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All that you need to know about furnished villas

If you own a villa that you do not live in, you can either rent it out or sell it. If you want to list down your villa for rent in Dubai, you can seek help from the best property listing websites, as it is one of the most convenient and quick methods or renting out your property in Dubai.

However, before renting, it is imperative to decide whether you would be choosing a furnished or unfurnished option. To arrive at a smart decision, you must be aware of all the pros and cons of renting out a furnished villa.

What is a furnished villa?

A furnished villa is the one that comes along with all the necessary furniture pieces that might be required by a regular person in order to live comfortably. A furnished villa can get you a higher rent in comparison to the unfurnished villas.

What does a fully furnished villa mean?

A fully furnished villa is one in which the tenant can move in without buying any additional furniture. Such villas feature state-of-the-art interior designs to give you a homely feeling.

What does a semi-furnished villa mean?

As the name suggests, this type of villa is partially equipped with furniture. The term  “partially furnished ” means that the necessary furniture pieces are present in the villa, such as beds, sofas, dressers, tables, and chairs. There might be some additional smaller furniture pieces available too.

The pros of renting a furnished villa

The pros help you pick the more beneficial option by highlighting its perks. The following are some of the benefits of renting out a furnished villa:

Price difference

Across Dubai, the cost of furnished villas is higher as compared to the unfurnished villas. This enables you, as a landlord, to charge a higher price for your furnished villa. These prices might vary from region to region, depending upon the villa community.

Higher security deposit

Being a landlord of a furnished villa allows you to charge a relatively higher security deposit than the unfurnished villa. This protects you from the burden of repairing the cost of the villa and the furniture.

Predictable target market

As it is evident that a furnished will cost more than the furnished villa, it makes it obvious that the target audience will have higher affordability.


Villas are known for their luxury. Renting out an unfurnished villa can compromise the design aesthetics if the party you rent it to does not have good taste. Essentially, a furnished villa can complement the other interior design features, such as the architectural elements. Considering this, it is recommended to rent out a fully furnished villa.

Larger client pool 

It goes without saying, but a fully furnished villa attracts a large clientele. Fundamentally, you would be able to invite individuals and families who wish to spend a short duration of time in the city. The clients who visit Dubai on a vacation typically search for an option that is more convenient. Fully furnished villas can fulfil this need.

The cons of renting a furnished villa

The cons will help you foresee the future demerits, therefore, the following are the cons of renting out a furnished villa.

Higher potential for damage

Since the furniture is also provided to the tenant, this raises the risk and potential for damage to the villa, as well as the furniture. However, this issue can be resolved by charging an additional fee to cover any damages.

Higher turnover

The major drawback of furnished villas is that it comes with a long-term lease agreement, which makes it unattractive for the people seeking a short-term solution.

Clash with the renter’s aesthetic

The major disadvantage of renting out a fully furnished villa can be the apparent difference in creative aesthetics. Your villa can become instantly unattractive if your design aesthetic is different from the client you are renting it out to.

These were all the important details that you needed to know about furnished villas. The decision to rent your property furnished and unfurnished depends entirely upon the target audience you wish to rent it out to. On the other hand, if you do not wish to place the property on rent, then you can list your villa for sale in Dubai and cash in on it.

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