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All about Google ‘Verse-by-Verse’


There is an artist in every human. Art is not just a mode of entertainment, but also a unique way to quench the thirst for divinity. Many believe that technology is also an art wherein machines and devices help communities to connect with each other and build a better society.

Many people fancy themselves as being great poets but do not have the lyrical skills that the art form demands. This is where technology comes to the rescue. Google’s Verse by Verse is a tool that helps aspiring poets hone their craft by taking inspiration from some of America’s most famed poets.

On the shoulders of Giants

Google’s latest project takes the help of great poets of America like

  • Dickinson
  • Whitman
  • Poe
  • Wheatley
  • Longfellow

Google has trained AI systems for this job. The systems provide suggestions to the aspiring ports in the style of the erstwhile greats which act as muses for the users.

Composing the poem

The wannabe poets first need to choose their favorite poet on whose lines they would like to create their poem. Then, the users need to start with the first line of their verse. The AI would come to the aid from the second line onwards where it will give suggestions for the next line which will replicate the style of the poet that the users have selected.

In case the users do not like the suggestion, then they can continue writing the verse on their own. The AI won’t mind even if the users would make some changes in the suggestions given. Once the poem is finished, verse by verse gives the user the option of copying the text or downloading the poem as an image file. Both ways allow the user to easily share the poem with others.

Some help from AI

Google’s Verse by Verse uses the innovative abilities of AI to aid aspiring poets. The AI does not use the original lines that the famous poets had written, but instead, it creates novel verses that sound like the original lines.

The team behind Verse by Verse accomplished this by training its AI models on a vast collection of classic poetry. The developers then fine-tuned the models based on each poet’s body of work which was aimed at capturing their individual style of writing.

The Google developers trained the system to have a general semantic understanding of what lines of the verse would be the best fit according to the previous lines. This allows the users to write poetry even on topics that were not common in classic poetry.

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Get writing

Google’s Verse by Verse allows the users to rekindle their old love for poetry. By offering innovative suggestions, the software aims to take users to a road less traveled.

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