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Amazing Things to Do in Kahului?

Are you planning to spend a holiday in Kahului? If yes, This article is for you. It is home to the county’s primary airport, deep-draft harbor, light industrial zones, and commercial retail malls. Kahului is a census-designated place (CDP) in Maui County, located between Wailuku, Maui County’s government seat. Let me know more about this place.

How to reach Kahului

Kahului is the Valley Isle’s major port city. Maui’s primary international airport, Kahului Airport, is also located here (OGG in FAA parlance). Kahului, Maui, is well connected with many countries. Virgin America Airlines are providing direct flights from the continental United States and many more connecting through the considerably larger Honolulu Airport (HNL). There are also profitable deals on Virgin America Flight booking.

Most major airlines fly directly to Kahului, Maui from a number of mainland locations, usually major hubs or West Coast cities. If a direct flight from your location is not available, you’ll most likely change aircraft at one of these cities or in Honolulu, where you’ll transfer to a regional airline such as Hawaiian Air. You can also compare prices on different dates and boarding points to get Virgin America cheap tickets.

Iao Valley State Monument

One of Maui’s most rewarding sights is the Iao Valley State Monument. In Iao Valley, King Kamehameha the Great engaged and defeated Maui’s forces in his effort to unite the Hawaiian Islands. Not only is it extraordinarily beautiful and rich in Maui cultural and geological significance, but it also has a deeply transformative Hawaiian past tied to the soil. What was once a tumultuous struggle that altered the course of Hawaiian history is now a treasured piece of land where visitors may honor Hawaii’s cultural heritage, enjoy stunning panoramas, and wander beside natural streams and lush valley vegetation. Don’t forget to apply Virgin America book flight promo codes and coupons while booking your ticket.

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice 

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice on Dairy Road is a popular Hawaiian shave ice spot in Kahului. It’s one of my favorite things to do before flying out of Kahului. You may have to stand in the shade or eat your shaved ice in the car because there are just a few picnic tables outside the shave ice hut. However, after the first bite, you’ll convince yourself that it’s worth it.

Kanaha Beach Park 

Spend some time at Kanaha Beach Park to get a bit more beach time in. It’s about a 10-minute drive from Kahului Airport. Planes may be seen flying in and out, as well as kite surfers enjoying the waves. It’s a fantastic place to unwind before boarding your trip home.

Take a Break from the Heat

Maybe you’ve had your fill of the sun for the day, or you’ve got a later flight and more hours than you know what to do with. It’s also conveniently located in the Maui Mall, so you can do some last-minute shopping while you’re there. It’s only made in the Tasaka Guri Guri Shop that I’m aware of. It’s also within the Maui Mall.  Guri is a cross between sherbet and ice cream, sort of; you’ll have to try it to believe it.

Kahoolawe island

Kahoolawe is a small and most popular island of this place. It is an uninhabited island off Maui’s southwest shore. During World War II, Kahoolawe was believed to be the Pacific island with the most cannon damage. The island was returned to Hawaii in 1993 and given to the Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission (KIRC), which is responsible for maintaining its cleanliness and restoration. Since 2011, the island and its surrounding seas have been restricted to the public.

Wailuku Waiehu golf course

Wailuku’s Waiehu golf course is approximately 20 minutes from Kahului Airport. It offers breathtaking views, and the staff has always been helpful and pleasant. We rent a golf cart, which is a lot of fun and keeps you cool while you drive from hole to hole. The main reward, though, is the stunning ocean vistas and the lovely tree-lined fairway.

The swap meet

The swap meet, which is located in the parking lot of the University of Hawaii Maui College, is a busy market with a wide variety of items to select from. Last week was the final edition of the Kahului Swap Meet, according to Paronto on Friday. Parents will be selling his artwork, which includes hand-blown glass, photographs, and paintings, at the Maui Swap Meet today. He didn’t see the point in confusing tourists by holding two swap meetings at the same time. This year, instead of the usual 200 merchants, there are 160. However, this hasn’t detracted from the market’s allure in the least.

Maui Coffee Roasters

Warm-up yourself from a hot cup of Maui Coffee Roasters. You can enjoy the delicious and best taste for your cravings in this American cafe. This is ideal for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. If you are a vegetarian, you must visit this place as vegetarian food is also available here. 

Ki ho’alu Slack Key Guitar Festival

This is a popular musical event which is held in the month of June. It is an annual celebration of slack key guitar music. For music lovers, it’s a great event to escape from the world of music and enjoy it with full soul. To attend this guitar festival you need to confirm dates first as this is an occasional event and worth visiting once in a lifetime.

The Maui Nui Botanical Gardens

The Maui Nui Botanical Gardens are also known as the Maui Zoological and Botanical Gardens. These gardens are sped over a 7-acre area. There is also a large collection of Polynesian-introduced plants in the gardens. At the moment, 20 of the 60 known taro varieties, as well as 40 sugarcane varieties, 15 sweet potato varieties, and 40 sugarcane types, are being planted. The gardens were created inside a coastal dune system by Rene Sylva to conserve native Hawaiian flora from Maui Nui’s dry forest and coastal areas.

Helicopter Tours

Many tour operators and other agencies like Sunshine, Maverik, Air Maui offer helicopter tours of the city. It will show you a full view of the top attractions from above. Take advantage of this opportunity and view the city from a different way. After a flight by Virgin America, fly by helicopter and see the most beautiful side of this place.

Best Time To Visit Kahului

The average temperature in Kahului is quite consistent. Temperatures feel hot for roughly half of the year due to humidity but are generally pleased with a very low likelihood of rain throughout the year. Mid to late August is the hottest period of the year, with highs about 89.5°F (31.9°C) and temperatures seldom dropping below 71.1°F (21.7°C) at night. If you’re searching for the hottest months to visit Kahului, August, July, and September are your best bets.

July is the busiest and greatest month for tourism in Kahului, with March and February following closely behind. During these months, hotel and airfare prices will be at their highest, however you may save if you book tickets from Virgin America Airlines Reservations in advance. In June, tourists are unlikely to visit Kahului.

Kahului is a great place to explore and have fun with family, friends, or alone. Attractions of this place are heart hacking so book your tickets and enjoy a valuable time here.

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