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Turntables are for serious lovers of music. If you are reading this blog, then you’re a true lover of music. You must be trying to find the best speakers for vinyl which match well with the turntables. As we always say, do your homework before buying anything. Otherwise, you may waste your precious money, time, and energy.

You may ask; ‘Why we should buy the extra pair of speakers with turntables?’ that’s because you’ll be amazed to know how much better your music sounds through a set of high-quality extra speakers. The right kind of quality speakers will provide you the quality sound of music.


Classical music offers some specific challenges to a stereo sound system or speakers. Somewhat the more difficult thing for a speaker to capture is the dynamic range and musical energy of classical music. This music is without exemption performed acoustically, i.e without intensification.

The variance between the loudest and the softest sound is greater than the rock, jazz, electronica, or country style music.  A combination of so many different musical instruments’ sound and the smooth presence of the Capella choir make the classical music unique audio.


While selecting the best speakers for classical music and turntables, the big consideration is to buy floor-standing speakers or smaller speakers or bookshelf design speakers. Remember that bookshelf speakers actually cannot be placed on a bookstand.

Floor standing speakers have built-in several electronics gears and amplifiers in one place. Especially if you’re looking to modernize your audio system and also want to reduce the number of separate sound gadgets, you might consider floor-standing speakers.

Both types of speakers are also available with remote control. Whether floor-standing or bookshelf design, these speakers are built to connect with a large variety of devices such as TV, LED, Home Cinema, or even with your laptop.


To take advantage of wireless technology, you must have a wireless music player before buying wireless or Bluetooth enabled speakers. When you are searching for wireless speakers, ensure that its bluetooth construction is dependable and consistent. Audio should not drop in or out and there is no pairing problem.

However, nowadays most of the modern Bluetooth is reliable enough to send and receive quality signals. If you want to buy traditional wired speakers, then ensure that the quality of wires and enable them to fit properly without losing connections. But wireless technology will provide you more choices for listening to classical music.  


The most important things to consider for these speakers are features, convenience, and of course the cost.


For the people who are true lovers of classical music or who have adopted music as their hobby, the Price may not be a consideration. Secondly, you don’t need to be a millionaire to get quality speakers, because you can buy them on a reasonable budget. Although there is a wide variety of speakers, that come as much low as $40. On the other hand, you may also find speakers that cost hundreds of dollars.

There are three ranges of prices, below $50 that are low-quality speakers and normally lasts for just a couple of months. They’re mostly a waste of money. Below $200 price is the entry-level speakers and cannot be called the best speakers for classical music and turntables.

The price of speakers between $200 to $350 is the best quality. With this budget, you can get the best speakers in the market. The speakers are high-end, produce eloquent sound, and have many extra features and functions. They’re highly recommended for listening to classical music.

Above $350, it is also a waste of money and there is not any reason for you to buy these.


The power of the speakers is measured in Watts (W). The more rating of Watts means more powerful sound emitting from speakers. The modern kind of speakers does not require an amplifier to generate power, as they have a built-in amplifier. These kinds of speakers generate their power. Below 1000W power, speakers come in the category of home music, while above 1000W will go to commercial speakers.


All speakers have a frequency response. A normal human can hear from 40 Hz to 20 kHz. At the low end of the audio, there’s a ‘Bass’ sound, whereas at the higher end is the ‘treble’. Both should be equal and balanced to get an overall good quality of classical music.


KEF reference 1 is perhaps the best speaker for classical music and turntables, as KEF has always been known for its extreme quality of design, construction, and sound. There’s a beauty of their materials and of course the wonderful sound. The speakers have a star rating of 5/5 and not inexpensive.

Best affordable record player offer excellent performance that will satisfy the most serious lover of classical music as well as affordable too. A perfect pair of speakers for a home theater system with flawless natural and compellingly sound.


  • The KEF REFERENCE 1 is the latest design with a 5-inch Uni-Q driver array with new 6.5 inches’ alloy cone bass driver to create realistic sound quality and a bombastic bass.
  • Volume from the softest to the loudest is captured precisely and no detail of classical music is lost.
  • The bass response of the speakers is deep, fast, and powerful much better than other high-end speakers with much larger cabinets and woofers.
  • The speakers are compatible with lots of other equipment and they also work well in different surroundings, rooms, and positions. Thanks to their Uni-Q driver and its small size.
  • Of course, they’re expensive rather than more expensive with their matching stands, but be relaxed because they offer the best class sound.
  • The speakers’ cabinets are designed to eradicate coloring and come in deep piano black, satin American walnut, or luxury gloss rosewood.
  • They have the lowest distortion and smooth response due to their high-grade components. Hence producing the best sound ever for classical music lovers.
  • The weight of the speakers is a bit heavy 40 lbs, which is the reason for undistorted and powerful bass.


Finding the best speakers for classical music and turntables is your personal choice. You need to check your pocket. But we recommend that it is better to wait until you can afford to buy speakers of some better quality and pricey. If you go for inexpensive options, then you may end up disappointed.

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