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Best Security Plugins for WordPress in 2020

The world’s most accessible development platform, WordPress, powers up more than 75 million active websites on the internet today. The reason for its popularity is its user-friendly interface. With the massive array of plugin choices in WordPress, it is possible to add almost every feature to your website that you can think of. However, WordPress is also quite vulnerable to security threats due to its enabling environment for third party plugins. WordPress is an attraction for many mischievous hackers who tend to hack websites to access and manipulate data. Every day, thousands of websites are taken down because of malware and hacking. Most of these attacks are executed through attacking the zero-day vulnerabilities in these plugins and add-ons run by third parties.

Why Do You Need WordPress Security Plugins?

Now WordPress, in its core, is very secure and comes with reasonable security measures. Still, keeping the fact in mind that most of the attacks by hackers are executed through plugins and add-ons, you can’t solely rely on WordPress’s core security. About 80,000 websites get hacked daily, and the WordPress powers almost 85% of them. That is why it is most important to include as many safety precautions in your WordPress maintenance services as possible.

WordPress might be the best CMS around, but it’s not perfect. A website built on WordPress can, surprisingly, be easily compromised. So if you’re using the CMS with a laid back approach regarding security, it’s like walking on thin ice.

There could be loopholes on your website that hackers are well aware of, and believe me, they do not waste a good opportunity to sabotage a site to its core. Do you want that to happen to your website? No one does!

Best Security Plugins for WordPress 2020

There is a wide array of options for security plugins in WordPress, but not all of them are worth using and secure. It is always a good idea to buy a premium security plugin for your website because they are updated regularly. However, if you want to use a free security plugin, it is essential first to check its ratings and user reviews before installation.

 Here is a list of some trusted and secure Security plugins for WordPress that you can include in your WordPress maintenance services to secure your website from malware and hacking.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins, with over 2 million active installations. It offers a very user-friendly dashboard where you can see it fighting malware and other threats in real-time, unlike the most alternatives. One of the most significant features of this plugin is the country block. You can practically block attacks from desired specific regions known for high cybercrimes rate. Also, you can view your website traffic trends where you can find out attempted attacks on your webpage and details regarding your website’s traffic.

iThemes Security

iThemes Security is also one of the most popular choices among security plugins in WordPress. It was formerly known as WP Security. iThemes security, however, does not as many free benefits as other security plugins, but its premium version can be bought for as cheap as $52 per year. The pro version provides features such as User action logs, Dashboard widgets, password security and expiration, scheduled malware scans, etc.  One of the most outstanding features of iThemes security is that it automatically bans the users making too many invalid login attempts.


Melcare is one of the fasted and most trustworthy web security plugins on WordPress. The likes of Cloudways and WPbuffs trust this very plugin. There’s no doubt about the security if offers. The plugin is one of the fastest and highly automated security plugins out there as the malware and viruses are scanned and removed automatically. What’s surprising is that it does all of it in less than a minute. Adding to that, your website never slows down while they scan for viruses and malware. The premium version of this plugin starts at a low price of $99 per year.

Finding the best security plugins for your WordPress websites if often a daunting task as many sources can potentially harm your websites. You can use these plugins to ensure the safety of your website.

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