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All About Canada Work Permit Visa – Immigration in Chennai

There is so much of confusion and lack of knowledge about what exactly a “Canada work permit visa”means and how a Canada work visa for Indians would increase their chances of obtaining a PR status in Canada. The first & foremost thing we need to understand is that Canadian employers do not have the rights to directly hire a foreign national, they are supposed to be giving the employment opportunities to the locals of the community who are the Canadian citizens & permanent residents. We often get calls from clients asking for “work permit Canada”! it’s not that work permit doesn’t exist nor is there is any factor that’s stopping you from applying for a Canada work permit from India.

So let’s understand the gist of the matter!

1.         What are the prerequisites for Canada work permit eligibility?

2.         How does one apply for work permit Canada?

3.         Is there a permanent and temporary work permit Canada?

4.         What’s an open work permit and closed work permit?

AS mentioned before a Canadian employer has to prove to ESDC that he has done everything in his means to make sure that the required profile has been made public via advertisements etc and that he couldn’t find the suitable candidate in Canada. This is when ESDC (Employment and social development Canada) grants the employer a LMIA (Labor market impact assessment ) which is nothing but a positive certificate from the federal body which gives a green signal to the employer to go ahead and hire a foreign national provided he meets the pre –requisites mentioned in the NOC code and is admissible to Canada.

To know more about Employer specific work permit you can go to Canada Work Permit Visa

Being licensed recruiters in Canada, designated employers reach out to us for hiring foreign nationals and we apply for a LMIA for them. We make sure that the employer compliance is met and everything is as per the IRPA &IRPR legalities. It is not very common to see vacant job slots but no befitting individuals to occupy the same position. At the same time ,the entire process of obtaining a LMIA and finding a foreign national meeting the requirements is cumbersome and lengthy.

Everything in such a process is through the Provincial governments and the Federal body’s involvement .There is no margin of error as everything is transparent and cross checked, leaving no levy for any discrepancies.

Nonetheless, it’s something that is “easier said than done”! Otherwise lakes of Express entry applicants who have been religiously waiting for an invitation for years would have taken this path.

The Open work permit on the other hand is only applicable to a select few, as mentioned in Canada Work permit Visa. A Masters course in Canada (2 year course) would provide you an open work permit (2 year work permit Canada).

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Avoid asking these questions!

1. Don’t ask: “Can you offer me an easy immigration option?”

The process of immigration to Canada is challenging. Why? Simply put, millions of people want to immigrate to Canada. However, Canada can accept a limited number of immigrants every year. Therefore, they put many measures to cherry-pick the best candidates. For example, some of the typical requirements include the following:

• Knowledge of either English or French languages: To verify language abilities, you need to take an official test and get high scores. Unless you master one of those languages, none of the existing tests is easy.

• Post-secondary education: If you do not hold a post-secondary credential, you will have limited options to immigrate to Canada. Regardless, you need to evaluate your credentials via specific organizations. Of course, this takes time and money.

• Past work experience: Imagine going back to your employers one by one and asking for work reference letters.

• Financial documents: Think about collecting bank statements, business financial statements, etc.

• Background information: You need police certificates from every country that you lived for a long time. Of course, the immigration authorities must make sure you are not inadmissible to Canada.

• Medical examination: If a person is a threat to Canadians’ health, they could become inadmissible to Canada. Also, you must not impose an excessive demand on our healthcare system. Therefore, you and your dependent family members need to go through a comprehensive medical examination.

Of course, these are some generic examples. Depending on the method of immigration, the documents you need vary. Collecting documents is not an easy task. Nonetheless, the officer may request more documents from you in the future. They may even invite you to an interview.

2. Don’t ask: “Can I immigrate quickly?”

When Express Entry was introduced in 2015, the system was intended to enable faster processing of immigration applications. IRCC aimed to process 80 percent of all Express Entry immigration applications in six months or less. Notably, the time it takes for IRCC to process a permanent residence application is only one part of the Express Entry process. So, you should anticipate that the entire process will be longer than the average processing time listed above for the permanent residence application.

3. Don’t ask: “Can you offer me a cheap immigration option?”

I hate to break it to you, but immigration to Canada is costly. Of course, if you decide to do it yourself, you do not need to pay professional fees to a practitioner.

However, the complex and ever-changing nature of Immigration rules means that regardless of applicants’ research and English language skills, some will still make mistakes which are hard to correct, if they can be fixed at all.

So if you are going to use a paid service, it is implied that your profile should remain in the hands of experienced professionals, after all, would you allow an inexperienced doctor the chance to operate without the necessary credentials or experience? So why would you risk your chances of starting a new life to save a couple of dollars? Contact us today to receive a free consultation call or simply fill-up our assessment form for a free eligibility assessment.

4. Don’t ask: “Can you guarantee my success?”

What a weird question that we hear a few times a month! Let me us frank with you. No one in this world can guarantee your success. Here are some reasons:

•          The decision-maker is an immigration officer, not the immigration practitioner: How can you expect the middle-man to guarantee the decisions of the authorities in charge?

•          Whether we like it or not, the immigration officers can incorporate their discretion in the decision-making process. Of course, they have to follow the immigration law, but the law leaves room for them to decide. Even courts rarely interfere with the job of an immigration officer.

•          Sometimes unforeseen issues result in refusal or rejection of an application. For example, Canada may exit an international treaty or the new government may decide to stop a popular immigration option.

•          Since the immigration process is time-consuming, your situation could change.

If you request guaranteed results, you only push away honest practitioners. Consequently, you may end up with fraudsters or dishonest people who will empty your pockets or cause misrepresentation.

Conclusion –

Most of the provinces have a separate stream in provincial nomination for applicants who have an offer letter, and a nomination gives you additional 600 points in your express entry profile. Therefore an offer letter from a designated employer would be a boon indeed. Looking for a Canada work permit from India consultancy??? Be thorough in your research before reaching out to consultancies in India, if 90 % are fraudulent the rest 10 % are not regulated to provide such services.

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