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Athenahealth VS Nextgen EHR Software: All That You Need To Know!


Before we get into the comparison directly, Let’s first find a little bit about Athenahealth and Nextgen EHR software.


Athenahealth EHR was developed almost 23 years back to improve the financial and clinical efficiency of medical practices everywhere. Although Athenahealth EHR got famous in a little while for its amazing features like every software it needed constant attention and improvements. AthenaHealth EHR is better than ever now, with extremely professional and useful features. 


Nextgen is a very well designed EHR software. It offers two options for EHR. There is NextGen Enterprise EHR and then there is NextGen Office EHR. NextGen EHR software offers features that are unique and designed keeping the need of doctors in mind. NextGen is designed to improve the quality of care and reduce administrative burden. This software is designed to cater to the needs of practices of different sizes and Patient care is always on top of their priority list. NextGen can easily be integrated with other medical software. 

Now that we know a little bit about these two software, let’s dive straight into what these two EHR software have to offer.

Athenahealth EHR and NextGen EHR Software

Athenahealth EHR Features

Athena EHR is an excellent software that is known to be extremely professional, useful, and very well structured EHR software. It offers a variety of different features that help you get your day-to-day tasks fast and done easily. The top five features that Athenahealth offers are Documentation, Scheduling, Reporting, Integrated Billing Solution, and Patient Portal.

According to the reviews of Athenahealth EMR, these features are very useful for medical practices. The advantages of having these features are countless. Your workflow is streamlined, A lot of time is saved and can be utilized performing other tasks, Work gets done faster and without any trouble, the accuracy level is maintained, Chance of errors is reduced, Files are maintained in one place and are more organized, there is less clutter, etc. 

Other EHR features of Athenahealth include Appointment Management, Clinical Workflow, Lab Integration, Medical Templates, Patient History, etc. If you want to test these features out, you can book an Athenahealth EHR demo

NextGen EHR Features

NextGen EMR has some excellent EHR features to offer. The top EHR features that NextGen offers are Mobile solutions, Clinical tasking, Health maintenance reminders, Lab, radiology, and immunization interfaces, Customizable preferences settings, Referral management, and Chronic disease management. 

Other NextGen EHR features include Charting, Electronic prescriptions, Appointment scheduling, Voice recognition, etc. All these features are extremely professional and very useful for the users. They are known to improve the clinical as well as the financial efficiency at your medical practice. NextGen will streamline your workflow before you know it and make your work life so easy and simple for you.


Athenahealth EHR Pros and Cons

AthenaHealth EMR claims scrubbing software is loved by almost every customer who is using this feature. The claims are known to go out easy and simple and are paid quickly. Athena has excellent reporting capabilities and helps so much with reporting. The Patient Portal is extremely nice and helps users so much on a daily basis. The tasks are done quicker and easier because of the availability of a good Patient Portal. Customer Support is very nice and responsive. They’ll get back to you as soon as possible and help you with all the problems that you have. However, it has some flaws. The setup has been a little tricky and time consuming for some of the users. It is a little challenging to use in the beginning and for anyone who is using EHR software for the first time, it is a little complicated. 

NextGen EHR Software Pros and Cons

NextGen EHR Software has so many strengths and a few weaknesses. NextGen is known to be extremely easy to navigate and manage. The practice management software is one of its strongest points and is loved by almost all of its users. Users love using it for medical information and record updates. Their customer support is beyond awesome. They are extremely professional and friendly. However, they do have some weaknesses. It slows down a little sometimes and often has bugs. Claims management is also not one of their strongest points. 


Overall, Athenahealth and NextGen are both extremely professional and amazing EHR Software. They have solutions to many of your problems.

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