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Best Business Ideas in the Beauty Industry

Your business in the field of beauty is a promising occupation, which is practically not affected by changes in the country’s economy. It is stable and remains stable in times of crisis. A negative side is the presence of fierce competition, only those projects survive that are distinguished by high-quality service and profitable offers for potential customers.

If desired and with a competent approach, this type of activity will bring a decent income. In this article, you will find the best business ideas in the beauty industry.

When life gives you polishes, make nail art

Undoubtedly, no list of business ideas in the beauty field is complete without manicure and pedicure services. According to statistics, more than 40% of manicure masters can serve up to 30 clients per week, given that a really high-quality manicure is done for at least 3 hours. The popularity of this type of business is due to such factors as the duration of “wearing” a manicure (up to 3 – 4 weeks), the ability to do household chores without fear of spoiling the “beauty”, unique design and colour combination, and so on.

Business options:

Home Services

Providing professional manicure services at home is no worse than in a salon. However, it is equally economical for master and satisfied clients. This type of doing business excludes the allocation of finance for renting premises, purchasing expensive equipment, paying salaries to employees, etc., since usually, this is only a source of additional income for the home master. Therefore, the cost of services is lower than in salons, but the queue of those wishing to make beautiful nails is no less. But, if you work at home, don’t forget to allocate the workspace. Ensure complete sterility, maintain hygiene and make sure to make clients comfortable.

Islet in a shopping centre

This format is called the “nail bar”. Its essence is that a master rents an “island” in a shopping centre, and service is carried out without an appointment. As a rule, it is an “express manicure”. Despite the fact that the format seems to be economical, it will take a little investment. This includes rent, purchase of a bar counter, equipment, tools, etc.

Nail salon

Opening a nail salon is a more complex but interesting story. Typically, clients trust special salons more, and the cosy atmosphere, the opportunity to purchase a subscription and receive discounts for constant visits, only “heat up” interest in such establishments. Usually, salons that specialise in manicure services are located in shopping centres, residential buildings, city centres, etc. When thinking about opening a salon, don’t forget about the costs of rent, design of premises, advertising, salaries of employees, the purchase of more expensive and high-quality equipment, etc.

Share your knowledge and skills

Masters are not born, they become masters! If you have enough knowledge in the field of make-up, and you understand that it is time to share it – make-up school is the right business for you. But when choosing a format and drawing up a program, it is necessary to determine the target audience: those who want to become a professional or those who study for themselves.

Courses for stage and film make-up are especially popular. Whereat the end of the training you get a diploma in specialist make up

Business options:

Traditional school format

With this format of the school, you gather a group of up to 10 people and equip and prepare classes for them. You should provide your students with all the necessary materials and tools so that after the master class and during it, they can apply skills in practice. To open such a school, you will need a budget for the following expenses: rent of premises, salaries for foremen, purchase of tools, and so on.

Online school or courses

The development of information technology makes it possible to study remotely. Why not? More and more people are choosing this format, since there is no need to waste time on the road, and you can watch lectures and complete tasks at convenient hours. For an entrepreneur, this is also an opportunity to transfer their knowledge at a lower cost, since renting premises, purchasing materials, etc. are excluded.

Become a make-up product provider

One of the successful business ideas in the beauty industry is opening a professional cosmetics store. The services of beauty salons are truly valuable when specialists provide professional care. To do this, hairdressers or cosmetologists constantly need materials, the use of which will help the hair to recover or to make the skin more elastic. Also, a movie and stage make up. Such cosmetics cannot be bought in a regular store, and finding suppliers is a difficult process. Opening a professional cosmetics store will allow you to bring a wide audience since it is used not only in salons, but they are easy to use at home.

Business options:

The traditional format of a professional cosmetics store

To open a store, you will need money for renting premises, purchasing an initial batch of goods and equipment, salaries to sellers, and so on. At the same time, an important factor is the choice of the location of the store; it is best to choose places with high traffic: shopping centres, premises next to beauty salons, a densely populated area.

Online store of professional cosmetics

Opening an online store of professional cosmetics requires less financial costs. But to fill the site, an initial batch of products is also needed. Keep in mind that it is not as easy as it might seem to form an assortment. When choosing suppliers, it is better to turn your attention to large “players” who are already proven and reliable. 

Let’s make the make-up last longer

Many modern technologies are aimed at making it as easy as possible to apply make-up and to reduce the time it takes for this process. Permanent make-up is perhaps one of the demanded services, therefore it is necessary to adopt this business idea in the field of beauty. This is a kind of tattoo, thanks to which people can forget about the need for eyebrow shaping for at least 1 year, or, for example, you can emphasise the beauty of your lips with the help of contouring.

Business options:

Permanent make-up services at home

You can also have clients at home, but the main thing is to maintain sterility since there is a risk of any infection entering the body. To open a business, you will need the purchase of a basic tool (a machine with thin blades for drawing a contour), a set of sterile needles, special pigments.


As is the case with a manicure, if you open a salon, clients will take you more seriously. So it may be a better solution. To open a salon, the same costs will be required. You’ll just need to add the search for premises for rent (the area from 30-40 sq.m.), search for master and salaries to the obligatory part.


There are a lot of ideas for the implementation of a business in the field of beauty, while every year new directions appear that are in demand among customers, and open up opportunities for entrepreneurs. Starting your own business is always difficult. But if you take it seriously and do not back down, there are very many chances that everything will work out, and your business will go up. Which business is easiest to open is up to you, because it depends on your capabilities and skills.

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