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All Time 5 Best Wireless Headsets For Customer Service

Gone are the days when customer service representatives face difficulties in roaming while attending the calls. They stick to one place and are unable to move around and thus sometimes get fed up with their job.

But now, in the advancement in technology & invention of wireless headsets, it never has been so irritating and difficult to give the best customer service support. Moving around all over the office area, you can talk to your client and help them have an amazing customer service experience. 

However, choosing the best office headsets that allow complete freedom of movement and enable you to attend calls is not quite an easy job! You have to choose it wisely! Because buying cheap headsets will never give you that much sound quality you expect and also, unable to meet up with the noise-canceling features. 

And if the wireless headsets you are buying are not compatible to reduce the unwanted noise and background distortions, then you can lack a professional attitude towards work. So, our suggestion to you is to research the best office headsets first, then see their specifications and features, lastly come to making a purchase. 

It’s all you need to do! However, if you are a person with a hectic schedule and unable to research the different types of the latest headsets, then don’t worry! Here’s a list of the top 5. 

Just enjoy reading….

Plantronics Savi 8220 Wireless Headset Binaural 

Meet the first and the best over-the-head binaural type wireless headset – Plantronics Savi 8220! This pair of headsets have become the most demanding headset since it covers both ears and allows the better focus of work, without any interruption of noise. 

The best thing about these headsets is its 500-foot working range, which is quite impressive, and the noise-canceling technology that impediments undesired noise in a noisy workplace.

If we talk about the battery, then you can seamlessly have 13 hours of talk time that’s great for customer service representatives.  

What’s more? 

Conference calls & easy transfer of calls are also possible with 3 Savi 8220 connected devices that’s a great thing when it comes to attending multiple customers. 

Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset

If you are looking for a lightweight & comfortable headset that you can wear all day for a long period of usage, then there is no better headset than buying Plantronics CS540. 

This wireless headset is stylish, with an integrated power adjustment system that makes the charging process quite fast and allows you to use it for more than 7 hours.

The digital sound processing technology helps make each call clear, blocking the sound glitches that become an obstacle in the way of a clear conversation. 

Its integrated SoundGuard technology also deals well with the difficulty of audio spikes, enabling your calls to be uninterrupted, clear, and comfortable. If you like its features, then place your order online and experience another level of conversation with your customers. 

Sennheiser CC 550 IP

How we cannot include the Sennheiser headsets when it comes to choosing the best Wireless Headsets For Customer Service.  Famous for their high-quality audio and precision sound, the Sennheiser wireless headsets have won the hearts of many customers. 

The extra-large ear pads of headsets provide a great level of comfort zone for long-term wear. You will never feel irritated and can comfortably wear all day for long hours of customer service calls. 

We can say that for technical conversations with your valuable customers, this pair of headset is just amazing. Depending on your choice, you can choose the style and size and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free calling. Hopefully, see the specifications of it thoroughly and give it a try!

Poly Savi 7210 Wireless Headset 

Another best headset on this list is Savi 7210. This headset has come up with a lot of improved features and benefits over other wireless headsets that are ideal for customer service. 

The adjustable design of the headset makes it simple to use and the 400-foot wireless range is something that everyone expects from Plantronics. Designed especially for the office environment, this pair of headsets adapt to powerful or quiet office surroundings as the situation may be. 

The 12 hours of talk time is good enough to attend all day long customer calls. You can also make secure wireless conference calls with its amazing 4-way conference call characteristic formulated into the system. 

Jabra Engage 65 Mono Wireless Headset 

It is the latest addition to the Jabra headset series that’s perfect for both PC and smartphones. Also, it is Microsoft Skype Business Certified with a battery of approximately 13 hours of talk time. 

Within a couple of seconds, you can switch seamlessly between a PC & smartphone. If we talk about productivity and efficiency, then this pair of the headset is 3 times more efficient and productive than other Jabra’s headsets. 

With 57 grams of its weight, it is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and enables you to move anywhere in the office to attend your client’s call. If you want to give your customers an amazing customer service experience, then it is the best wireless headset these days to try out. 


Do let us know which one of the above headset you like the most and would like to buy? We would like to know your answer. 

It will help us know you have actually understood the characteristics of headers and can take a decision wisely. All are the best office headsets. Buying them, using them, you will definitely enjoy another level of customer service experience. 

Take your time, do research well about the chosen headset, and then place your order. 

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