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What are the Best Recharge Apps in India?

India is one of the fastest-growing online markets in the world. With over 1.3 billion people and one of the largest internet-using population, it is one of the biggest when it comes to digital trends. A couple of decades back, we struggled in our modes of payment and money transfer at the user level. Since then, we have rapidly caught up with the world and are now leading the race in for digital and paperless transactions. All of it became possible due to the growth of fast and cheap internet access and mobile phone penetration into all sects of society. 

A huge credit for this revolution goes to online recharge apps, aka digital wallets. Digital wallets have changed the game. With this newfound ability to make online transactions instantly, and from any place you like, people are spending more than ever! Worldwide, the economies are flourishing. The online app payments industry is growing at a very high speed, and with it, the competition. Online recharge apps are coming each day with unique offerings. But to simplify your life, you should choose one. 

Life Made Easy Through Online Payment Apps

Life was made easy and stress-free with digital payment and recharge apps. They have given us the liberty to make payments of prepaid/postpaid mobile number, landline, electricity, insurance, and gas bill anytime and from anywhere.

The new services are generally the ones that offer most lucrative deals. So, if you are looking for mobile and bill payment apps that offer comprehensive and efficient solutions, here are a few you must try. To resolve some of your trouble, we recommend the top five mobile recharge apps in no order. 

Bajaj FinServ

Firstly the most versatile, Bajaj Finserv, offers you services like no other. Secondly, Powered by Mobikwik, this app combines the best of both words – technical craftsmanship and a variety of highly useful and optimized services. Thirdly & most important this app has one of the best app designs we have seen in a long time on the technical front. Everything you might need is placed carefully at optimized locations. Moreover, the app is also lag-free and doesn’t hang, which gives it added security and makes sure your payments are processed seamlessly.

On the service front, it covers a wide range of services and functionalities. It is a recharge app that supports all kind of recharges and bill payments. Along with it, it is a credit card app that also gives you the benefits of the digital EMI card app. It has an online market place that offers great deals and cashback prizes. It has many other features as well. Let’s have a closer look. 

Services offered by Bajaj FinServ

  1. Mobile Recharges to all operators throughout India. 
  2. Personal loan services
  3. Credit card app services
  4. Digital wallet services 
  5. Gold buying services
  6. Transfer money to the bank account
  7. Send and receive money to anyone through UPI
  8. Electricity and Water bill payments for all boards and companies
  9. DTH recharges for all operators
  10. Piped gas bill payments
  11. Housing payments
  12. Book online tickets
  13. Support for online shopping
  14. Nearby grocery stores and other vendors
  15. Recharge your metro cards and travel cards, etc. 


Another good online payment app is PhonePe. PhonePe also offers a variety of services.

Let’s have a look. 

  1. Recharge mobiles
  2. Pay electricity and utility bills online
  3. Send and receive money through UPI               
  4. Recharge your broadband
  5. PhonePe My money services
  6. Digital wallet services
  7. Good app design


The most popular one is PayTm. It offers a range of services and features.

Here are some of the best. 

  1. Paytm Wallet services
  2. Paytm Mall services
  3. Online bill payments
  4. Integration with different other services
  5. Paytm cashback and offers, etc. 


Another app famous for discount coupons and deals in Freecharge.

Freecharge has extended its range of services and is now providing much more than before – 

  1. Freecharge wallet services
  2. Recharge your utility bills
  3. Cashback and offers
  4. Mutual Funds investments
  5. Pay using Freecharge wallets

Google pay

Powered by Google, it is one of the best apps on the market. Though it focuses extensively on UPI payments, the app offers a variety of services,

Some of which are –

  1. GooglePay UPI services
  2. GooglePay online money transfer
  3. Pay electricity and utility bills
  4. Google pay rewards and promotion services
  5. Platform-based integrated services. 

Choosing the one that complements your requirements the best is a wise move. Go through the features before finalizing the app you want to download.

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