Hopefully, it will help you just the way it worked for me..!!


I. Due to the abrupt shutdown of MS Outlook 2016, my colleague’s PST file became inaccessible or damaged. Hence she was unable to work with it. The backup she has is a month old. SO a lot of data items are new and important. So, we started looking for a solution that could recover the data from the corrupt file.

II. Coincidence or not, one of my relatives deleted some very important emails related to my current project within the same week. The lost data was huge as I lost one or two folders having thousands of emails. So, in this scenario we needed to recover deleted items from Outlook PST file that would include emails, calendars and contacts.


EmailDoctor Outlook EmailRecovery tool came to the rescue in both the situations. Not only can this tool recover deleted data from Outlook but it can also repair damaged PST files and restore all its underlying content including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc. Our main focus will be the deleted items recovery as it was the primary factor why this tool was chosen.

How to Decide on a Method to Recover Deleted Items from PST file

A simple search on a web search engine can get you multiple methods that claim to recover deleted items from PST file. That’s exactly what makes this a challenging task. The results include everything from excellent software that are overpriced to cheap/free methods that don’t work at all. The challenge here is to decide on what solution to implement in order to get the job done.

After scavenging a couple of sites, I decided to implement the manual methods that include:

  • Looking for the lost data in “Deleted Items” folder.
  • Looking for “Recoverable Items” folder to get the permanently deleted items.

But none worked. So in the end, the requirement of a software was a Must for this task. Thankfully, we didn’t need to search extensively as the very first demo software gave us accurate results (Outlook Recovery). To ensure that this was the right choice, we had a look at 5 another tools, but quite frankly, none was comparable to the EmailDoc product. The primary factors for this comparison were accuracy in results, performance and the tool’s interface.

Using Outlook Recovery to Retrieve Lost Items from PST File

For a small sum, the Outlook recovery program managed to recover all the deleted items without any hassle. The results came out accurate with no loss of email attributes, formatting, or anything of the sort. The emails were easily identifiable in the tool’s interface with all deleted items highlighted in red color. And we were able to restore everything back including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and even journals that we didn’t notice we had lost.

Note: This tool works with or without Outlook. So, its not necessary to have Outlook installed. You only need the relevant PST file.

Here’s how the steps to recover deleted items from PST file goes:

Start and run the Outlook data file recovery tool & click on the Add file button.

Select the PST file in discussion, and choose Quick or Advance Scan. If Quick scan fails to list your lost emails, then use Advance Scan as the file is severely damaged.

The software will showcase all the data items of the PST file. Additionally, the deleted items will be highlighted in red color.

Click on the relevant folder section to showcase the corresponding data items such as calendars.

To export only selected items, check-mark the boxes and click on Export selected

For bulk recovery, click on the Export button at top.

Choose PST, and other options as per requirements. Click on Adv Settings… button.

Apply the relevant settings to recover deleted items from PST file as given in the screenshot.

Click on Export and the software will recover all your lost data at a fast pace.

You can now access your recovered PST in Outlook and work with your data like nothing happened.

Important Point:

The software is designed to perform both recovery and repair operation. We were able to recover my deleted items easily from PST file as well as repair my colleague’s Outlook PST file that got damaged earlier. Just keep in mind that you need to opt for Advance scan in case of severe corruption.


This concludes the blog on how to recover deleted items from PST files. If you have any query regarding the software, do comment. Or, directly contact the support staff of EmailDoc Outlook recovery program. You can also avail personalized offers and services that way. This utility has worked brilliantly for me and hopefully will serve you the same.

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