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Advantages of Using 3CX Phone System in 2021

It is time to update your business IT needs with the new technology and innovation, but your business phone system needs an update. Make your business free from the outdated business phone system and switch to the latest 3CX business phone system. 

3CX phone systems make your call management, call monitoring, controlling, conferencing and other such things very easy. You can login to your 3CX phone system from any smart phone or system to check the status of other users. 

What is 3CX phone system?

3Cx phone systems is a software based IP PBX system that replaces your traditional hardware PBX. This phone system contains amazing features and offers superior flexibility at very low cost. 

Add a extra hardware PBX without adding any extra wiring in it. You can easily configure it and eliminate the need for any kind of expensive maintenance. 

You can easily integrate this phone system with your other business applications and enhance your business productivity. Some more notable features of this phone system are –

  • Easy Remote Connections
  • Fax Servers
  • Unified Communications
  • Phone provisioning
  • Call Recording
  • Call conferencing
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Music on hold and essential announcement
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Call queuing
  • connect branch offices seamlessly
  • Easier administration
  • simplifies usage and boosts mobility
  • Paging and intercom
  • Call forwarding
  • Call parking, call pickup, call forwarding
  • auto-attendant
  • Instant messaging (chat) via call assistant

Why is 3CX Phone System Best for Your Business?

3CX phones provides your business with affordable, flexible and easy use VOIP phone system that reduces your telephony cost. With the 3CX phone system, there is an increase in productivity, customer service quality, and your business operations’ smooth running. All your business needs are handled using 3CX phone system. 

Advantages of 3CX phone system

3CX is the ideal business phone system for those companies who don’t want to deal with IT management. A fully hosted software-based phone system enables you to improve your overall call quality, call conferencing, and other unified communications. 

Let’s quickly ponder over some essential benefits of 3CX Business Phone Systems-

Cost Savings

3Cx phone system don’t need the legacy requirement, which is very expensive, so that you can save on the hardware and the administration cost easily. It has advanced technology in the 3Cx phone system your phone bill, IT maintenance, and telephony cost reduces significantly. The web conferencing feature present in the 3CX phone system also cuts the call conferencing cost by removing the need for having expensive web services. 


You don’t have to work on whole new wiring process to use the 3CX phone system. You can use your existing network infrastructure for the same. Integrate the other business applications with your 3CX phone system, which will help you increase productivity and customer service. Adding or removing the phone lines is very easy with 3CX phone systems. 


Cloud based phone systems improves employee mobility and flexibility. The IOS and the android applications present in this phone system enable the employees to make and receive phone calls to their office phone numbers to their smartphones. Some other impressive features like call recording, visual voicemails are also present in it. 

Easy To install and manage.

It is very easy to install and manage this phone system. 3Cx phone system is a window application, so anyone familiar with Windows can use it with ease. In case of server crash or failure, or malfunctions, you can recover it very quickly with your VOIP settings and resume your business data easily. If you plan to change your existing phone system and you have concern about the time it will take to install and launch, then use 3Cx phone system, Using this phone system will remove all your worries about new phone system installation and function again. It quickly installs into your system not affecting your work. 

Very Easy To Use Features

Many unique features are present in 3CX phone systems like click-to-call functionality, video conferencing, mobile device clients. Etc. All these features are vert easy to use and don’t need any type of technical expertise. Employees can maximize their phone feature using these easy to use features and tools. 

High Quality Call

You can make high quality calls using the 3CX phone systems. There is no interruption in phone system activity like video conferencing, video meetings, etc. You can work with ease without missing a single call. 


As long as you have access to internet you can make calls using the 3CX phone systems. You can easily communicate/ contact your clients or the customers even while you are moving or traveling, or working remotely. Get portable solutions for your communication systems with 3CX phones. 


The modern business world offers various modes to increase the productivity and development of your business. 3CX is great small business phone system and a tool that will boost your business. You have also seen all the benefits of this phone system, so it’s time to switch to such a mode of communication. 

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