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Best Hotel Management College in Jaipur


If you have completed your 12th standard recently and looking to make career in Hotel Industry, then you must take admission in Best Hotel Management College in Jaipur. Let us first understand more about the Hotel Hospitality Industry. Hospitality Management is a discipline that involves the planning, organization, and implementation of an individual’s hotel’s or hospital’s overall operations. The hospitality industry is currently one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s global economy. It is projected to expand at a rate of approximately 5 percent per year through 2012-19. A Hospitality Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the daily operations of a hotel or other medical facility. Hospitality Managers are typically not directly involved in the operations of the facilities but are instead responsible for overall management planning, staff management, budget planning, etc.

When considering your career as a Hospitality Manager, you will first want to consider whether you would prefer a position in the hotel industry as a Hotel Manager or in the catering industry as a Hotel Chef. Hotel Management courses offer many opportunities for jobs both positions in the actual hotel industry and positions in the catering industry. If you would prefer to obtain your hospitality management degree online, there are several online universities that offer Hospitality Management degrees.

A Hospitality Manager is usually responsible for the day-to-day operations of a hotel or other medical facility such as a dentist’s office. In most cases, Hospitality Managers will be responsible for the management of the rooms and services available in that facility. Some Hospitality Managers is also considering Hotel Accountants, depending on the specific location of their establishment. Although they generally report to the General Manager, Hotel Managers often has authority to hire and fire employees, oversees the hiring and training of employees, and also set the standards and goals of their establishment.

One of the main areas of focus for Hospitality Managers is Hotel Finance. As mentioned above, this is a critical aspect of the hotel business and the responsibilities of each Manager will vary somewhat from other locations. Some of these responsibilities include the budget planning process, which will include the allocation of funds for each component of operation; the establishment of policies concerning payment of bills and taxes; and the analysis and implementation of service and revenue plans. Another area of focus for Hospitality Managers is the marketing of services, which includes the development of advertising campaigns. Marketing and advertising for the hotel industry include the design and creation of print and electronic media advertisements, the production and distribution of television and radio commercials, and the creation and maintenance of print and Internet advertising portals.

Marketing and advertising for the hospitality industry will also involve the promotion of events and attractions, the marketing of special events, and the marketing of theme parks and zoos. These are only a few of the areas of focus for Hotel Marketing Managers. Other areas of focus for this career path include the creation of promotional literature and promotional reports for resort and hotel visitors, the creation and maintenance of travel brochures, the writing and development of promotional brochures for local, national, and international publications, the development of menu and promotional documents for restaurants and bars, the development and implementation of website applications, and the marketing of travel vouchers and discount cards. Hotel Marketing Managers will also be responsible for implementing and executing sales programs, including promotional sales initiatives, in addition to the more traditional sales and business development programs. They will also be responsible for other marketing strategies such as the development and implementation of marketing plans, the creation and implementation of customer service programs, and the creation and maintenance of customer databases.

In order to succeed in running operations as a Hotel Manager, it is important for Managers to obtain a comprehensive understanding of all of these important hotel software solutions. This includes a comprehensive understanding of hotel operations, including guest counts, room sizes, vacancy rates, average room rates, room layout, common room features, and amenities, payroll, accounting, advertising and public relations programs, and operations for restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, and fitness clubs. This information is necessary for a Manager to effectively run his or her operations. The knowledge of these important hotel software solutions will play an integral part in every facet of operations at a successful hotel.

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