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Best Discord Bots for Fun in 2021

Discord is a chat service that is very commonly used by gamers, developers, and other people. It’s great for discussing strategy in games, as well as trash talk about opponents. Developers can communicate with players through Discord’s text channels too. The beauty of Discord is that it does not charge anything and it is available on all platforms (android, macOS, Linux, iOS).

Discord gives you full control over who can join it, so you don’t have to worry about trolls joining and causing havoc or throwing off the community vibe. In this way, you, as the server administrator, can communicate openly with your members on the platform they love while preventing toxic community behavior at the same time.

Discord Bots are the perfect way to simplify the process of managing your server and your members, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort manually.

A Discord Bot is a tool that you can use to improve your user experience on Discord. Most of them are advanced chatbots that can do multiple tasks like playing music, monitoring your servers, track your statistics, adding a role to your server, etc. It is possible to replace human administrators/moderators with some of the powerful bots. There are moderation bots, music bots, gaming bots, and many others.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of 5 of the best bots for Discord in order to help you find the best bots for your Discord server.

Best Discord Bots for Fun
Best Discord Bots for Fun

Best Discord Bots

  • Best Moderation Bots and Multi-Purpose Bots for Discord
  1. MEE6 Bot
  2. Dyno Bot
  3. Carl Bot
  4. YAGPDB Bot
  5. Yui Bot

Best Moderation Bots and Multi-Purpose Bots for Discord

MEE6 Bot

Mee6 Bot for Discord is one of the best bots available today. It is designed to help with managing your Discord server and make your life as a server owner much easier. It has a ton of features that will benefit your Discord server.

There are many things that Mee6 can do on a Discord server, including:

  • Manage the music on your server
  • Excellent music-playing capabilities for your channel members
  • Change voice settings depending on what time it is (different voices for day times and night times)
  • Assign roles and permissions to users based on their behavior, etc.
  • Completely customize the chat commands that users can use on your server (including setting up permission levels, so individual users don’t have access to specific commands)
  • Announcements with links or images (often used for giveaways or announcements)

Category: Moderation / Multi-Purpose
Server Installations: 3,511,000
Rating: 3/5

Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot for Discord is one of the most powerful bots for managing data on discord servers and moderating different channels.

You can benefit from using Dyno Bot on your Discord server by being able to assign roles to specific users or assign permissions for specific channels.

If you want, you can limit your discord server to people that you know or trust. You can block unwanted users by filtering their nicks or bios with words you know or like, so you don’t need to leave your app or browser window.

Let’s say somebody breaks a rule in one of the channels. In that case, you can mark that user with a role that will stop them from joining the channel but they will still be able to talk to other users of the server when they are in different channels.

A user can be assigned a role that allows them exclusive access to a channel. This functionality allows you to distinguish between members belonging to the same rank and those belonging to a higher rank.

Here are some of the most helpful features:

Moderation Tools: For managing channels, dyno bot provides you with a lot of moderation tools like auto roles, ban and kick users, user status.

Music Services: This feature comes in handy when playing music on Discord servers. It also allows you to add songs in your library for different channels.

Roles and Permissions: You can configure custom roles or permissions in Dyno Bot and assign them to specific users/groups within the server based on their preferences. Dyno Bot also supports permission configurations for each channel separately.

Embedded Commands: With this feature, you can create commands that perform an individual action whenever someone types it into the chat. For example, if someone types !ping into the chat, it will send back the response “Ping” and other information about your server’s latency and more!

Web Dashboard: Dyno offers a feature-rich, web-based Dashboard for you to easily configure and enable/disable everything related to the Dyno Bot.

Other Features: There are many more features offered by Dyno Bot, which include creating polls from messages sent by a user/group in chat; embedding any link or image shared by anyone at any time; creating notes from pictures uploaded by group members; posting YouTube or Twitch videos directly onto the server using embedded URLs, etc.

Category: Multi-Purpose
Server Installations: 3,690,000
Rating: 4/5

Carl Bot

An advanced bot, Carl Bot lets you manage logs, store chats, and create reaction roles in order to respond to messages quickly.

Carl Bot can be used to create custom commands to be executed on your server. For example, says your server has a farming simulator. In that case, you could use the Carl Bot to run farm activities such as adding crops and fertilizing fields, and even monitor crop health.

Category: Moderation
Server Installations: 1,802,000
Rating: 2/5


The YAGPDB Bot is a fully customizable bot that provides various features to your Discord server. It can be used as a replacement for a music bot, moderation bot, and so much more! The YAGPDB Bot is also straightforward to set up, and you can get it running within just a few minutes.

__Features:  __

  • Moderation (kick/ban)
  • Music (play/pause/stop)
  • Images (upload, view and comment on them)
  • Raffles (for server events or giveaways)
  • Giveaways (give items to other users)

Category: Multi-Purpose
Server Installations: 1,500,000
Rating: 4/5

Yui Bot

Providing you with lots of commands to manage your Discord server, Yui Bot for Discord is a modern, lightweight bot.

It’s a very nice bot that runs smoothly and rarely goes offline. It lacks some of the more popular bot’s economy features, but many like how cute it is, e.g., for hugging and such.

Getting started with the bot is easy with the documentation!

Category: Moderation
Server Installations: 450,000
Rating: 4/5

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This list is far from complete and there are many other great bots available. However, I hope that you enjoy Discord Bots as much as I do and find the mentioned bots helpful for your server!

Do you have anything else to ask? If yes, do let me know in the comments below.

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