Best Social Media Aggregator to Collect Social Media Content

social media aggregator for websites

Social media has become an integral part of people’s life these days. It has become part of their routine, and there is a high percentage of people who switch on social media platforms as soon as they wake up in the morning. They go through all their social media accounts to get in touch with social circles and update everything that happened while they were asleep.

Not only for people, even for businesses, social media has also emerged as an essential. In this digital world, the brand gets recognition according to its social media following. Social media is a great source for brands to provide the latest updates and news regarding their business to their followers. Here social media aggregator came into picture.  

Businesses try to grab full benefits from social media as they try new social media marketing strategies. And hence, marketers have managed to find the perfect solution to gather more social media reach and increase their sales and that solution is – using social media aggregator tools. 

What Is Social Media Aggregator 

Social media aggregator tools aggregate all the content related to your business from all over social media and display it on your website. Social media is full of content that can help businesses to grow. It provides such a variety of content that businesses can extract great benefits by using them.

People use social media to share their thoughts and voice their opinions. And this helps businesses in a huge way. People share their experiences with a brand, share pictures of the product, provide reviews, upload videos and as per recent trend shoot the video while unboxing the product. All this content helps businesses to enhance brand awareness and promote their products.

This article will discuss the best social media aggregator tools available in the market. These tools provide great help in growing your business and greatly impact your social media presence. 

Best Social Media Aggregator Tools


Tagembed is the best social media aggregator tool in the market. It is easy to use and very economical. The tool helps you fetch all the content related to your business from all social media platforms, allows you to curate and customize the content, and then display it onto your website. It makes your website attractive and helps you to get customer’s attention.

Tagembed also provides you the feature to customize your feed; you can choose a different layout, change the font sizes, font styles, colours, and background of your feed and make your website appealing for your customers.

It also provides you a great feature to monitor the content that displays on your website and filter out all unnecessary and spam content. Keeping your feed related to your business provides a great insight to the visitors about your business.

Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is a very popular WordPress plugin that allows you to embed social media feed on your website. You can embed the feed from different social media content platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Smash balloon collects the feed and displays it on your website.

It provides full freedom to customize the feed; you can bring out your artistic side and personalize the feed according to your style and need. You can design, style, and customize the layout that best suits your website and make your website attractive.

The tool is very easy to set up and is very handy in use. It also provides you a content moderation feature that allows you to filter posts using keywords or hashtags. One of the amazing features of this tool is that you can even feature Instagram stories on your website. 

Embed Social

People use social media platforms to a great extent, as they post a lot of content related to a business or brand; people also share their opinions on the product. These are very important for businesses and hence they need tools to aggregate all the content. Embed Social is one of the best tools that fulfill this need. 

Embed social is a great social media aggregator tool that fetches the content using hashtags, tags, business mentions, product mentions, etc. It displays them as one unified presentation on your website. 

Embed social also provides you the ease to design the feed according to your style. It provides different layouts, styles, and designs for your feed. A good and stylish feed makes your website pleasing to the eyes and develops an interest in visitors’ minds. 

Embed social provides 3 plans: PRO, PRO Plus and Premium, each plan has a different price and provides different features, you can select the appropriate plan and enjoy the benefit it provides.


Socialiner is an emerging tool with a lot of potential. It provides great help to businesses to fetch the content from the social media tools. As social media is full of content, imagine the time and labor resources that go in to find the appropriate content for your website that relates to your business and helps you win trust. Socialiner helps you in this, it automatically fetches the content from social media and helps you to display this content on your website. 

It also provides you the analytics about your social feed. You can get a great insight into your feed’s performance, and you can make further plans and strategies.  

Benefits Of Using Social Media Aggregator Tools

  • It makes your website engaging, in this digital era, websites work as the face of business. Hence, the business needs to make their website engaging and interesting to spark interest in visitors’ minds and eventually convince their buying decision.
  • Social media aggregator tools make your website vibrant and lively with real-time content and regular updates. A lively website creates a good impression and helps businesses to convert their visitors into customers.
  • User-generated content is a great strategy to increase the reach of your business. You can boost UGC by showcasing them on your website. A customer feels valued when he gets a feature on a brand’s website. It motivates them to generate more of such content and get a regular feature on a business website.
  • Social media aggregator tools also help you to increase your website traffic by adding social media feeds specifically embed Instagram feed on website. Website traffic plays a vital role in lifting a business’ search engine ranking. Better search engine ranking helps the users to find your business website easily. By making your website engaging, social media aggregator tools help you to attract more customers. And hence it helps your business to get more recognition and achieve more sales.
  • It provides social proof to the new customer. People always look for reviews, information and social proof of the product they are purchasing. The social media aggregator tool displays the user’s content, hence providing all three to your visitor. It also helps to enhance your brand reputation as you provide all the needed information to the user without exiting the website window. 

The Final Thoughts

Social media aggregator tools provide some amazing benefits to your business. It is effective, efficient and economical. Using aggregator tools is currently the best marketing strategy that helps your business to grow. It helps you to increase your conversion rate, as with the help of these tools, you can convert your visitors into a customer and your customer into a loyal customer.

The tools mentioned above are the best in the market, use these tools, achieve more sales, enjoy their benefits and take your business to new heights.