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5 Best Tools for Social Media Rights Management

User-generated content has become the need of the era because of the several benefits associated with it, that both users and brands can leverage. While various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. are said to be the hub for user-generated content.

Speaking of the current online marketing scenario, brands of all sizes are going gaga over UGC to boost traffic & audience engagement, increase brand reach & exposure, boost sales & revenue, enhance the website’s vibrancy, and more.

And most of you who might think that it is quite easy to access user-generated content for your marketing purposes, we would like to say that repurposing of UGC comes with some legal hassles.

Especially for brands as they have to maintain their authenticity amongst their competitors. So, how can you reproduce someone else’s content without getting into trouble?

Here come the social media rights management tools that help you manage your users and content rights.

In this blog, we will explain to you the top 5 media rights management tools that will allow you to collect user-generated content legally.

But before we start with it, let us give you an overview of what actually is social media rights management?

So, let’s delve in!

Social Media Rights Management- An Overview

To secure an online content distribution at ease is quite challenging, especially when there are so many legal formalities that need to be fulfilled. 

This problem brings us to the one and only solution i.e. Social Media Rights Management that helps in building social proof by collecting user-generated content from various social media platforms. 

Brands can leverage this content for marketing & advertising campaigns to get profitable outcomes.

Top 5 Tools to Get Social Media Rights

We have curated a list of the best tools that can help you get the rights to reuse social media content aka user-generated content in the most rightful way possible.


Taggbox Rights Management

Taggbox is another UGC Rights Management tool that turns your users into brand advocates with content rights.

These rights can be easily generated in 3 steps:

Request UGC Rights

Step 1: Easily generate & share your UGC rights request directly with the user.

Step 2: Get approval from the content owner 

Step 3: Repurpose it in your UGC campaigns

There are a few yet great Rights Management features offered by Taggbox.

  • Custom Branding: This feature lets brands to build social proof by letting them create a personalized social media rights request. In this option, you can upload your brand logo and content file with T&C attached. 
  • Download Approved Media: Taggbox’s Rights Management feature allows brands to download approved images for their individual use. 
  • Legal Log Maintenance: As soon as you generate the users’ rights request, the moderation panel allows you to monitor status i.e. approved, pending or rejected.

In short, you can repurpose or reuse user-generated content in a legally rightful way. Taggbox assures that as a brand you can get permission from the content creators.



ShortStack’s rights management feature helps you get explicit consent from the users to repurpose content that you find on Twitter and Instagram mainly.

There’s a simple way to obtain content rights legally from the content creators with the help of Shortstack.

For instance, comment on the feed that you want to reuse and invite the content creators to a URL that contains terms and conditions. If the content creator replies back using #yesbrandname then this means that they are giving you explicit permission. And you can therefore display the content on your marketing channels i.e. social media networks, websites, etc.

(Please Note: ShortStack also keeps a record of all the pending & approved rights management into an exportable database to see how it is going for you.)


Speaking of Miappi as a media rights management tool, brands can interact with the audience as well as get content rights permission for the social media content. 

To reuse the user-generated content for your marketing purposes you can click on the UGC link provided by this tool. Not only this, but you can also get updated about your pending & approved rights management requests.


The in-built content rights management tool offered by GetSparkle lets brands choose the content they want to repurpose for their marketing use. 

Therefore the tool allows them to send a request to the content creator so that they can use the content easily. 

On the other hand, the content owner can respond to the UGC request with your chosen hashtag to grant permission for the content reuse. 


Stackla is one such social media rights management tool that helps brands & businesses to reach out to content creators and ask for permission to repurpose their user-generated content in marketing. 

Be it Instagram, Pinterest, SoundCloud, or any other social media network, Stackla can help you gain legal rights to feature it on your website or any other marketing channel.

Not only this but the Rights approval process, a part of Stackla’s rights management forms, is of great help for the brands. 

How? Well, it helps you to ask for permission to upload a full resolution photo from the original content creators.


As you must know that user-generated content is beneficial for your brand’s overall performance and growth, it is very important to get the content rights legally. 

So, next time you wish to reuse any social media content, don’t forget to leverage any of the aforementioned social media rights management tools to stay free from any such legal jeopardies.

Nicole is a passionate writer who loves to write about trends related to social media marketing, content marketing and digital marketing. She loves helping brands to harness the power of UGC rights management tools in actionable ways to tell more authentic and relevant stories to the world.

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