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All About Call Centre Types

All About Call Centre

Nowadays, we try to find a place where we can buy things under one roof or on the same premises as a commercial shop so that we can nib the need of going from one place to another, only because we don’t have time to buy things from another place. 

Sometimes in doing so, we might neglect or ignore the fact that there might be better quality than the one we are buying, or we negotiate the price with ourselves. 

In modern days of technology, the need for human hand is becoming less and less, replaced by new ideas or new machines, given birth by those ideas. For instance, if look to the car industry or health or it might be the way we use to play (back in the 90s), everything is changing or has changed for the past few years either for good or for worst.

In old days one has to worry about manpower, ideas, and loads of other things, just so a business owner can concentrate his efforts on other parts of a business or to kick start a project. But nowadays it’s the era of CALL CENTER. When you don’t have to worry about your unnecessary needs for your business.

  • Now, the million-dollar question, what is a Call Center?

A place or an office where telephone calls from the clients who already have joined or signed a contract or the new ones, who want to pay the right people, so that their business needs are taken care of. But as in other profession or offices, every rank or position has a name, the same rule applies in the call center, and they who answer and picks call are known as operators or agents.

The bigger the size of a company, the larger will be the size of a call center for that company needs:

  • Support offered to the customers/clients
  • Queries handled by operators/agents
  • Marketing over the phone is carried out
  • Market research is conducted.

But having said that, these functions over time have put themselves in development mode in the past couple of years, and as a result, they have given birth to a new facility known as “contact center”. 

  • Types of Call Center

The above facility multiplies like an organism into many working environments but the famous or known much to us are ;

  • An Inbound Facility

“The calls are taken for you..”

Now the above type of facility offers services with the respect that the calls will be answered on the client’s behalf for their business. Answering telephone queries, processing orders, dispatching orders, taking care of client’s accounts, taking payment over the phone for customers.  

This type of center will be more likely to be a Taxi or airport transfer services. When the customer calls a landline number of the city or country where the existence of a taxi firm, the call is directed via the inbound facility through a VoIP networking based upon an IT tech system and software, which takes the order and dispatches it though that software and the customer there gets the taxi or an airport transfer at the requested address.

  • Outbound Facility

“Calls are made for you..”

The term outbound as it defines itself, to make a call on client behalf to customers or in simple words to people like us either to sell, ask for survey or marketing a certain kind of product. 

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This kind of facility is by far are more in numbers then their opposite one (inbound), as they represent brands, telecom, women or men, kids or toddlers, house or office, banking cards, loans facility, insurances either be it automotive or health and the list goes one. 

In this game of calls, they work the opposite, and in a very cocky way, they trap their prey or in a more formal way their innocent customer, like the ones when you step into a high street retail shop. An agent or operator will call you on your mobile phone, (how the get hang of your contact info is pretty confusing but they eventually get them) and try to sell you something with a highly extra ordinary introduction, you never have come across.

Then when the agent/operator knows that you are well within the trapped box, they then transfer it to the one, who will perform a proper exorcism on you and make the payment and as well as making you a customer with few free perks if they have for you.

Now that we got an idea of what these facilities are all about, I may remind you of a term that emerged after a few enhancements, which is known as “contact center”. Below you will learn about what this particular facility is all about.

  • Contact Center

Voice calls are dealt with traditionally in a call center environment, where the above two facilities are been used to facilitate the client’s needs. But there is more to it, and that is when these centers entertain queries like emailing, live chatting, messaging, or any other source, it becomes known as a “Contact Center”.

  • Conclusion

Whatever the environment or nature of a center where it is inbound, outbound, or a contact center, there are few heads, who are known as advisors, who are always there to keep an eye on detail. They are the ones, who train in ways how to make a call, answering client’s queries, etc.

Now and then the terms for both types of centers are often used by the nature of the business needs of the clients, whether they be of any nature.

Now as the old saying goes “No Service is the best Service”, but having said this, the industry is yet to shrug off the label of a call or contact center.  

As the need and emergence of new technology always seem to enhance the existing ones or an upgrade is always right at the corner for whatever technology or facility is there.

Let’s keep an eye out, what tomorrow might bring….

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