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Best Places in Finland to See the Northern Lights

If you’ve chosen to take a bit off the road to see the northern lights, Finland may be the perfect place for you. Finland is just as good when witnessing the lights of the north. And while you are not out hunting for a north light, you can also enjoy dog sledding, sauna breaches, and wonderful Finnish pastries!

Sunlight causes the northern lights. The aurora borealis is created when particles generated by the sun collide with atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere, causing these atoms to light up and provide the magnificent colors we witness. The greatest spot to observe the northern lights in Finland is north of Lapland. The majority of tourists will go to Rovaniemi, or at most to Kakslauttan. If you’re in Rovaniemi, schedule a tour of North Lights and venture out into the woods.

Between September and March in Finland, Northern Lights are visible. The opportunity to observe the lights in northern Finland is clear every other night. They can be seen every 10-20 nights in Southern Finland. The lights are generally about 8 pm and will remain until 3 am. But bear in mind that the high tourist season is from September to March. Hospitality gets full fast, and costs are high. So it’s a better idea to book ahead of time with Allegiant airlines book a flight.Explore this beautiful world to fill your mind with a new kind of vigour. Be smart enough to snatch suitable deals in time and have a pleasurable journey.

Read all you need to know where you can see Finland’s northern light to increase your odds of an unforgettable aurora experience.


Rovaniemi is one of the greatest sites to observe the Northern Lights in Finland. Up to 150 times a year, this natural marvel is discovered here. You may have to go outside town for the greatest view. However, even inside its borders, it may occasionally be seen.


Suppose it isn’t feasible on certain days. In that case, you may easily go to Norway for a better view! Utsjoki is a city near the Norwegian frontier in the extreme north of Finland. It is quite usual to see the northern lights in Utsjoki and the area surrounding them in the winter months.


The village of Kemi is well-positioned to see Northern Lights together with the famed Snow Castle. Renting one of the glass villas is the best way to see them. They lie on the city’s outskirts and offer all the contemporary conveniences that people can wish for while awaiting this wonderful occurrence.

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You might want to visit Nellim if roughing it is more your thing. Residents believe that this little lakeside village is the greatest place in Finland to observe the Northern Lights. You may go sledding in this area by day and Aurora during the night.


Kittilä is a famous Finland vacation town. From skiing to dogsledding to snowmobiling, there are numerous activities here. You may also participate in a range of activities while looking for northern light at night. There are also tours offered.


Saariselkä is also one of Finland’s most popular tourist areas. Up to 200 evenings each year, the Northern Lights may be viewed from here. During the winter months, you will certainly see it on nearly every dark, clear night.


Ivalo, a tiny town located outside of Saariselkä, is a popular tourist destination. You may take a trip to search for the Aurora Borealis from this location. The journey is conducted by a Northern Lights specialist who can take you to all of the greatest viewing locations while also teaching you how to capture this natural phenomenon.


Sodankylä is a tiny village in the middle of the wild. It’s a popular area for ice fishing, motorbiking, snowshoeing, and many more. It also is a great place to see the northern lights because of the scarcity of light pollution.

Luosto National Park

Pyhä-Luosto National Park is the oldest national park in Finland. Its remoteness from city lights also makes seeing the Northern Lights a breeze. During the day, go trekking before locating a great, dark place to enjoy nature’s light display.

Oulanka National Park

This is another well-known Finland national park. One unusual feature of this park is that it has many wooden cottages which hikers can use freely. For those who want to sit down while waiting for the Northern Lights, it is wonderful.


Kakslauttanen is about thirty minutes from the airport, an Arctic resort. It has unique lodging options, such as log cabins, snow igloos, and glass igloos. Its glass igloos are a wonderful choice, especially for people who like to observe the sky comfortably.


Kilpisjarvi is a little town located near Finland’s northernmost tip. It is quite easy to discover the Northern Lights since it is isolated from the rest of society. From here, you may take a snowmobile excursion to the Swedish-Norwegian border, which is one of the finest places to see the Aurora Borealis.


In northern Finland, Muonio is another little village. It is situated exactly under the aurora oval so that you will view the Northern Lights without difficulty. Indeed, practically every other night from Muonio, you can see them in the sky.

The night sky is lit up with magnificent lights that dance over it. Don’t be astonished if you find yourself stunned when you view the northern lights, even if you’ve seen them before. There is no other spectacle on Earth quite like the aurora, and you will never forget it! If you haven’t seen it yet, book your tickets with Spirit airlines reservations and experience this natural phenomenon.

Begin with the audio-visual experience in the visitor center (it’s in English) for a lively history, then explore its ramparts, tunnels, and museums and walk the trails around the beautiful island. Or sign up here for a guided walk to learn more about the fort and its various attractions. Among these are the 250-ton Vesikko submarine, used by the Finnish Navy from 1936 until the end of World War II.

The Ehrensvärd Museum illustrates the earliest Swedish period, and the Doll and Toy Museum displays dolls, dollhouses, and toys in an old Russian villa. Various buildings house studios and shops of glassblowers, potters, and other craftsmen, and in the summer, you can stay for evening dance and musical performances of the Suomenlinna Summer Theatre.

In conclusion, anyplace in north Saariselka is the greatest spot to observe Finland’s Northern Lights. You have a higher chance of witnessing the Northern Lights the further north you venture into Finland. But be aware of the reduction in temperature, too. Also, get out into the woods — Lapland has lots of it. The Aurora Forecast is a simple yet strong website predicting the aurora. On a single map, you can see much of northern Europe and get a sense of your odds of seeing the lights of the north on any particular night.Within easy reach of Helsinki are the charming smaller cities of Turku and Porvoo. But it would be a shame to confine a trip only to the Baltic coast, when so much beautiful open countryside beckons. To the west lie the Finnish lakes, and in the north is the vast area beyond the Arctic Circle, home of the midnight sun, northern lights, and some of Europe’s best winter sports.

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