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Advantages of Hiring Remote Developers

Back in March, the pandemic was officially declared and ever since then it’s been a long ride of figuring how to adapt to the new dynamics of human interactions. In a world where globalisation continuously increases accessibility, employing remote teams was already becoming common practice however, the onset of COVID-19 has exponentiated that process manyfold.

Companies want their operations to continue in that business flow they knew prior to the pandemic all the while taking the necessary measures to not contribute further to the spread of disease. We are here to discuss why that is a good thing and if you’re not already considering to hire remote software developer teams, you have come to the right place.

Firstly, the benefits universal to hiring any kind of remote workers will also apply to your remote developer teams.

  • Given the times that we live in, one might argue that human safety should hold precedence over everything else. Well, with employees that work from home, staff health is no longer your concern. Assuming they’re following protocol at home, they’ll be protected and not in danger of contracting or spreading the virus.
  • Remote teams bring in a level of flexibility that is unmatched. Managers don’t have to worry about low productivity levels and working around roadblocks because usually remote teams are usually hired on a functional basis, as in they have been employed to achieve tangible goals and then they are done. Their job description usually isn’t a vague one. The number of hours they put in isn’t the only metric to judge their productivity anymore.
  • Continuing from the last point, remote developers usually submit higher quality work. Again, they have a more flexible work-life balance and they’re more focused and zoned in when they’re working.

Now, there exist many ways to hire remote developers for example you can outsource your entire development project to a company that provides project teams. Project outsourcing is brilliant for you if you don’t already have some in-house developers already working on the project.

For someone who just has a one off project in mind, it makes more sense for them to outsource the project to a project outsourcing company. That way they won’t have to spend time structuring the team and managing all the processes, the company will take care of that. But that also means they don’t have much real-time control over how the development is blooming.

They won’t know who exactly is working on what exactly at a certain point in time and which decisions are being made without their say in it simply because they’re detached from the whole process and have let the project outsourcing company completely take over once they have been properly briefed.

That leads us to the popular term being thrown around these days in IT circles, which is that of Team Augmentation. Team Augmentation refers to choosing individual developers with their entire skill sets and specialisations in front of you so that you can fit them into your in-house teams to fill in the gaps that you needed to in order to successfully complete a certain project. It’s like structured freelancing but upskilled. The obvious advantages of employing this method are:

  • Time spent on recruitment is slashed heavily because there’s not a huge variety of aspects to consider for example the developer’s personality and whether he’s a right fit according to the vision of the company becomes irrelevant. He’s there on a contract basis, helping your team accomplish a set of tasks, and then he’s out of there.
  • Just like time, costs are slashed heavily as well. The cost structure becomes very transparent as well. You don’t have to worry about organizational and administrative expenses like the provision of office space and other resources to work with.
  • Productivity levels go up because augmented teams are zoned into one project at a time so their full attention is on the tasks at hand as opposed to an outsourced team which will usually have multiple projects going on simultaneously.

Staff augmentation is the way to go for you if you already have in-house engineers working away towards your goals but you need some additional labor to get a subset of the project done or just to help out with the project itself.

You can easily bridge any skill gaps between your team without having to worry about having to recruit someone permanent primarily for the lags in your team. Secondly, if you want to micro-manage the whole development process, augmentation is definitely right up your alley. It allows you to not only fix in foreign talent but to communicate with every individual on a daily basis.

Software development is the kind of process that you can never outline completely beforehand and stick to it. There’s a lot of trial and error and testing involved, hence, being well acquainted with your remote developers goes a long way into creating exactly what you wanted to.

To conclude, there are various approaches to take to hiring remote developers. You have to figure out your own specific situation and make the best out of it. You can also choose to opt for companies like Gaper, Andela, Trio etc that provide vetted developers.

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