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Best 3D Virtual Staging Software for Real Estate 2020

In this technologically advanced world, it should not come as a surprise, that over 90% of home/property buyers start their search online. Further, it is important to recognize that majority of them claim that images are the most essential aspect when it comes to view a house/property online. It is easy to attract and retain the interest of the potential buyers for a longer time, when your listings display visually compelling images!

Then here comes the need of visual staging!


Virtual staging is a method of digitally placing (or staging) trendy furniture and classic decor to make the home appear attractive to the buyers. This also helps them to understand the space better. Virtual staging assists the prospective buyers to visualize themselves in the space so that they can have a better perspective of how the home would look when furnished.

3D virtual staging software, where the designers can create, customise and re-size the furniture and other decor items to properly fit into the existing space. The virtual staging designers digitally design the room, using stunning custom inclusions, converting the otherwise vacant or clumsy space into a visually-created masterpiece!


Virtual staging software is technologically advanced software that lets you showcase your house/property to the prospective buyers in the best condition possible. This software is not like other photo editing soft-wares, rather it’s an high-end, very expensive 3D design editing and animation software.


It can’t be denied that it is easier to virtually sell a house/property that is aesthetically designed and furnished, than the one that is vacant. This is so, because the buyer is more driven towards the house that is visually appealing. Realtors and home-owners now recognize the benefits of virtual staging than ever before:

  1. Virtual staging gives a thorough preview of the house:

So, there comes the need of doing anything possible to make the prospective buyer feel excited about the listed property/house. Here, virtual staging can actually help them to preview what their life would look like when they move in!

  1. Virtual staging help the realtors to increase their sales:

The images of comfortable sofa, beds and exquisite decor makes the prospective buyer feel the life and warmth that these images radiate, and thus prompts the buyer to close the deal much faster.

  1. Virtual staging saves money:

Traditional staging definitely costs much as compared to virtual staging. To hire the furniture and keeping it through the shooting or until the house is sold out, would actually be very expensive. 3d Virtual staging software, on the contrary, would just cost you a fraction of the traditional bill! You just have to digitally place the furniture and the entire decor in a vacant room for which you have to pay a one-time fee to the virtual stage designer.

  1. Virtual staging saves you time and effort:

It takes a lot of time and effort to hire a traditional staging company, then set-up the entire decor and the furniture, to finally get the house/ property photographed. And then think of virtual staging, when you can photograph the vacant rooms one day and then get them virtually staged that would just take a couple of days at the most! Now, that’s the reason why photographers and realtors choose virtual staging over traditional home staging.

  1. Virtual staging allows re-designing and re-decorating:

A cluttered or stuffed room with out-of- place furniture or outdated decor does not make a good sight. With Virtual staging, however, you can actually remove and redesign an existing image to align with your preferences!

  1. Virtual staging targets specific market and audience:

One of the most highlighted features of virtual staging is that it allows you to directly target the requirements of your market. It makes listings of your property more appealing to the specific buyers that you may want to target.


Then you have to consider some really simple steps prior to the staging, so as to get the most out of your photos.

  • Make necessary repairs:- You need to get the damaged walls or flooring repaired before you take the photos of your house for staging. A proper rectification of any sort of damages would ensure better furnished photographs.
  • Create a neutral backdrop:- A neutral backdrop of the space that is being staged, enables you to select the right virtual furnishings for the house, in terms of colors combinations and matching.
  • De-clutter:- A clean and organized house always attracts more viewers. De-cluttering and removing the unnecessary furniture and decor helps in creating a space that has less distracting backdrop. This helps in creating visually stunning photos that will appeal to the targeted buyers.


 Virtual staging is suitable for:

  • Vacant houses up for sale.
  • Houses with outdated furniture and decor.
  • Houses that are occupied by tenants, where clicking fresh photos for you is not possible, but you have the previous photos.

Staging some rooms to make them look as appealing as possible to the buyers, will be just enough.}


You now know that virtual staging offers many benefits and is convenient and cheaper than the traditional staging. However, each method has its own share of pros and cons and you can check them out here:

Pros And Cons Of Virtual Staging:

Virtual staging pays-off well only if done properly by an expert handThe photos should look exceptionally realistic and not computer-generated ones.

However, going through the pros and cons of virtual staging is always advisable.


  • It successfully attracts attention of the prospective buyers online.
  • It allows you to even stage flex rooms in various creative ways.


  • Can become expensive when removing furniture or other items from the room is required while virtually staging
  • Can be difficult to click photos of an already occupied house

Pros And Cons Of Traditional Staging:

Traditional staging had been used by realtors since decades, until the advent of latest technically advanced virtual option. It requires putting special skills to create a space that appeals to the majority of buyers, and of course extra effort and a lot of time and money. However, traditional staging has its share of pros and cons as well. Let’s check them out here:


  • Prospective buyers can have the real-life analysis of the house/property when they take a tour.
  • It also generates the sense of imagination among the buyer.
  • Prospective buyers can actually gauge the size of the space quite precisely.
  • With real furniture and decor, the space appears to be practically larger.
  • Taking a real tour leaves a memory with the buyer long after leaving the site.


  • Turns out to be expensive, especially if the house don’t sell any time soon
  • It takes time and effort to get the furniture and decorative elements and place them in the entire house
  • Sometimes it may just seem like an unnecessary investment when the house sells out really sooner than expected


The worst mistake that a realtor or a house owner can make is to hire a virtual staging company that is not good enough! Since the furniture and the decorative items are computer generated, they have to look exceptionally realistic, failing which it can give the feeling of fake representation. And this can be done only by a designer, who is an expert at this craft.

A few other mistakes that can be avoided here are:

  • You should always provide pictures of empty room along with the staged room, failing which it will give the buyer an impression of a fully furnished space, which in reality, it is not.
  • Over-doing furniture and other decorative elements is not recommended at all, as this makes the space look cluttered and unorganized. Virtually staged picture should gives feeling of spaciousness, and not over crowded-ness.
  • An investment in virtual staging is required only when necessary. Replacing the furniture and decorative items in a photo when they are perfectly fine could be a sheer waste of time, effort and money.

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